Starting 01.21.13 - anyone want to join?

  • Hi Team -

    Thats right we are almost 25% through!!! Sooo glad to see that pretty much EVERYONE is still on board - how cool is that! Thinking we DEF have some future 2013 BFL Champions on this TEAM ;)

    Eric - I'm sooo sorry to hear about the deaths. So devastating to go through, and also such a huge reminder for us to LOVE and HONOR the important people in our Lives NOW!!! Good for you that you are still moving forward regardless. Sending lots of love your way xoxo

    Val - That's such great news! It's amazing how quickly our bodies will heal themselves if we just give it what it needs... and I am right there with you on the Confidence Resurrection part!!! I am noticing a significant boldness in almost every other area of my Life all the sudden. Just read a past BFLer's story today and she had said that the discipline it took for her to complete the Challenge, automatically spilled into every other area of her Life! So by the time the 12 weeks were up, the rest of her Life was in order also. M def looking forward to that! Heheh

    Todd - Thank YOU for your service!!! What branch were you? I was accepted into SEARS (Officer Survival Instructor Training) through the Air Force when I was 18, however was separated after discovering some severe medical issues. I loved every day of it though - found out a lot about myself at a really young age...

    Shea - I always LOVE reading your posts! You are a ball of Positive energy - I want to just put you in my pocket LOL

    Happy almost Friday ALL!!!

    xo Kat

  • DAY 18 - BFL Journal daily Lesson-for-LIFE:

    "Planning overrides Procrastination." What I've discovered is that one of the reasons people put off, postpone, and procrastinate is simply because they're not prepared. Quite often, that's what it comes down to. And while the stereotypical advice, "Stop procrastinating!" certainly has its merit and may be offered with the best of intentions, the solution is conspicuously absent. How do you stop procrastinating? How do you, "Just do it!"? What I've discovered is that procrastination is a "side effect" of a lack of preparation and planning. By "preparation", I mean gathering the essential information and acquiring the knowledge you need to accomplish your goals. And by "planning", I mean deciding how and when you will apply the information you've acquired. When you are prepared and you have a plan, you will not procrastinate. You will move forward and you will "just do it", because you've prepared to do it and planned to do it! ~Bill Phillips~

  • Hello Eveyone,

    Its been a great week, workouts are going well and my meals are fine. The only problem

    that I have is since I'm going to bed early I tend to wake in the middle of the night and want to snack.

    I have greek yogart but I don't like the taste. Can anyone tell me if natural peanut butter is ok. (spoonful)

    I wish everyone a great weekend and keep working hard.

    Kat: I was a medic inthe army

    Take care


  • Such amazing energy on this forum!  Thank you all for the inspiration and motivation.  I am so happy to hear all of your successes to date.

    @Eric - my condolensces to you as you go through such a difficult time.  Hang in there!

    I am super excited to say that my oldest daughter made it back home from Afghanistan!!!  She arrived at 2:00am Wednesday night/Thursday morning.  I am so proud of her and all that she has done with her life.  BTW - Todd she was initially a medic in the Army as well.  She did her initial tour in Iraq as a combat medic with the CSH in Balad in 2003/4.  Very tramautic tour for her but she learned a ton and got great experience as an E-2.  This time around, she served as a behavioral health specialist.  She ran the restoration center on Bagram Air Field as the NCOIC (E6).  She is getting out in a few months and heading to medical school :-)  Her father (my husband) just returned from BAF as well and is an aviator with 28 years in the Army.  I retired almost 3 years ago from the Army as well after a successful 21 year career!  

    So, great news on the family front.  Horrible news on the BFL front.  Wednesday morning started off with a super early morning call, followed by hours of meetings, a 7 hour drive to Ft. Bliss, an all-nighter waiting for my daughter and her unit to make it home, and then a full day of work carved into quality time spent with my baby girl on Thursday.  I haven't worked out in 3 days, I am running on fumes, I am exhausted, and my eating plan was non-existent as well.  I didn't eat horrible and made the best choices possible but it wasn't my new routine and I definitely didn't get in 6 meals a day. I feel it and it sucks!  Sluggish and all around blah...

    In the past, this is where I would have said, "Screw it, I'll quit and just restart next week."  I am not going to do that though.  Yes, it was a set back but so what.  That's life.  I will get up tomorrow (I don't get home until late tonight) and start the day off with a challenging workout, a yoga class perhaps, and a killer breakfast.  Right back on track.

    Hope you all have a fav weekend!



  • Hi Team - Only one more day until FREE DAY and almost to Week 4!!! Time is flying...

    Sharon - What you did yesterday, is done and in the past. There's an amazing book that I would love for you (and EVERYONE) to read, it's called the Slight Edge by Jeff Olson. It talks about how it is the accumpulation of small yet consistent decisions made over a long period of time that creates the powerful compound effect, producing the massive breakthrough results! The best part is that at ANY given moment we can make even just one new decision to get us back on track to reaching our goals.

    And as you've mentioned before, this is the Body for LIFE Challenge (not only for 84 days...) So good for you! Dust off the past three days and do the things that make YOU feel good again. You have sooo many of the needed ingredients to be a huge success in anything that you do, and because of your consistent positive attitude, willingness to be transparent and so giving of yourself in your support to others - I BELIEVE that you have what it takes to be one of the 2013 Champions!!! We ALL do, and YOU have been very instrumental in keeping this group moving forward TOGETHER, so thank you for that!

    I reaallly get sooo much from every single post on this Forum and would LOVE to see more of them from EVERYONE so we can truly get to know each other better, and leave that "mark" on each other's Lives, even if just over the next 65 days... Once upon a time, I had a false belief about myself that what I had to say, did not, or would not matter, so I chose not to participate in so many areas of my Life. This is actually probably the most consistent I have ever been in my committment to participating in a Community like this, and that daily committment is spilling over into really incredible daily successes. I never thought that I would be capable of making myself a priority in this way, and OMG the view is sooo much better from here!

    I wasn't sure if it would be appropriate to share on here, however I know that surrender and transparency is all part of the magic of healing and breakthrough!!! Only 6 very short months ago, I had been over 7 years into battling for my Life from very fatal medical conditions. I was fighting daily against 8 Chronic Illnesses and had become completely dependant on 13 Medications just to get through the day. In August of last year, I had had enough and had a psychological breakdown resulting in multiple suicide attempts. Short of many miracles, I survived!!!

    Since then I have been in rehabilitation and having incredible success in my recovery! I know that most people could not even understand how or why I got to that point in Life, however I now see that it was essential for me to experience so that I could be living the purpose driven Life that I am living NOW! I am actually even participating in a series of Film Documentary projects to help create awareness on these socially "taboo" subjects. I am NOT sharing this to gain any kind of sympathy, I am sharing this to hopefully create a safe space to communicate more freely and to encourage ALL of you to use the "crosses that you bare" to help you in creating the Life that you deserve!!! We all have our struggles and wounds, yet that is what makes us so wonderfully Human ;)

    One of my main goals on this BFL journey is to restore my Body and Mind to such a significant state of health that the Illnesses are no longer a part of my Life and I can have a vessel to truly ENJOY Life to it's fullest once again. So my sincerest thanks to ALL of you for being a part of this very important journey with me and I hope that I can be the support to all of you as you have been to me!

    xoxo Kat

  • DAY 19  - BFL Journal daily Lesson-for-LIFE:

    "Start driving, and stop just going along for the ride." I don't know anyone who can honestly tell me they ended up in poor physical condition, overweight, or weak on purpose. It's something that happens unintentionally. Oftentimes, when people focus their attention on their careers, their education, or dealing with a life crisis, they put their health and fitness on "cruise control". They let go of the steering wheel and take their eyes off the road. Before long, their physical condition and health are completely off track. The style of living that causes poor health is not that complicated to understand. And, fortunately, neither is the process of getting back on track! But you have to disconnect the cruise control, put both hands on the wheel, and focus your vision on where you want to go. You have to start driving, and stop just going along for the ride. You have to intentionally undo the things that happened accidentally. ~Bill Phillips~

  • @Eric – sorry for your loss. I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to continue the BFL challenge if I were in the same situation; props for sticking with it.

    @Todd – I looked at the “authorized foods” list in the BFL book, and peanut butter (natural or otherwise) isn’t listed. With that being said, IMO a tablespoon now and then probably wouldn’t be awful. It’s not something I could do, because PB is my kryptonite – give me a jar and a spoon, and I’m usually powerless to resist.

    @Sharon – Totally understand your feelings – after three “bad” days, it can be tough to get motivated again. However, look at it from the other side for a moment. Imagine you had 3 perfect days, and I mean absolutely perfect: 6 perfectly balanced meals daily, getting you right where you should be on calories and nutrients; enough water to drown a fish; and 10’s on every bit of exercise you do. Those three days, BY THEMSELVES, wouldn’t make you healthy – it’s what you do the three days, three weeks, three months, three years afterwards that makes the difference.  I think it’s human nature that we intuitively understand that three “good” days won’t make us healthy, but for some reason we tend to believe that three “bad” days are unrecoverable. Like Kat said – those days are in the past, so concentrate now on moving forwards.

    @Kat – All I can say is: wow – I admire your conviction and courage. Keep up the great progress, and we’ll all keep on pulling for each other.

  • Was sooo looking forward to enjoying my free lazy day tomorrow, however decided to go another round with the Kettlebell Bootcamp! Anyone who hasn't ever tried this before, be sure to check it out (with a Certified Instructor!!!) It is by far one of the most incredible funtional fitness full body/cardio workout in one I've ever done! Even hitting my absolute 10's in the gym doesn't come close to comparison at how sore my body is after Bootcamp - it awesome!!! So will probably give myself Monday off instead... but should have some great progress photos afterwards ;)

    Btw - great to hear from you Steve! Have a great weekend Everyone!!!

    xoxo Kat

  • DAY 20 - BFL Journal daily Lesson-for-LIFE:

    "Are you in or are you out?" By this point in the Program, some people have already quit. Their goals weren't meaningful, and, quite frankly, they never really decided to make a change for the better. What about you? Are you ready to give up? Or are you going to continue on and become a Success Story? Of course, you know by now I care about you, and I want you to succeed, but I can't make you do it if you dont really want to. Just be honest with yourself - if your not committed to finishing, stick a fork in it already. Here's how: simply write the words, "I Quit" in big bold print and sign your name under it. ~Bill Phillips~

    I almost didn't post this one, however I did make the committment of posting every single BFL DLFL for the remainder of this Competition, so here it is LOL. I personally don't really get motivated by this type of reverse psychology tactic, and also believe that doing something, doing anything, is always better than doing nothing. However, maybe there is someone who is mentally sitting on the fence and needed to read this to make a decision one way or another to find some peace of mind... xo

  • Hi All,

    Checking in on Week 3. Down 11 lbs and have had to put away the size 38s and break out my 36s. Next up, 34!!!

    My Lose It iPhone app has been a real help for letting me keep track of everything I eat.

    For the most part, I've stuck with it even on Superbowl Sunday. I'm getting to the point where greasy food is no longer appealing to me.

    And I'm happy to say I've got my teenage daughter involved and she is working on losing weight with me. We have Dance Dance contests on the Wii for cardio on some nights.. LOL. She has already lost 4lbs!!!!

    Everybody who is still here, keep it up!!!

  • @mrguy   I've been using an ap called myfitnesspal.  It has a feature that let's you take pictures of bar codes to get nutritional info that I like.

    Still here keeping motivated!  Feeling stronger and starting to see some changes in this old body!  Wishing I had started this sooner.  Thank you to everyone who posts it helps to read how everyone else is doing.  One choice at a time and  we will all make it to the end!

  • Hello Everybody,

    I hope we all had a great weekend,

    I had a great week in workouts,nutrition. My free day I have to cut back on the things I eat because it changes

    the way I sleep and I have to continue to get my proper rest or it very hard to get up at 4:45 am and go to the gym.

    I have'nt missed a day in the gym until this morning I stayed up to late 1:30am but I will be in the gym at lunch time today and also a power class or joga class after work. I will always try and get every workout in no matter what times I have change in my schedule. This challenge is very important to me. Remember together we can get though anything.

    @Diva- Thanks for that lesson for life today. I think it was fitting for the start of week 4

    And some times it comes down to how bad do we want this and what am I willing to go thru to get it.

    In short at time we have put our Big Boy and Big Girl undies on and get it done no matter what.

    @ Kat- You are now my new hero. Keep up the good work and remember one day at a time anything is possible.

    @ Steve- I checked the food list and natural peanut butter is on the healthy oils list. Thanks

    @ Eric- Sorry to here about you lost but keep your head up and remember taking care of your body makes all things easier.

    @Sharon- Just another bump in the road, couple days off track NO BIG DEAL let's get back to the mission at hand.

    I had to always keep apples , Myoplex protein bars,Myoplex shakes and a shaker with me then I can always eat clean

    If we don't plan then we are planning to fail. And I know that's not what you want to do. Back in the saddle and get ready

    to ride on this journey to a better mind and body.  YOU WILL HAVE A BETTER WEEK. Good job in advance



  • Good morning!

    Thank you so much for the encouragement and support!  I am onboard and "over" the setbacks of last week.  I did a killer yoga class on Saturday (Bikram) which started my day off perfectly.  I could hardly move on Sunday which is a good thing in my book.  

    Kat - what incredible courage you have for sharing your story with us.  You are amazing and I am very thankful that you are here sharing this journey with us!  

    I am truly a morning person.  I function best before 2pm.  However, I am working on a project right now where I interact with 16 different countries around the globe so I frequently have early morning meetings (5:00am) and can't hit the gym until later in the day.  So, today I decided to change it up a bit.  I need that workout first thing in the morning.  It puts me in the proper mind frame for the day.  So, I hit my treadmill while watching the morning news.  It wasn't a HIIT workout just a steady walking pace.  I have a bad knee so running is never an option.  I feel so much better for starting my day like that.  I will still go to the gym this afternoon for my weight training.  Has anyone else added in additional workouts/cardio sessions?  It really is more like taking my dog for a brisk walk just on the treadmill and without the dog :-)  Not sure it counts as a cardio "workout."

    Question - what is your favorite "go to" BFL meal?  I am bored of my eating routine (I bore easily so this is not a surprise to me) and want to try out some new recipes.  I love to cook so that isn't an issue.  I have the BFL cookbook and plan on pulling a couple of recipes from there.  However, I thought I would ask my BFL family first.  My favorite so far are the Chicken Enchiladas.  I will happily share the recipe if anyone wants it.  Yummy!!!!  I have to cut the recipe in half though because it is just me during the week.  Hubby travels so I am cooking for one which is a challenge itself.

    Hope you all have a great BFL day!!!!



    "Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities. Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy."          ~ Norman Vincent Peale

  • A good friend of mine just called and asked me to do a Zumba class with her today at our gym.  She just joined the gym and hasn't worked out in years.  I want to support her and the timing works out perfectly since it is right after when I am scheduled to do weights.  

    This should be an interesting experience...anyone done Zumba before????

  • @sharon.   I think my favorite thing right now is something I made up based on my fav Japanese restaurant .

    I take some onion mushrooms and bracolli and cook them in a skillet w/ some garlic powder, salt, and pepper.  Then after they cook for a few min I drain the water add some cut up top round steak and a little teriyaki (kikoman makes one with only a couple carbs).  I eat it with a little steamed whole grain brown rice.  Very good and reheats well.