Starting 01.21.13 - anyone want to join?

  • Hello all of my Favorite BFL Peeps -

    Wow when it rains it pours Oye!!! I've had this really strange lump in my lower abdomen the past few days that has been getting larger by the hour and obnoxiously painful, (it actually looks like one of those Tom and Jerry "cartoons lumps" that they get when they smash each other over the head Hahahh) Anyways, I relunctantly went and got it checked out this morning and it turns out that I have an infected cyst and need surgical removal this weekend Ahhh! Honestly I could really care less about the surgery part, care much more about the recovery duration. I am really really wanting to complete this Challenge with an untarnished record of completing every single workout!!! (which to date, I have by some miracle been able to do by the Grace of God!) Hoping they can schedule me at noon on Saturday, then I can get my Cardio in before and then have Sunday to rest and heal up. These kinds of things just don't make any sense to me - but, Se La Vie "This is Life".

    Also, thank you so much to everyone for the condolences on my girlfriend's passing. I'm still not feeling very much for some reason, which is strange because I am actually a super emotional being. I guess it will just process when it does... I have been reading all of the posts and have been wanting to respond to each of you, my days have been just flying by this week so I haven't been able to get on here until really late at night. I'll check in earlier tommorrow so I will have more time - especially because I have two really inspiring "Success Stories" that I want to share with the Team. Incredible Motivators!!!

    Night Gladiators - see you ALL in the Arena manana ;) xoxo Kat

  • DAY 52 - Body for LIFE daily Lesson for LIFE:

    "Life works in mysterious ways, but Life works." Okay... here we are... you and I, sharing this experience called Body-for-LIFE. How you got to this point in your Life, and how I got to this point in my Life, and how our paths have crossed is somewhat of a mystery. But I have Faith that there is a reason for everything, and to me that means there's a reason why I've written these words, and a reason why you are reading these words right now. There is also a reason why Life has given us the Opportunity to learn the lessons we need to learn, the way we need to learn them. I believe it's much more a matter of choice than chance. And so is the future!!! Whatever your circumstances in Life, whatever the condition of your Body, consider that you have a choice to learn from your past and to have a wonderful, healthy, meanigful Future. And remember that although Life works in mysterious ways, it works. ~Bill Phillips~

  • Good morning Gladiators!

    Kat - you're in my prayers today.  I hope that it is a quick and easy proceedure to remove the cyst.  I know first hand how painful they can be - ovarian ones at least.  Please keep us posted!  As for your loss, you will deal with it in your own time and in your own way.  If it's your time to pour, remember that when the sun starts to shine and the rain subsides there is always an amazing rainbow.  I'll be looking out for your rainbow!!!!

    My schedule today wouldn't allow for a trip to the gym - early morning calls, too many deliverables due to even process, and evening calls scheduled.  So, I took my crazy dog for a walk and did a HIIT workout that way.  I used Bill Phillip's 5-25 workout philosophy for cardio - 2 minutes walk, 2 minutes jog, 1 minute sprint, repeat 5 times for a 25 minute workout.  I can't run so I did a 2 minute walk, 2 minute power walk, and then a minute of random heart raising activities.  I did jumping jacks, burpees, jump rope, and two rounds of mountian climbers.  Good thing I live in a pretty rural area - I'm sure my neighbors think I'm nuts but I don't care.  It was a beautiful morning and a tough workout.  My plan was to do all of the 1 minutes on the jump rope.  However, my golden retriever wanted in on the action which made jump roping next to impossible.  She is a little over 2 years old and very much still a puppy.  She is inquisitive and loving and a so much fun.  She swims in our pool in the middle of winter, jumps into bed in the middle of the night to sit on my chest and give me huge kisses, she still chases her tail and runs after birds in the yard - she can't ever catch them thankfully.  She makes me smile :-)  

    I heard a quote last night on CSI NY of all places that I wanted to share:

    "Today is Life.  The only Life you are sure of.  Make the most of Today"


  • DAY 53 - Body for LIFE Journal daily Lesson for LIFE:

    Don't 'just do it', do it with Passion and Pride!" So you want to change the way you look? You want to change the way you feel? You want to improve your health? You want to lose fat and gain muscle strength? Good. That's a start. But I need to remind you that actions speak louder than words. You have to talk the talk and walk the walk. And you can't just go through the motions. You really do have to put your heart and soul into this. IMPORTANT!!!: You're going to get out of this what you put into it. So don't "just do it", do it with Passion and Pride! When you truly give it your all, you'll know it; you'll Feel it Inside and See it on the Outside. And please, don't put yourself in the position where you're looking back at the end of this 12-week Program and wishing you would have tried harder. Today, and everyday, give it all you've got... and more! ~Bill Phillips~

    ONLY 30 more days to go Gladiators!!! We got this ;) xoxo Kat

  • Awesome UBWO this morning.  My muscles got super pumped and I felt "swoll"!  Loved it.  Hope everyone else is killing it!!


  • Right there with ya Justin.  Great UBWO this morning.  Had my son in from college working out with me.  Couldn't keep up with the old man.  Hahah!

    Sharon - sounds like you got a good cardio in.  Burpees, jump rope and mountain climbers......all tough!  Way to improvise!

    Kat - so sorry to hear about your cyst.  I really feel for you  I had a sebaceous cyst on my low back years ago that had to be removed and it didn't keep me down too long.  I suspect it won't keep you down either.  Prayers for quick recovery.


  • David- Way to show your son up in the gym!  

    Kat- When is your surgery?  Have they told you how long you will have to recover, or is it an outpatient procedure with no real time off?

    Well....  I was feeling great today until I got back from lunch.  I reluctantly went with a group from work to Arby's. I thought I was being good by eating one of the market fresh sandwiches and medium curly fries.  I knew that it was really not going to be good for me, but thought I'd use it as my cheat meal for the week.  I thought whole grain bread and turkey sandwich with cheese, tomato, bacon, and lettuce couldn't be all that bad for you.  Right??  Just out of curiosity I looked of the nutrition facts when I got back to work and it turns out that it was really not good for me at all.  In fact, I just consumed 1300 calories worth of stuff that I really didn't want in the first place.  Man...  Not what I expected at all.  I thought it might be around 900 calories or so.  Valuable lesson learned though.....


  • Happy Friday Team -

    I ended up having to go to the Hospital today for an emergency surgery as the infection was starting to spread to the lymphatics and getting systemic, rather than staying contained. It was horrible Lol. I was awake and they just numbed the surface area, but OMG it was it insanely painful and really difficult to watch myself getting cut open with a 10 blade while I could still feel most of it! No bueno... but definitely glad it's over, so I can get back to Life!!!

    I am Affirming a quick recovery so I can get back into the gym asap! Will be posting the daily Lesson-for-LIFE later on today after I get a few more hours of sleep in ;) Light and Love Gladiators

    xoxo Kat

  • Day 54 - Body for LIFE daily Lesson for LIFE:

    "A strong, energetic body is the best foundation upon which to build Success!" Many people, before their Body-for-LIFE experience, had been living an unbalaced Life, neglecting their health in order to "succeed" in other areas. There's a price to pay for that kind of "Success" though, including fatigue, frustration, and even failure. Success in America today seems to follow this line of thinking: "First, get the money, then get the "stuff", then take care of your body. That just doesn't seem right to me. But I am surprised at how many people do prioritize the pursuit of material possesions and career advancement over personal health. The way I see it, is when you prioritize your health and fitness - when you take care of yourself - Success in other areas of your Life is much more attainable and rewarding. In fact, I believe that a strong, energetic body is the best foundation upon which to build Success in other areas of your Life. At least that's what has worked for me! ~Bill Phillips~

    I am finding this to be very true!!! The Confidence that I am building within myself through this BFL Challenge is spilling over into all others areas of my Life... I am experiencing phenomeal improvements all around me!!! Incredible :)

    xoxo Kat Divine

  • Hi Gladiators -

    I rested up during the day after surgery and took lots of pain meds lol and was able to get my butt into the Gym this evening - wasn't my best LBWO ever, however I feel very accomplished for still going and just doing what I could. Remember, it does NOT have to be "All or Nothing" peoples. One success at a time is how it is done!!! ;)

    Melissa - I have heard only good things about Melatonin when it comes to helping you sleep, so hopefully that works - cuz sleep deprivation will mess with everything, especially your mental state of mind! And I am in 100% agreement with David that being 44 years old will be your best year yet!!! (That is actually my favorite lucky number) Affirm that you WILL BE 120 pounds of pure energy, radiant health and strength. And that's funny about the toilet paper - you and Justin are just off in another world with that one Hah. Also a 3-4 pound weight loss is great! Just know that with every single weight training workout, you are building a gorgeous infrastructure that will be fully revealed in due time... keep it up woman!

    Amy - Thanks for always being so positive and encouraging ;) It is hard to believe that we are wrapping up Week 8 already. 12 weeks will be here before we know it - really excited to see Everyone's Transformations!!!

    Mr. Guy - You and Sharon and I will have to get together sometime for coffee since we all live so close by one another. I completely understand where you are coming from with the energy level struggles... have you been tested for CFS? Or had your Adrenals checked out? A body without energy is no different than a car without gas - it sucks! Lol. But good for you for hiking for 4 hours - that is some serious stamina, you should be very proud of yourself!!!

    David - It actually wasn't Cancer, it was a very advanced and near fatal case of Grave's Disease that I was born with, yet wasn't diagnosed or treated until about 7 years ago), however they treated me as if it were Cancer, was a nightmare, but hey I'm still here! As far as your measurements, they sound great to me!! You released 5 1/4 inches overall - that is def something to be proud of; especially if you are now inspiring your son to compete as well. I think that is the absolute best compliment a person can give; to be inspired enough to follow your lead. As far as the photos, just compress the image file so that it shows up smaller when you post to the feed. And wow - I'm so surprised how painful this whole cyst drama has been; goin back on Sunday for follow-up and praying that they got it all out!!! I'm a pretty touch chick however this is a pain that I haven't dealt with before - I wanted to cry during the procedure lol... I'm sure I'll be back to my old Kat self though in a couple more days ;) N glad you finally gave yourself some downtime to spend with Family - good boy ;)

    Justin - It has definitely been a long journey for me and I have absolutely experienced the yo-yo effect of losing weight then gaining it right back etc. I think that is takes a program like this with clear cut structure to truly change our mindsets and create the Lifestyle that supports us staying in shape and healthy! And YES throw out those "fat clothes" - you do NOT need them... time to let those go once and for all cuz your NOT goin back this time!!! Only forward :)

    Hrdhat77 - Good for you for being honest with yourself about the TP Challenge hahah. It's amazing how strong such a simple habit can become. As the improvements continue, you will most likely find yourself much less attached to things like that and will find much more willingness and flexibility within yourself... that's where the magic happens!

    Sharon - Really glad to hear that you and your Husband are doing better! Someone told me something really cool once about how every single relationship in our Lives are absolutely perfect... perfect in the sense that you learn Life lessons from them that if you allow it to, just continues to transform you into the best version of yoursel!!! Which you are well on your way GF! Yeah it was kinda crazy to find those before pics of myself 8 years ago - I hardly recognized myself either. It is nothing short of a miracle to me that our bodies are capable of Transforming to that degree - thank GOD!!! And yes, I agree the TP should always be facing forward like a waterfall - Lol. I am already feeling much better after getting the infection dealt with and finally getting some great rest! Thank you so much for your prayers, and I'll be watching for BOTH of our Rainbows!!!

    Should have some extra time tomorrow to finally post those great BFL Success Stories for everyone to draw Inspiration from during our next four week run!!! Sweet Dreams ALL ;)

    xoxo Kat

  • Hi Team!

    Kat--I am impressed you were able to make it to the gym today so close after your surgery! That is some real determination there!

    I ran a St. Patrick's Day 5 mile run today for my 6th workout of the week. As I was running, my compression capris that I was wearing kept sliding down which was annoying, but at the same time made me feel good because of the progress I have made. I still have not lost any weight, but I can definitely tell my stomach is flatter and I am thinner than I was when I started.

    Can't believe we are finished with 8 weeks of this journey! Looking forward to finishing the last 4 weeks strong! Keep up the good work everyone!

  • DAY 55 - BFL Journal daily Lesson-for-LIFE:

    "You can only rise as high as your lowest habit." The person you see in a before photo is a reflection of that person's patterns of action - their habits, the things they do day in and day out without even thinking about them. In order to transform from before to after, those habits need to change. They, like sandbags tied to a hot air baloon, limit your ascent to a higher quality of Life. Low-level habits create low-level living. High-level habits allow you to rise up and reach higher and higher. With that in mind, today I ask that you please give consideration to your "lowest-level" habit, become even more aware of it, and become more determined to transform that negative habit into a positive pattern of action. As you continue on, you will find that you must constantly transform your habits in order to ascend and reach higher and higher. It's not easy, but I know you can do it!" ~Bill Phillips~

    This DLFL is so great in so many ways. He is basically explaining that we are only as strong as our "weakest link" within ourselves; aka our Egoic Sabateurs. Identifying our current "coordinates" and remaining aware are so essential to our Success in all areas of Life! The more honest we are all willing to be with ourselves and with each other, the faster we can support each other in the direction of positive course correction needed to acheive our Goals!!! I am going to challenge myself to truly meditate on this and see what comes up for me, so that I can address them and move FORWARD!!!

    Amy - YOU are Super Woman!!! Just the thought of a 5 mile run makes me feel nauseous Lol. So weird, I haven't lost any weight yet either, I have actually gained 6 pounds (weighed 176 at the Hospital yesterday) since starting this Challenge. My body shape and conformation is definitely looking so much better, however my clothes seem to be getting a little tighter each week Ahhh. So I'm definitely praying for that "8 Week" miracle that's supposed to happen for us ladies!!! Otherwise I will just keep doing the Challenge until I get the results and reach the goals that I have set for myself ;) Be sure to keep us posted on what you experience next week; I'm excited for us ALL to have huge breakthroughs in our weight loss ASAP!!!

    Congratulations to EVERYONE who has made it this far! According to previous Competitors, this last four week run was the most Incredible part of this journey for them. They all basically agree that the outer transformation is actually just a reflection of the inner beauty and strength that they had re-connected to within themselves. Reeeaaallly looking forward to all of the daily positive reports from EVERY Gladiator over the next 28 days... Muah

    xoxo Kat

  • Hi All!

    Glad to see so many are still here after 8 weeks!!!

    I'm down to 223 this morning. That's 22 pounds total so far :)  I hit a spot where the weight loss stalled so I started doing 40 minutes of HITT on the Arc Trainer and holy cow!!! That seemed to of really kicked it up and the weight loss started up again.

    It's a battle every day and I've come to the conclusion that I don't think I'll get abs by the end of the 12 weeks but that's ok because I don't plan on stopping what I'm doing. It wasn't a diet, it was a total lifestyle change for me and I will continue it from here on out.

    I'll get those abs!!

    Everybody have a great Sunday!!

    Here's a quick photo from this morning. It's time for new pants!

  • WOW!!! MrGuy - What a Stud Muffin ;) Lol. If the washboard Abs don't appear by the end of this first round, then they will for sure in the next... what a Rockstar you are xo Kat

  •   Hello Gladiators -

    Had my second OP surgery this morning and then will finish with the third (and hopefully the final one!) on Tuesday. It has really taken a lot of out me; definitely physically, but also mentally and emotionally too. I have been feeling really frustrated with the lack of weight loss, and am also noticing that I have A LOT of Anger issues concerning my on-going health battles. (Is anyone else experiencing intense emotional cleansing right now too??? If you haven't already noticed, these types of massive Transformations involve a lot of Emotional processing and purging; I know it's Normal, I just forgot how intense it can get...) On the positive side though, I am seeing an Inner Strength in myself that I haven't seen in years. Experiencing that part of me coming back to Life after being dormant for so long makes me feel like I can not only Survive this Life, but actually Thrive and make a Difference for myself and many others!

    I had read these two Incredible BFL "Success Stories" earlier this week and really wanted to share them both with Everyone; to help keep us Motivated, Humble and Appreciative of our Abundant Life Blessings! This couple, Pam and Jim Brown, had devastating Life Challenges to overcome to be able to do this BFL Competition. Reading their stories (which I have typed up below) and seeing their Transformation Photos (which I uploaded in this feed) was sooo Inspiring to me that I really wanted to share for those who don't currently have the BFL Journal. Hope it gives you that extra boost of Confidence and Vision to really make this last four week run really count!!!

    Pam Brown's Success Story (DAY 50 in Journal):

    "My battle with obesity reached a critical point two years ago. I weighed 244 pounds at 49% bodyfat. After my husband, Jim (the second success story below), was diagnosed with a brain tumor, I used food to cope with the stress. I ate to stuff the emotions back down. I became depressed, suffered from high blood pressure, chronic migraines, and almost gave up. In early 2000, I came across Body-for-LIFE. The before and after success stories sparked a bit of hope that I hadn't felt in a while. I decided to commit to 12 weeks. I didn't approach the Program one day at a time, I approached it one minute at a time. By the end of 12 weeks, I had lost 35 pounds. I started a second 12 week Program and reduced my bodyfat to 25%. By the end of my third 12-week Program, I'd lost a total of 96 pounds of bodyfat and gained 16 pounds of muscle. And today I am in even better shape! I'm helping my husband and others succeed as well. My new purpose in Life is to help others and to give them hope!"

    I especially loved this story because this Challenge really needs a "one minute at a time" approach to make it work. And also seeing what she accomplished for herself in doing the back to back to back Challenges is almost unbelievable when you see all the pictures side by side. Then she also found her PURPOSE in this Life and is now a Body for Life Success Coach!!! How cool is that! Then on top of all that personal success, she was able to become “outward-focused” and coach and support her then very sick and weak husband back to Life and Vibrant Health. What a Gift...

    Jim Brown's Success Story (Day 51 in Journal):

    "My Life changed completely when I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Doctor's said if I didn't have surgery, I would die. The surgery was followed by complications: I went into a coma for two months. The left side of my body was paralyzed. I couldn't walk or talk. I lost virtually all my muscle. If it wasn't for the support of my wife, Pam, I would have died. It took years, but I built myself back up. Pam became my Success Coach, helping me complete the Body-for-LIFE Program. I feel fortunate to be alive and Living!"

    This story is so inspiring in the sense that our bodies are designed to heal and repair themselves if we do our part in giving it what it NEEDS!!! (Even in a case as severe as Jim's). One thing that I have definitely learned this past year is that there is NOTHING more dangerous than a Human Being who has lost all HOPE - that alone is enough to end a Life; it almost took mine. We are ALL so lucky to have this in our Lives right now. I don't know about the rest of you, however I was in desperate need for something, anything, that would put me back on the right track and re-inspire Hope and Purpose in my Life; and I have definitely found it in this Journey with all of you!

    Any Entrepreneur or Life Coach will tell you that 80% percent of the results happen in the last 20% percent of allotted time no matter the Goal That means that we are coming up to the home stretch and this is where we truly NEED to BELIEVE! We have made it this far Gladiators, now let's see what we are really made of!!! Lots of Love to ALL...

    xoxo Kat Divine (Future BFL Champion Heheh ;)