timing of meals question

  • I got most of the day down pat.  What I am having concerns about is my morning.  Im a busy mom, so I am trying to figure out the eating times for my morning.

    my schedule:

    6:45-8:00 - up with kids - getting ready in the morning

    8:30 - drop son off at school and straight to gym

    8:45 Daughter in day care at gym and work out starts

    Is is OK to go 2 hours in the morning without eating before my workout? or should I eat as soon as I get up and then the hour after my workout?

    thank all that take the time to answer!!!

  • Hi, I could be completely wrong and am interested in what others say, but if it were me I would eat when I got up at 6:45/7am

    and have a Myoplex nutritional bar or shake before my work out at 8:45/9am ...otherwise I would have zero energy and not do my best in the gym.... I would then have my next meal around 11 again, this could be a shake as it's too early for lunch.  

    Hope this helps!

  • Hi SRC, I would suggest that you have something to eat first thing when you wake up.    I'm sure your body is hungry, and if you wait for 2 hours before your workout it will leave you depleted, and not get your best workout in.    I think if you eat something around 7, you should be able to make it until after your workout, I don't see a need to eat again before your workout.  That makes your meal early enough to give you some energy, but not too close to workout time to make you feel blah!!  

    I normally workout on an empty stomach but I do my work out first thing when I wake up.  If I am doing weight training that day I do a shake immediately after my workout.  If it is cardio, I wait one hour after my session is done to eat.  That is what is recommended, as your muscles need the protien from shake to help recover from the weight training, but with cardio you burn more calories in the hour after you are done your cardio, than you do while you were doing it!!!  So you don't want to eat and mess with that calorie burning.

    Good Luck!  

  • I agree with the others and think you should eat first thing in the mornings.  It's too long to wait until after your workout to eat and you need to be sure you keep that metabolism cranked.  If you go for too long between meals, your body can start to think it's starving and tend to hold on to body fat.  That's the theory, anyway.