12/31 Group Check In - Friday 1/18/13

  • Hey guys-

    I didn't see a thread so I thought I'd start one.  I hope that's okay!

    I have cardio today and plan to jump on a bike.  I usually work out at home and only have a treadmill, but I'm at work and there's a stationary bike so I'm going to use it right before I leave to pick up my kiddos. 

    @Rebecca- I hope to get a bike trainer at some point too.  :)  

  • Yes!  Thank you!  I've had a super busy day and am just sitting down this evening to check-in.  I hope you got your cardio in. Today was my UBWO.  Not bad.  I've been upping the weights, so hopefully I'll feel a little soreness tomorrow.  Not that soreness is a sign of effectiveness (so i've been told).  Food today was good.  I think I took in about 1600 cals.  But, all meals were healthy, balanced with carbs/fat/protein and i had five meals throughout the day.  I know I am going to get hungry before bedtime ... not sure what I will have.  Y'all have a great weekend!!!  Stay true and stay strong!   Rebecca

    Go, Becca, Go!  Tri Tri Again!  www.tinyurl.com/rebecca2013  

  • I switched up my cardio and weights so today was cardio. I got up really early 4:30 am -Felt great this morning though I am pretty tired now. I am thinking it's a night in with a chick flick. I don't count the calories I have which is probably one reason I like this plan. There's a lot less for me to figure out. Tomorrow I am going to the gym. I don't like to do my running on the treadmill at the gym.

    Have a great night-