Starting 1/14/13 - Looking for support

  • Hello all!  Here we go into week Four.  I feel like I've accomplished something just sticking with this.  Weekend was good.  like some of you, I cant run anymore due to multiple ankle injuries, and last year a tib/fib spiral fracture so now a metal plate  and 12 screws hold my lower left leg together.  but I do enjoy the eliptical and a bike for my HIIT cardio.  Plus I rode my horse hard for about an hour saturday and both she and I were sweaty and tired at the end!   I did use my free day/superbowl to splurge but really found I was full after not really eating as much as I used to.  Got up this morning and really pushed my LBWO and now I'm off to a job interview.  Happy Monday all and give it your best!

  • There is a word for when you open a book randomly and read whatever your eyes hit first, but it escapes me at the moment...when I opened the Champions book this morn, here is what I read-" Happy, optimistic people tend to share several characteristics, experts say. They emphasize the positive. They don't let what they can't do get in the way of what they can. And because they don't turn setbacks into catastrophes, they're better able to bounce back. In short, they're resilient."

    That's for you artemis susan and David41 and Tminus60!

  • Hi! In 11 days, 2/15, I am due to post my second set of images. I am really glad that I posted the first set. The "knowing" that I must post every month during the challenge really inspires me to stay on track for the BFL. I  hope to see some difference. . . for the better?

    A little thought for everyone.. . . .

    My decision to post my non-flattering before pics was based on the idea that if I were going to the beach (in public) I'd put on my bathing suit and and just stroll out on the sand. . as is. That's how I would look but what choice would I have? So I thought it would be comparable to posting here.. . . . I'm out on the beach!


  • Very true Paul!  That is a great way to think about it. I think you are very brave for posting your pictures Paul.  I for one am not going to the beach quite  I am heading downstairs for an epic run this morning.  It is my Sunday and the sun is shining.  It is going to be a great day.  I am proud of all of us for sticking with this.  I can't believe we are in week 4 already!


  • Hey all.  Sorry I have been missing in action but with the flu and travel for work I missed the 2nd and 3rd week of the program.  However, I have picked my self back up and started all over again yesterday.  I have rocked it the past two days and I am feeling it today.  Hope everyone else has been able to stay on track (better than I have).  Looking forward to seeing and hearing about your results as the weeks move along.

  • Welcome back Josh:)

  • Ditto!  Welcome back Josh!!  glad you're back in!  And Tminus60 I commend your courage in posting pics - whatever helps us keep on track with BFL.  (oh and I'm not that brave!)  and BobbyA - I really appreciate your positive vibes, please keep it coming.  Good cardio today,  planning my meals really helps me stick with the nutrition part.  Have to read another chapter or two of the BFL Champions book tonight, its really inspiring.  


  • I think BFL is sinking into me...where I work, many banquets are served a day and the leftover food is brought into the employee dining room...creamy pasta dishes, tempting desserts...but i stood my ground and had a scoop of cottage cheese and sliced fruit instead! "Nothing tastes as good as thin feels" indeed!

    Congrats to all for staying the course! I will post 4 week shots next week, regardless of what my screaming ego says.

  • Hi Everyone, I hope you are all doing well!  I can't believe we are in week 4 already.  I for some reason seem to be struggling this week.  I am still sticking to my eating and getting my workouts in but mentally I just feel frustrated.  I haven't noticed any changes and I'm not sure why it is getting to me so bad.  Having done this years ago I know that I didn't see anything happen until the end and then it seems like it was just overnight.  I know the program, I know what to expect so I'm not sure why I'm letting this get to me.  Anyway, I will keep doing the workouts, eating according to plan and hope that it's just "one of those weeks"!  Have a great day everyone!

  • All rise while I read from The Book..."The most important thing is to stay focused on progress, not perfection," Champion Nick Boswell says. " Too many people see a picture in a magazine and are disappointed when, after five or six weeks, they don't look like that. The key to success is staying focused on how your body is changing, how your body composition is improving, and the progress you're making."

    Celebrate the small accomplishments, the daily triumphs- one more workout performed, one more healthy meal consumed, one more day that you followed through on a self promise to better yourself!

    Had a kickass cardio of those days that I felt that I OWNED that stairmaster!

    Go get em!

  • Hi!  Rhonda, It takes time a lot of time and effort for noticeable physical changes. I feel my  muscle density increasing over the last month but there still is a lot of insulation around my six-pack et all.  I've been checking my weight in the am daily and the weight is going down SLOWLY!!!! . . .but it's going.  

    If you maintain your exercise and diet. . . . burning more cals than you take in daily. . . . .  the changes will come in time!

    So keep up your efforts!  - paul

  • Oh boy- did my UB w/o in afternoon instead of morning and it sure was different! I really ran out of gas on most of the last lifts in each muscle group! I feel like it was a good w/o, but sure didn't feel like I hit any 10's with a convincing amount of energy. I guess this is what they call slogging thru a workout...however, I do get to check it off my list as accomplished!

    How's the energy of the group?

  • Hello All,  Got my cardio in this morning somehow.  My legs are killing me from my LBW yesterday.  I have done really well with my diet and working out since I have gotten back into things this week.  The test will come next week while I am traveling again for work.  I think I have a plan worked our so I can still get everything in and I will be traveling solo this trip so there won't be the temptations to eat poorly.  Everyone keep up the solid work.

  • Well this week is about over and am I glad.  Wow my legs are still killing me from the cardio and LBW.  Got my UBW in this morning and my diet has been spot on.  Looking forward to another good weekend to carry me into next week.  Hope all are doing well.

  • Hi! I've been eating a good diet without snacks. . . working out on a daily basis . . . but my weight has been hanging around 203 for a week. All the signs of fat loss are continuing while I can see a  nice increase of muscle mass. This is another indication that body weight alone shouldn't be the used as a barometer of fat loss. The old saying is that "muscle is heavier than fat". -paul

    BTW- Tomorrow is a another intense spin class. - paul