Starting 01.21.13 - anyone want to join?

  • Hi Everyone!

    I'm planning my start next Monday, January 21st.  Doing all the planning work I can ahead of time for meals, grocery list, exercises, etc.

    I would love to have people join me.  I think the team approach is the way to go to help each other stay on track and motivated.


  • Count me in! I was supposed to start two weeks ago and got sidetracked with back problems. Let's tackle this with all claws! :D:D

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  • Hi MK, and juzuki, welcome aboard.

    It's great to have people to do this with.

    I've been doing lots of research and found Emily Alvers blog very helpful.  She is a former BFL Champion and gives lots of diet and exercise advice.  I encourage everyone to visit her site.  She's very inspirational.

    Hopefully we will get more people to join us next Monday.

    What are other people doing to prepare?


  • Hi Eric,

    I'm ready to do another challenge! Did one in 2007 and got into amazing shape and kept it up for several years, now I need to get back to this healthy lifestyle! I plan on making a complete grocery list for the week and plan ahead of time what I'll eat and plan time to workout for a business trip to San Diego later in the week.

    Thanks for starting this thread and I really look forward to helping support each other.


  • Hello, BfL Siblings!

    I am taking an inventory of the kitchen and pantry and noting what we need. Costco has an awesome sale right now on Fat free Chiobani Greek Yogurt so I will probably grab a few boxes of those. I already have a success journal ready to roll and will be working out at home with weights and stationary bike. Is everyone as EXCITED as I am to get started? :D:D

  • Welcome Chiqui!  It's great to have you.  

    I think planning ahead is the best idea.  For me it takes the thinking our of "What do I eat next?"  which is usually answered with something unhealthy.

    I went to BJs and was really pleased that I can get a lot of my frozen stuff there:

    grilled chicken breast

    salmon filet

    tilapia filet


    and some things I know i will need and want to buy in bigger size


    liquid egg whites



    and like MK said, Chibani Yogart.

    I won't buy produce there as it tends to go bad really quickly.

    Keep the ideas coming.  The more we get ready, I think the better it will be when we all start..


  • I am planning on starting on Monday as well! I am slightly confused with the website though... can't seem to find the actual program/plan for working out.

    I am getting married in August and I want to look and feel my absolute best! It's nice having others to keep you motivated :)

  • Hello Everyone,

    I'm pumped about starting this new challenge on Monday. My last challenge was in 2001 and I finished with flying colors.

    I lost 25lbs and went from 25%bf to 11%bf and I was in great shape. I will prepare most of my food on Sundays.

    I will prepare chicken breast,brown rice and vegetables in bulk and use tupperware containers for each day of the week.

    Everyday I will grab 2 before I leave for the day. Also I have ordered my myoplex shakes and Low carb bars. This weekend

    I have to prepare my kitchen to be BFL friendly as I have a 15 year old son that has to have snacks. But I'm commited to

    finishing this challenge and doing better then my last challenge. I look forward to taking this journey with each and everyone

    of you. Thanks for your support

  • Hi dollipop... Welcome!

    Here's a link to the description of the BFL workout program.  Hope it helps.


  • Congrats on your previous challenge.

    I too did the challenge years ago and had great success.

    Has helped me decided to do this again, yet, I have much more weight to lose.

    I love your plan of preparing all your meals.  I might try some of that.

    Good luck cleaning out your kitchen.

  • hey Eric,i'm all in i start  the competition jan 21st.i did the program back in 1999.looking forward to the challenge.good luck.

  • Hi keep the faith!  Welcome.

    Looks like we have a great group to start off with and stay motivated so we all can get the best results.

    Welcome aboard!

  • I am planning on starting 1/21 too! I received the book and the cookbook in the mail this week, so I will be doing my planning this weekend to get started! I am excited to see what kind of results I can achieve with the program!

  • Hi Eric!  Count me in too!  I've been reading the book & have gone grocery shopping in preparation.  It's my first time doing this challenge & so far this seems very doable.  This weekend I will be writing out my meal and work out schedule for the week in my BFL journal.  I hope I sort out the work out tonight as I was a little confused by it.  

    Can't wait - truly motivated especially since I took the b4 pics of myself last night.  LOL!