Starting 01.21.13 - anyone want to join?

  • DAY 50 - Body for Life Journal daily Lesson-for-LIFE:

    "There's no limit on how much you can change!" How far do you have to go to create your best body and enjoy an even higher quality of Life? Chances are, it's not as nearly as far as this Success story, Pam Brown (and her Husband, Jim Brown -they are the featured success stories in the BFL Journal for Days 50 and 51... For those that don't have the BFL Journal I'll type up both of their Incredible stories together sometime this week, Very Inspirational!!! :) Her transformation says more than I could possibly describe about what's possible when you truly decide to change your Life and the Act on that decision, day in and day out! ~Bill Phillips~

  • @2013- I'm feeling great this week.  Finally!  Killing it in the gym and am anxious to see what I can achieve in a good week since I've been able to do so well during the sick weeks.

    @Diva-  Nice work!  You're doing great.  It looks like your shoulders are growing and your waistline is getting smaller.  I think your goig to end up shredded in a few more weeks!!!

    @Mrguy-  I sure wish I had a place like that to hike.  All I have here is flat farmland and swamps.  Not much to look at really.  Also, I've never seen an ArcTrainer, but looked it up on line.  How does it feel compared to an eliptical?

  • Good morning Gladiators! 

    Hope everyone is off to a great start today.  I was on calls with Asia until almost midnight last night.  However, I woke up bright and early to a beautiful day complete with birds chirping and the sun shining.  Practically jumped out of bed to get my HIIT workout in. I love when you reach the point where you no longer feel like a workout is something that you have to do but rather something that you can't wait to do.  Not just to "get it done" but to go do it!

    Have a terrific BFL day all!




  • Good morning from Texas, Gladiators!  

    Doesn't feel like Texas when it's 29 degrees in March.  Kat , Eric, and Sharon, got any room in AZ?

    Had my 8 week progress pics taken and my weigh-in and measurements.  Overall, modest but steady progress.  I have shaved 11 lbs off so far.  Body fat percentage is a little disappointing, but it is lower at 19% (down about 4% overall).  

                             Week 0         Week 8

    Weight:              215 lbs          204 lbs

    Body Fat:             24%             19%

    Chest:                  44 1/2           43 3/4

    Abd:                     39 1/2           36

    Biceps:                15 3/4           16 1/4

    Thigh:                  24                 23 1/4

    Calves:                15 3/4           16

    Figured upping my cardio the middle 4 weeks would have made a bigger impact.  Not quite sure what the answer is. Will neeed to eat even clearner. and just keep plugging.  It took two years to put those 25lbs on and foolish to expect it to come off in 8 weeks.   My son taught my electonically challenged friend how to upload his photos from his phone (only 900 of em) to his lap top and got him a zip drive to download my pics from week 0 and 4 so I should be able to post them soon.  The difference b/w week 0 and week 8 is encouraging.

    Kat - glad you are posting the daily lessons - I do not have the BFL Journal.  I did put together my own binder so I am keeping a journal of my meals and workouts.  The lessons are both good perspective and inspiring.  I definitely need to slow down and remember it's not just for 12 weeks.  Thank you for yourAs for the toilet paper analagy, definitely upward facing.  Not sure what that means.  

    Sharon - I really admire your strength, committment, and determination!  Bet with your BFL Turbo plan you're going to be fit and ready for your Belize vacation!!  Like the paper towel theory.  My progress, the sheets havent come off neatly (you know how you tear one off but not completely b/c there is some left at the bottom.  That must explain why my "back fat" is definitely lagging behind the other parts. Haha!

    JGilmer79 - glad you are feeling better and killing it in the gym.  Look forward to seeing the results.

    Have a great day everybody!!


  • Still hanging in there, as is my daughter, Sharon...thanks for asking :).  I am having a real money crunch, so I couldn't get to Target to buy something that I could photograph myself in for purposes of uploading.  I will take some for myself in underclothes (I have no clothes that fit that show any skin), I guess, but they won't be printworthy.  Still waiting to see some acceleration in the process.  My success in the beginning I am now convinced was due to bloating and to water.  I had initially lost some inches in my measurements and overall I am 3 or 4 pounds lighter so far.  That means that from 165, I hover between 161 and 162.  However, I've done all my workouts, eaten exactly as planned, and not gone too overboard (except that one day) on my free day, so I know I'm doing all I can do to make things happen and just have to be patient.  I feel better and stronger, so that will have to be good enough for now.  I've been looking through everything inspirational and encouraging that I can find to get over this hump.  

    I do plan to do back to back challenges along with you all.  

    I am very tired today.  I don't know about you guys, but daylight savings time always hits me so hard every year!  I stay tired for months afterward.  I had hoped to avoid it this time round, but it doesn't look like I got that lucky.

    I'm looking at buying one of those "power towers" to do some pull-ups and some of those hanging abs exercises.  Does anyone have one under 200 dollars they can recommend?


  •        Hi My Wonderful BFL Family -

    Had a really rough day today... got a phone call this morning that a friend of mine had passed away. Hasn't quite sunk in yet, just feeling pretty numb right now I guess. We really never know when it will be our last moment with someone (or even our own last breath of Life), so please be sure to embrace every precious moment and live in the NOW. Tell your Loved ones exactly how much you Love and Appreciate them. Wear your absolute Favorite Outfits and Jewelry - everyday if you want. Eat off of your best China. Buy yourself a Gift just because you can. Take that long awaited Vacation, before there is no more waiting to be had. And, most importantly find someway of expressing LOVE to yourself, and to all those around you, every single day!!! The connections and the emotional bonds that we create with one another truly are the only reason that we exist; the rest really is just details... So to every single one of YOU Gladiators, I am truly sooo thankful to have had you on this Life changing journey with me thus far.

    I actually found my 2005 "Before Pictures" today and OMG, it is sooo hard to believe that was where I had started this BFL Transformation Journey (almost 8 years ago at about 220 pounds)!!! Looking at them makes me want to cry because I had forgotten how bad things had gotten with my health, self-image, weight gain and my overall sense of self; it felt like living inside of a Prison that had no escape. Yet, here I am. I DID break FREE, and so can every single one of you!!! I am going to scan them and post them on here for you all to see just what miracles await each and every one of us if we are willing to truly BELIEVE in what seems to be the impossible! (And believe me, where I am at today was the "impossible" to me back then) And I would NOT be posting these unless I trusted you all and felt that it was important to visually share what can be achieved through this Body for LIFE Program!!! I very much doubt it will take anyone else this long, however that was just my own personal journey to get to where I am at today.

    ... So this was ME before my very first BFL Challenge back in 2005... and then a photo of me when I was barely even alive (taking high doses of oral chemo daily and just barely hanging on to Life after my then very lethal diagnoses)... and then of course my current "Before Photo" with my most recent Week 7 "Progress Photo"!!! Seeing them all together like this does make me believe in MIRACLES - and GOD isn't even done with me yet!!!

    I have some other great stuff to post for you guys, however will have to wait until tomorrow because I am ready for bed!!! LOVE you ALL xoxo Kat ;)

  • DAY 51 - Body for LIFE Journal daily Lesson-for-LIFE:

    "Please don't lose sight of how great your Life truly is!" Maintaining an accurate perspective on your Life can be a challenge. Oftentimes, we convince ourselves that our Lives are so hard, our circumstances so dire, that things couldn't possibly get worse. In times like these, it's vitally important to open your eyes and see the bigger picture. If you look, you will find people who are suffering true hardship and are facing adversity so much more challenging than yours. You will find people who would trade places with you in an instant, because in reality, you are Blessed, Fortunate, and have much to be thankful for! Please don't take your good fortune for granted. Please don't fall into the trap of believing that you are a victim of Life. Please don't lose sight on how great your Life truly is! And please realize that it is because of Adversity that we grow, not in spite of it. Don't let your challenges hold you back; instead let them fuel your desire to make the most of your Life! ~Bill Phillips~

    This is so TRUE!!! "The things that you take for granted, someone else is Praying for!!!"

  • Oh, almost forgot! (Promise I'm going to bed after this Lol) The Toilet Paper Challenge...

    I only heard back from David, so not sure if anyone else read it, or even took on the 24 hour Challenge. For those of you who did read it, I asked each of you to "reverse" your toilet paper roll. The way we do something as simple as how we like our toilet paper roll to flow (either forwards or backwards) doesn't really matter, it is just a very simple, yet long standing HABIT that we have most likely been doing since childhood. What does matter is if you actually completed the "Challenge" and reversed it. The act of doing something different, even this silly and simple, reveals your current state of mind and shows if you are truly willing to CHANGE!!!

    So, if you successfully completed this, then Congratulations!!! Your current Mindset is EXACTLY where it NEEDS to be for you to attain the results that you desire through this BFL Challenge. If you did not do it, then maybe examine WHY - it may be revealing to some mental roadbloacks that need some attention...

    The first time I heard this year's ago, I did NOT do it. I was not ready to change back then... but you better believe that NOW I'll continue flippin that damn roll until I get what I want out of Life!!! Lol

    Kay Night - Love you guys xoxo Kat

  • Kat-  Sorry to hear about the loss of your friend, and to read that you had to have chemo. Cancer sucks, it has taken a few people that I know.  It's always great to hear about someone that has beaten it though!!  

    Have you been doing back to back challenges since 2008?  What you've accomplished takes hard work, drive, and determination.  It looks like you've not only lost the weight and got in shape, but you are able to keep improving and moving forward.  How have you been able to stay motivated for so long?  

    This will be the 3rd time in 4 years that I've had to lose the same 60lbs.  I keep getting in great shape and then.....  Right back to where I started.  I don't really know what happens, but I just kind of get bored with it.  I guess its because I've always used Atkins and was spending about 2hrs a night in the gym and that stuff got old.  This time the workouts are short and the diet is right so I'm really hoping that I can keep this up for life!  

    I didn't see the toilet paper roll challenge, but most of the time I just sit the roll on top of the sink next to the toilet anyway.  Haha...  Drives some people crazy around here and is just laziness, but I like it.

  • Happy Hump Day Gladiators!

    Wow Kat!  What an incredible change from your original 220 pound self to now.  I wouldn't have even recognized you!  Great job.  On a sadder note, I am so sorry for your loss.  I appreciate your reflection and agree with making the most of every day and letting those special people in your life know how much you love them.  I do try to live my life that way - carpe diem.  I have bad days like everyone else but I try to keep them few and far between.

    Ok - toilet paper challenge.  I did it but it makes me laugh.  Of course, the only right way to put the toilet paper on the roll is so that it cascades from the top :-)  My hubby has a habit of using the last of the roll and not replacing it - our of laziness too Justin!  I replace it for him but I put it upside down.  It drives him bonkers and he always switches it back around.  After 22 years, you would think he'd realize that I only do that when he leaves an empty roll...

    @David - I know that your stats aren't where you want them to be but look at the progress you've made!  Waist is getting smaller (3.5"), arms getting bigger, and body fat is now in the teens.  That's awesome...keep it up.  And - there is plenty of room here in Arizona for our Texas Gladiators.  Just come now because it'll be in the 100s before we know it AND it will stay there for months and months and months.

    @Melissa - have you done measurements?  I find that to be a much better guage for change and progress than the stupid scale.  I had my hubby hid ours at the beginning of this challenge and I have NO idea where they are.  I don't much care.  I will take pictures and measurements this weekend but not weigh in.  As for the time zone issue - I travel a lot and used to have difficulty adjusting to the time zone changes.  My neighbor is a pharmacist and here is what she recommended:  sleep in a dark room, turn the temperature down below 70 and use over-the-counter melatonin to help regulate the sleep-awake cycle.  Don't know if that will help you or not but it's worth a mention :-)

    @MrGuy - Gilbert huh?  So the infamous Arc Trainer is at the Lifetime Fitness there I assume.  I love that gym.  I joined the day they opened but then we moved from Gilbert to QC and it really is just too far to drive.  All we have out here is LA Fitness which I really don't like.  It's better than nothing but doesn't come close to comparing to Lifetime.  I think that I might have some hiking to do this weekend.  Thanks again for posting the beautiful pic in the Superstitions!

    @Eric and Bart - you guys doing ok?  Haven't heard from you in a while.  Still with us I hope!!!!

    @Shea - how did the 1st workout back on the challenge go?  If you didn't do it, go do it today.  It's never too late to jump back in!

    Super long day ahead at work.  Glad I got up early and got the workout in.  I'll be doing my longer cardio this evening before joining a series of late evening calls with Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.

    Have a great BFL Day!



  • Aw, Kat, I'm sorry for your loss.  It's a terrible thing to lose anyone, but losing a friend is a completely different kind of pain, and really does make you think about your own life.  Awesome transformation and pics, too.

    I did read about the toilet paper roll, but I'm like holder was broken when I moved in and I never replaced it.  I just leave it loose.  So I guess, in a way, that means we are the most versatile of all?  Easygoing, go-with-the-flow types? (no pun intended)

    J, I tried Atkins and my muscles were so weak that I couldn't use them enough to get any exercise.  I did 2 months and said "forget it".  My skin and hair looked awful, and the weakness was just too much for me.  As far as taking off weight, I'm sure it would have worked if I could have done anything at all to help myself, and although I didn't gain, I didn't really lose more than 5 lbs., and for me it was all water.  It definitely works well for some people, but I could not pull it off.  I definitely could not do a plan where I had to do that much exercise.  I don't hate exercise, but I much prefer my sitting-on-my-ass time.  I can force myself to be active a certain amount of time, and the amount on this plan is about my limit ;).  I have not been "normal" energy wise even as a kid.  In high school, even, I couldn't join in with most activities because they were too overwhelming for me.  Of course, it didn't catch up to me until I was much older.  4-5 years ago, I was 124 lbs., but I was never "in-shape".  Now, at 44, I am ready to get in shape and do the best I can with what I have as long as I can.

    David, your progress looks impressive to me.  Really hoping it kicks up a notch for me by the end of the week...


  • Kat, very sorry about the loss of your friend.  I did not realize you had overcome cancer.  A good friend of ours is undergoing  chemo right now and it is tough on her.  You have really dealt with a lot and have come out very strong.  Your transformation over the past 7 years is amazing!

    Sharon - thank you for encouraging words.  I got over the disappointment and am happy with  progressing at any rate.  About 7 years ago, I got serious about cleaning up diet (was regularly working out) and lost about 30lbs over a 7 month period,  Kept weight off for 5 years until job change.  Perspective is everything.  I was patient then and should be now.  Good getting your workout in early with your busy schedule.  The 100 degrees in AZ is a dry heat.....right?

    Melissa,  thanks too for the support.  I agree on the Atkins diet. Does not do well for me either. I actually did a similar diet called the Mayo diet a while back.  Basically no carbs. I would do it ever so often when I felt I needed to lose about 10lbs. It worked, but like you, I felt weak a lot of the time.  It was too restrictive and while it did work, I'd usually come off of it and carb load crazy.   Hope you get your sleeping on schedule.  Keep plugging away.  You'll see 124 at 44!

    Have a great Wednesday, Gladiators!

  • Kat, sorry to hear about your friend.

    It’s never easy when people we know and love move on to the next phase of this incredible journey we are all on.

    The pictures of where you started and where you are at now are nothing less than amazing. You look like a completely different person who is much more vibrant and happy. Goes to show what having a goal and being determined can do. WOW!!

  • mintexas- If you're still looking for a power tower be sure to check craigslist.  I looked there yesterday after I saw your post and saw several in the $60-100 range people were selling that still looked like brand new  They were good quality ones too!  I'm sure people in your area are trying to sell them as well.

    I never experienced any energy problems with Atkins.  The problem I had was being totally deprived of carbs, and since nobody else would do it with me it made it hard to find places to eat with friends and family.  Then if I ever did give myself a cheat day I'd gorge myself with pizza and ice cream, but I'd only cheat about once in 2 months or so.  I did a lot of lifting during that time and didn't gain very much strength.  You really need the carbs to put the glycogen in your muscles and promote muscle growth.  I'm getting a lot stonger and my muscles with BFL, but the weight loss seems slower.  I've lost about 22lbs so far, so it is working.  I just can't wait to get back out of this layer of fat.  I think I'm going to throw the fat clothes out this time.  I kept them every other time, so maybe in the back of my mind it made it ok if I put the weight back on.  Also, since my muscles are actually growing this time it does make the scale go down slower.  

  • Hello gladiators!

    Still here getting my workouts in and chasing my little girl around.  I missed my sat cardio but spent 12 hours cleaning out the garage building shelves and reorganizing so I know I burned off plenty of calories.  Not much to report just plugging along.

    Kat. Sorry to hear about your friend.  I did see the tp challenge but having it over is a bit of a pet peev for me so I just couldn't  do it.  I did however think about it every time I was in the bathroom lol.  You are looking good keep up the good work.  You might win this challenge :)

    Hang in there everyone!