Starting 01.21.13 - anyone want to join?

  • Hello Gladiators!

    It has been so busy the last few days. Haven't been able to follow or post.  Just trying to catch up with everybody. Hope all is well with you guys as most of you enter the 10th week from which I just left.  Overall a tough week at work. Have a lot of things pulling me in different directions, but managed to complete each weiight workout and my additoinal cardio. Swam Sat and Sun (really more kicking on Sun).   Thank you Jesus for bringing the rains on Saturday to wash the pollen away..for the moment.  Don't know what progress (if any) I have made since last week - haven't weighed yet and I generally look the same. Hoping the back flaps are gone by week 12 (like that name, Melissa).

    Diet was pretty clean and my one free meal was actually a fajita salad and of course, the proverbial chips and salsa. The wifey and I shared a small Sonic chocolate malt so sweets have been liimited.  Begin the two final weeks (home stretch) today!  Would really like to finish strong and see some notalble results.  Outside of being tired and a few aches, feel pretty good overall. Had a good UBWO this morning - trying to increase weight - even a little - each workout and go to failure.  

    Sharon - that is great news about your niece and fiance getting jobs - at the same company no less!  That is an accomplishment considering the current economy we are in.  How are you liking your new routine?  Are you seeing a difference?  Hope so!  

    Melissa - Hope your visit to the piney woods was a good one!  Gotta hand it to ya, you are very creative in your routines. Glad you are feeling great and concrats on your weight loss - awsome!!  Ready to see some transformation pics!

    Kat - you have had a tough stretch the last few weeks dealing with so much.  What is inspiring (and not surprising) is your honesty and ability to not only keep perspective, but still be a positiive influence on others (count me!).  I understand your exhuastion and hitting the brick wall.  So appreciate your BFL daily lessons!  

    Justin - hate that you had to leave the gym without gettig wo.  Pet peeve of mine with people monopolize a station like that.  Agree that it's tough to get it later, but I know you will.

    Think I'm going to take 3 weeks and start C2 with you guys on 4/29.  You all are definitely a blessing!

    What we do in life echoes in eternity.


  • Wow!!! We made it to Week 10 Gladiators :) It has gone by sooo FAST! Got caught up on sum seriuously needed rest this weekend and then got to have some FUN at Media Events and my BFF's Birthday tonight (which is why I am posting after 1:00am Lol) but am definitely feeling more like myself finally. Thank God!!! I'll go back and read through everyone's posts manana, but wanted to get today's BFL DLFL and Week 10's Challenge Guide up before bed.

    This one is actually REALLY good!!! Def read it! Being an Overachiever type, I can see how these last three weeks can really make or break a person depending on their progress and mindest...

    Hi, I’m Aaron Ferguson — the 2005 $1 Million Body-for-LIFE® Champion.

    With the finish line in sight, it’s such an important time to stay disciplined. (Or in some cases start to implement it)—not from the perspective of falling off the wagon, but from the angle of not overdoing it in your last few weeks.

    One of the Pitfalls of the "homestretch" is that we start to look and feel great, or perhaps we're a little disappointed in where we're at, so we make the decision to accelerate the process to either see how far we can take it or to make up for lost time. If these thoughts start to creep into your cerebrum, then let me warn you now: TROUBLE'S A-BREWING!

    The last thing you want to do is put yourself in a position where an injury could occur by deviating from the path or "experimenting a little" to speed things up a bit. It ain't going to happen.

    Remember, this program is about creating a sustainable healthy lifestyle. So this is a great point to take stock of the efforts you've made up until now, looking at both of these factors: what you've already done really well, plus any areas in which you can improve. Then incorporate your findings into the final few weeks.

    Here are some areas I tried to work on as my countdown began:

    My spacing between meals become a little askew, so I prepared more meals on Sunday night, making sure I was ready for any unforeseen events in the coming week.

    I started to sacrifice my form in an attempt to lift heavier weights—so I made sure I would lift the maximum weight I could as long as my form was spot on (If it started to wane, I would drop the weight)

    My time in between sets started to increase well beyond the minute stipulated. (I needed a drink or I had to get more weights or someone is on MY machine, blah, blah, blah—so I made sure I was prepared for all my sets before I started my exercise including a backup plan.

    Remember this is all a learning experience and you’re still trying to work out what the best system of growth is for you. So keep learning from your experiences and love the fact that you’re actually working towards maximizing your potential as a human being.

    Best of Health,

    Aaron Ferguson

  •  Forgot to post Week 8's Progress Pic! (Week 7 looks waaay better - Lol) I still haven't lost any weight yet, I actually weighed in at the Doctor's on Friday at 176 lbs... 6 pounds heavier than my starting weight hah. So weird - PRAYING that it will just melt off this last three weeks!!!

    Oh does anyone know how to even calculate muscle mass gain? I'm guessing that's where the extra 6 pounds came from... maybe??? Or do you have to go somewhere to calculate that; just curious...

  • DAY 64 - Body for LIFE daily Lesson-for-LIFE:

    "A strong Nation is made up of strong people." America is literally a Nation in crisis - inflating bodyfat levels and deflating economic strength. Each year, the United States government spends over $100 billion caring for Americans who didn't take care of themselves. That money goes to treat people who are suffering from obesity and it's secondary diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, vascular disease, cancer, etc. A lack of physical strength also contributes to millions of unneccessary injuries each year, which costs billions of dollars in lost productivity as well as medical bills. These very serious health issues can be prevented, in many cases, by following a program of regular exercise and proper nutrition like Body-for-LIFE. From a fiscal standpoint alone, you can see how vitally important it is to make sure we don't become a burden to our Country, especially in this day and age. This is yet another reason we should all prioritize caring for our health." ~Bill Phillips~

    This one was not especially inspiring to me, however is a definite reality check! I KNOW that what we are ALL doing for ourselves RIGHT NOW is absolutely creating a much brighter/healthier future not only for ourselves, but for every single person that we can inspire to follow in our footsteps.

    Our "tunnel vision" has US so focused on ourselves right now - to finish strong and achieve our own personal goals (which is exactly where we need to be at the moment)... However how much more incredible will it feel though, when we are so Healthy and physically fit that our focus turns completely outward to helping others to do the same!!! ;)

    xoxo Kat

  •  Week 9 Progress Photo! I do have to say that I am really happy with the body conformation changes and the gain in muscle formation, however until I read Aaron Ferguson's Week 10 Challenge Guide Tip (posted above) - I was kinda tempted to do sum serious calorie restriction and Cardio increase over the next 3 weeks to get the weight down. However, after reading that, I responsibly decided that I am NOT going to re-invent the wheel and am just going to stick to the proven system and just trust that my body will just "let it go" when it's good and ready. Plus, I know myself well enough that I would probably make too drastic of a change that would probably cause injury, illness and/or burn out, and this kitty Kat is done with that! ;)

    So if anyone else is feeling like doing anything radically different this next three weeks, I just ask you to reconsider. What they don't tell us is that many of the published "Before and After" photos are actually the results of 2 or 3 back to back Challenges! Some people definitely DO get those results in just 12 weeks, however after reading more and more of the Success Stories - most of them did it exactly the way we are. Comitted, focused and steady.

    And promise, I will get caught up with Everyone's posts over the next couple days (just needed sum rest and down time). Praying for lots of Miracles for each and every one of US!!!

    Night lots of LOVE Gladiators xoxo Kat

  • Went back to the gym last night and the lat machine was fixed.  There was only one other guy in the gym so I was able to flow though my workout seamlessly.  I had a great workout and increased the weight on almaost all of my exercises once again!  Left with a really good pump and went home and ate chicken breast and sweet potato that I made Sunday night as soon I could get it heated back up.

    Today the HIIT session was done on an eliptical machine.  My legs were still sore from last Friday's LBWO, but I managed to get through it hitting my numbers.

    David- Way to keep pushing forward even when you're extremely busy.  Gotta make the time to make this happen!

    Kat- Glad you're back!  You are a night owl!  It looks like some of the 6lbs has went to your legs.  I see definition in your quads that I didn't notice before.  And.....  I was actually thinking about increasing the cardio for the rest of the challenge to maximize results.  Looks like that must be a pretty common thought at this stage of the challenge.  However, I guess I  won't now since I read your post.

    Side note: The scale has been kind of at a stand still for a couple of weeks.  I was only about a pound less this Monday then I was about a week ago.  However...  I cut 4 inches off of the end of my belt this weekend because it was wrapping around my side and looked kind of silly.  I have tightened it up another notch since then.  Gotta be putting on some muscle, but wish I had a way to measure it.


  • Top of the morning, Gladiators!

     Breakthrough! Breakthrough! Breakthrough Breakthrough! Breakthrough! Breakthrough! Breakthrough! Breakthrough!

    Let me preface this by saying I know not to rely on the scales as the primary indicator, but I got on the scales when I woke up  and the scale said              


    It has been close to 2 years since I've seen that weight, Heck, it's been that long since I've been south of 200.   I had been hovering in the low 200's (anywhere b/w 200 and 204) for the past 4 weeks.  I had been seeing positive changes with losing some inches (while I haven't had to cut inches off my belt like Justin, yet).  Some may be water, but I usually drink at least a gallon a day. Just excited to see something besides 2XX lbs. 

    Kat -  burnin the midnight oil I see.  Glad you are better and back.   As Billy Crystal used to say, "You Look Marvelous!"  Agree with Justin, your legs do have more definition.  Could be increase in lean mass.  I don't know how to calculate it either. 

    I do appreciate Aaron Feguson's column about avoiding pitfalls when finishing the "homestretch".  I have not deviated from the weight program other than an extra set  on some exercises here and there.  I do my best to leave my ego at the door and focus on proper form/contraction/breathing. I have done more cardio than the 3 days of HIIT.  Most of the additonal cardio I do is swimming on the weekends (usually about 2-3000 yds).  It is steady swimming, not fast, and definitely easy on the body.  I have taken a few spin classes during week (usually Monday night and Friday morning) which follow weights. While they are not really HIITs, they can be challenging as you make it.  My pitfall would be not taking a day of rest and I need to do so.  I already work 6 days a week -  5 days as an insurance adjuster and usually most of Saturdays with my best friend doing landscaping on the side.  We have local college kids work with us and I consider it a nice escape from my desk job.  If there is anyplace I need to reign it a little would be the cardio.

    If you read Hussman Fitness, you will see that some of the past champions incorporate changes in their routines - 4 days of lifting, additional cardio (whether it's time or number of days).  That being said, I am going to listen to my body and if it is telling me to slow it down, I will not hesitate to do so.      

    I found my beginning pics....jeesh, amazing how you can fool yourself into thinking you in pretty good shape, yet the photos don't lie.  Photos below of from after week 10.  Hope to see a little more definition pop up in the last few weeks.  Need to work on posing - pretty sad.       



  • Heya, folks!

    Justin, you're definitely putting on muscle if the scale isn't moving but your belt is!!  Super good job, by the way!

    Kat, you look AMAZING as always.  I do see more definition in your arms in the new photo.  I know we are more critical of ourselves than others are, and I always have a hard time seeing where you can improve.  It is incredible how you keep plugging along, and being here for us, in spite of everything else in your life.  It humbles me.

    Sharon, you are an awesome person! I think you handled that whole situation better than I would have in your place.  I would love to have had someone like you in my life when I was young to help me get things on the right track.  I think it would have made all the difference in my life today.  Although I'm happy, there are things I wish I could have done that I didn't get the chance to because I was too busy struggling to take care of myself.  You change lives!  I want to someday be someone who can do that.  I always compare it to myself and what I had to do on my own without help, so I find myself thinking (or saying), "I did that for myself, so why can't you?"  I always expect them to try as hard as I did, and I even get a bit bitter and angry because they don't have to work as hard for things as I had to.   I know that's petty and wrong, and that's one of those things that I'm hoping being on this program will help me to learn.  I want to be better in that area and not be judgmental of those who may not have the drive or strength that it takes to make things happen for themselves, though I will continue to be inspired by those who do.

    David, I did have a good trip! We had breakfast at Denny's in Canton on the way in, then picked up my friend in Tyler so she could go with us to Kilgore.  Unfortunately, my brother had his guitar out, and so I started to play and drink beer.  Needless to say, 6 Coronas later...I was feeling pretty happy, and I didn't follow any kind of plan at all.  So my free day basically consisted of breakfast food, 6 beers, a bologna sandwich, a packet of jerky, 1 chocolate cupcake, half a large sweet tea from McDs and about 15 french fries.  (I couldn't eat the whole box).  It's the worst I've done yet on a free day.  But I'm getting back on track slowly but surely.

    Steve was better, so started back his workout last night.  He looks like a rail already.  My daughter has been off and on, so not too much going on there.  She hasn't completely given up yet, so that is something.  Last week, my weight was down, but not my measurements.  This week, one more pound down, but 1/2" off hips and waist, and even a little off my neck and thighs.  My biceps and calves just get bigger.  Then again, I have so much room to put ON muscle, that doesn't surprise me.  I half expected to be 5 pounds lighter when I stepped on the scale this morning, but no such luck ;).  Still, I feel good, and my belly is feeling much more flat.  There is progress, and that's all that matters.  It inspires me to keep plugging on.  Like Justin, I'm kind of scared to stop at the end of the 12 weeks!  I will, of course, but it feels like losing momentum.

    Amy, Laurei, Flobee, I hope your weekend was good and you're still hanging in there!

    Bart, MrGuy, Eric, Shea, are y'all still with us? Tingles, I hope your pc is letting you read us, even if you can't post.

    Yay for week 10!


  • Wow, David!  You posted as I was typing.  Amazing pics.  I hope your wife does not mind my saying that you look awesome!  

    I did not take before pics, so my after pics probably won't seem too impressive.  I will try to find some regular pics of me taken at some point before I started, and maybe that will help.  This time, I will take pics at the end of the 12 weeks for BEFORE I start the second challenge and then it will be easier to track.  I just don't have money to spend on "temporary" clothing, especially with the price of gas ::gulp::.  My after picture will double as my before C2 pic.

  • Hi Team!

    I’m still here! The last couple weeks it seems like I’ve hit a brick wall.

    Lots of life stuff happening that is causing me a lot of stress and making it difficult to be so regimented about my eating habits. I haven’t completely blown it but my weight loss has stalled.

    My gym is closed this week for remodeling so that’s added an obstacle in my path.

    All of you that have posted pics look fantastic.  David's latest pics look really amazing and I would be elated if my scale showed 195!!

    And of course Kat’s photos are incredible. Every since she called me a stud muffin, I think I have a crush on her :)

    Going to try and finish strong but already planning on going right into the next challenge.

  • Awesome job David!  Your results so far are fantastic!

    Also...  MrGuy and Kat sittin in a tree...  Haha!

  • Justin, Melissa, & MrGuy, thanks for the encouragement.  I've been working hard and trying to eat clean (harder), but at least there is progress.   I took the regular stand there photos but thought I'd be funny and attempt to flex.  

    Justin, knew you'd get your workout in and glad it flowed.  One of the reasons I work out early is obviously my hr commute to work, but also, the weight room is fairly open at the time (5:15a).  Fortunate we have a good place to work out.  We have a family type fitness center (Parke Way Fitness)which has been around for years.  It was built in early 80's mainly for racquetball which was growing like crazy at that time (yes, I'm old enough to remember).  Now, a lot of the courts have been converted to spin classes, machine weights, pace etc.

    The weight room has been expanded and while we don't have the latest and greatest, it is still good enough for me.  They have really good trainers and the fitness director is really good.  Enjoy your humor (hillarious!)

    Mr. Guy - have no doubts you will be below 200 in a short amount of time.  Think one of you past posts you indicated you were around 220lb and had lost 22lbs so far is very impressive.  Regardless of your present plateau, you've had a great transformation and should be proud of that.  I haven't lost that much (closer to around 15 I think).  No doubt you will finish this challenge strong!

    Melissa - glad you had a fun weekend out here in the pines.  Your free day sounded pretty good to me.  Rained pretty hard in the afternoon.  Play some good stuff on your brother's guitar?  Glad you are seeing results this week.  Keep it going!   Smart not spending on "temporary clothing"/ Yeah, I'm not buying any new clothes.  Fortunately, I've lost enough that I can confortably wear the clothes (most, not all) I had bought from the last time I had knocked decent weight off 7 years ago.  It's just like getting new clothes, though.  

    Looking forward to finishing and then I can watch you guys finish your last week!  

  • Howdy Gladiators!  

    See that was my shout out to you Texans :-)  H-O-W-D-Y!!!!

    Ok let me start off my saying WOW to Kat and David.  Wow Wow Wow - you both look amazing!  Can't say as though I blame you MrGuy for being a little taken with Ms. Kitty Kat.  MEOW.  

    A special congrats to you David for being in "Onederland" as they call it on The Biggest Loser - in the 100s.  That is fantastic.  So proud of both of you.  BTW - the poses rock :-)

    Melissa - thank you so much for your kind words.  It means more to me than you know!  I too have had to work very hard to get where I am today.  Nothing was handed to me.  I worked starting at 12 and have held at least one job and up to 3 at any given point in time.  Same with my husband.  His natural tendency is to be much less sympathetic though.  Maybe it is the educator in me but I know that my step-daughter just needed someone to believe in her.  Lend her a hand up but not hand out.  I have always believed in her and known she has so much potential.  Unfortunately, she hasn't lived near us since she was little.  I think everyone else in her life has given up on her so sadly enough, she gave up on herself.  Nobody else thought she could do anything with her life because she is lazy and unmotivate.  So, she didn't.   I knew that a hand out would be temporary and wouldn't prompt any change in behaviors.  So, tough love was the only solution that I could see as possibly working.  I offer tons of support and encouragement but she knows that I mean it when I say she has to pull her end of the deal.  She is in a really amazing place and you should have seen how happy she was after her first day of work.  She was a hit at the office and everyone there told me that she is going to be a great addition to their staff.  Feather in the cap, she was approved for her apartment without us having to co-sign.  This is a HUGE milestone in her life and she knows that she is doing this on her own.  Couldn't have asked for a better start for her!  The future now is hers for the taking...

    MrGuy - boy do I know where you are coming from in regards to life happening and stress throwing things up on end.  I have not been very regimented for the past few days either and under more stress that I even realized.  I woke up sick as a dog today.  I think my body said - enough, take a break.  So, no workout and no appetite.  My eating has been off for a few days and I can feel it's impact on my body.  Sluggish and just not quite right.  No bing eating which is a small feat in itself since stress normally triggers sweet crazings.  However, I just haven't eaten as clean.  You know what?  It's totally OK.  This is Body for LIFE and life happens.  We deal with it the best we can at the time.  When we are ready, we pick ourselves right back up and go at it again with everything we have.  We will get there - our path might just not be 12 weeks.  So what!!!!  Glad you are still with us!

    Interesting share Kat about not veering from the program.  Budget wise, I couldn't continue with a trainer.  Helping my girl get on her feet took the money I had saved for a trainer.  So, I invested in her and I feel good about that.  I will take what I learned from him and incorporate that into my routine.  However, I will be rethinking trying to accelerate the results in time for vacation based on your share.  So even if I am not to where I want to be ultimately, I'll still look and feel better in 7 weeks time than I do right now and that too will be good enough!

    Have I mentioned how blessed I feel to be sharing this experience with all of you?  Thank you for "showing up" and sharing your successes, struggles, lives and  journey.



  • Justin--The boxing classes are an hour. Usually the first 15 minutes is the warm up where we jog around the bags and then the instructor throws in difference exercises like burpees, squats, bear crawls, lunges etc. After the warm up, it is time to hit the bags. This portion lasts for about 30 minutes. The instructor tells you which punches to do (jab, cross, hook, undercut, etc) and we alternate punches for the 30 minutes. Today we did a lot of partner work during the bags portion and also used medicine balls. The last 15 minutes is the cool down which usually involves a lot of ab work. Obviously, all instructors are different, but i'd have to say it is the best cardio workout I have ever done. They also have some free weights and offer personal training. I go here

    Kat--Great pictures! I am always impressed when you post them!

    David--Congrats on getting below 200lbs! You look great, you can definitely see the definition forming in your abs!

    Keep up the great work everyone!


  • Hello gladiators!

    Still here!  Not much to report. Been eating better and it is starting to pay off might actually be under 200 this week.  Just a couple more weeks in this challenge and I feel like my whole body is getting tighter.  Just a couple more weeks lets finish strong!