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  • Hi, My name is Chip,

    Well here's my story..
    I joined the gym last Sept. Prior to joining the gym I weighted 310lbs with my highest ever at 323. I started Atkins and got down to 290, then did an assessment with the Gym.

    Holidays hit, as did the increase in weight, so jumped back up to 297. Then the wife and I joined a Lose to Win program that ran for 2 months. Been hitting the gym 5-6 days a week, mostly Cardio, Circuit Training & Boot Camp stuff. While doing that, I still stuck to a lower carb diet, but quickly learned I was eating far more carbs then I had thought. Gotta count everything even creamers and splenda, YIKES, anyhow I did nto lsoe as much weight as I had HOPED, and stalled, even in Ketosis..

    So anyhow, since this challenge ended I now weight in at 277. Not to bad, 2 lbs a week, but in reality, I've been 277 for past 2-3 weeks.
    So now looking for a change. I found out about the Body for Life from one of the Personal Trainers at the Gym. She was concerned with my Diet Plan and lack of Carbs, she said her Hubby, and her did B4L and loved it. It's tough but works.

    So here I am, ready to start this NEW Lifestyle. One where I can not fear of freak out over where we're going to eat out at. With ths plan I can eat anywhere, as long as I keep the moderation, and smart choices in mind.

    Well today is my FIRST DAY on this new LifeStyle, and well so far so good.

    Feel free to ADD your info to this Thread as I'm sure Everyone would love to hear other BFLer's Stories.



  • Chip, I've been doing BFL for years, five challenges in all.  I've had great results and know for a fact that if you stick to the structure and give it everything you've got, you're going to do great!!

    10's in exercise and nutrition = 10's in life

  • good luck to you Chip!  

  • Thanks Jeff? and Rosemary. I'm sure this site is a Shock to everyone that used to use the GB. I actually never looked at the GB, so not sure of the differences, but look forward to getting to know everyone on this Forum.


  • Congratulations Chip on starting your journey!!! BFL is awesome and it is FOR LIFE!! It has taught me about transforming from the inside out. Stick around here and you will obtain the motivation needed to meet all your goals!!!

  • Thanks, Betharoonie.

  • Hello Chip! Congratulations starting your new BFL journey! If you stick with it you will see amazing results, I promise! Best wishes to you! Hugs, Sylvia Bortman aka cookie1135

    Sylvia Bortman

    2006 BFL Grand Champion Women's 50+

  • Thanks Cookie.. Hmmmm COOKIES YUM YUM.. OK back on track.. :)

  • Hi there Chip, Make sure you have the Original Body-for-Life book. It has everything you need in it. You can find good deals on them here http://www.BFLBooks.info esp on the auction page. The Champions for Life book is OK but more for motivation than for guidelines. Consider getting a Success Journal or at least downloading the pdf files and creating your own journal to track yourself: bodyforlife.com/.../journals.asp  I can not imagine doing a Challenge without some kind of Journal to record everything AND hold myself accountable. Now for Myoplex, check out http://www.BFLProducts.info  for great deals on products. I think some folks also check their local Sams/BJs<p>Plan and strategize for your success and you will have wonderful results. There is a lot of support on GuestBook but also on transformation.com referred to as t.com on GB. So you may want to get yourself signed into that as well.  Good Luck - Brigit

    Let Your Life Speak - Brigit

  • Brigit,

    Thanks for the INFO it was very useful. A lot easier to download the Excersize sheets then Xerox them from Book.

    I do have the Original Book and read that this past weekend. I plan on getting the EFL book as well.

    As for Transformation.com, I'm also on there.

    Thanks once again for the info, and links. Off to eat my Nautural no sugar added Apple Sauce. :)

  • Be cautious with the EFL book. The portions are a little sketchy. The EFL book was really structured for individuals who have hit their goal and are beyond the challenges.

    You're going to do awesome! You've come to the right place for guidance and support.

    Keep the faith!

    Faithful Renee :0)

  • Renee,

    Thanks for the word of caution. In looking in to the book today I see that it differs and your right to me it even seemed like a Maintaining this lifestyle once you've reached the goals set.


  • I got yo' back Chip! There are a ton of people on this site that are so devoted to helping others succeed. One day, my brotha, you will be handing out the guidance. Oh glory day! Keep asking questions...you can git'r dun!

    Keep the faith!

    Faithful Renee :0)

  • Thanks for Watch'n the Back :)

  • Hi Chip, thanks for starting this thread. It's great meeting you, I really need to interact with people who are going through the same program I am.  Hope you don't mind if I share a bit myself.   I'm in week 7 of my first cycle doing body for life.   I've been active for many years doing long distance endurance events - my latest passion is triathalon!  I've been doing them for 3 or so years.  Although I was always active, I never had my eating in control and even when I was trying to restrict my calories, I was eating packaged 'diet' foods.  My training and performance suffered and was still the chubby girl in the back of the pack of triathletes.  Pretty soon I got sick of that and as you can imagine, it's hard hauling extra fat up hills on the bike and running 13 miles with a couple of extra layers of fat on your body.  I was done with it.  I did weight watchers for  3 years since I had my youngest son and even though I lost 70 pounds, again, I wasn't eating 'clean' and although I was counting calories, I didn't feel as if I was doing the best thing for my body.

    So I bought the EFL and BFL book and I was thrilled right away.  I love the structure I got from the eating plan - simple things that I didn't realize  I should be doing such as eating a protein and a carb in every meal.  Who knew?  My former self would maybe have carrots and hummus for a snack but I finally realized that I wasn't feeding my body properly.

    I'm doing well so far.  I've taken a photo when I started and took one when I started week 5.  I could see a difference already - mostly in my waist - wish I did body fat percentage when I started  :[    

    Anyway, I'm hitting the gym hard and following the program and I love it.  I can see the fat really falling off - finally pushing myself beyond the wall that I couldn't get over before.  

    Well, enough babbling, I enjoyed reading your story Chip and I hope more will share their stories!



    "Without struggle there is no growth"