Start date 1/30/13...anyone wanna buddy up in AA County, Maryland??

  • What are the most effective supplements for pre and post workout? Im 26 y/o 215 lbs 5'7" ...I want to get down to around 175ish...I know its most likely going to take longer to get to my goal than 12 weeks but its time for that change! Been doing cardio everyday for the past week to get into gear...With L4 and L5 buldging discs in my lower back I know its going to be a challenge...but ive let myself go too far and hate the feeling of being so lethargic with no motivation to do here we come 2013...a new me!!

  • I just left AA county in November (in FL now).  Otherwise, we could have teamed up.  Small world.....

    Best of luck to you on the program!!!