Starting 1/14/13 - Looking for support

  • Good morning... Josh, will start on Monday.. will keep you informed

    Howie B

  • weekend is here - usually more of a challenge.  got up and did my UBWO - felt really good after I finished, sore and sweaty but good!  hope everyone has a great BFL saturday.  we can do this.

  • hey there BooneB - sent you a message using the conversation tool, not sure if it worked (probably user error!) let me know if you received it.  

    have a great BFL day everyone - day six and counting!

  • Hey Everyone- I started on the 14th also and have been following this thread and the Jan 7 thread. Might as well chime in here, too! This week went OK, but from my log I can see I will need to tighten up on my food choices if I am to realize my goals. The w/o part of this challenge is not a problem for me- I love to do both weights and the cardio. I have done BFL a few times before and I know how  good I am going to feel in 12 weeks, but this time I want to see the change in my midsection! I want to be able to wear ALL the pants in my closet! The rub is the old adage- " You can't out-exercise a bad diet." To lose inches, I must burn more calories than I consume in the day. That is the beauty of the BFL program- lifting weights increases muscle size and muscle demands more energy (calories) to function. The cardio portion of this program keeps the calorie-burning flame going strong. When muscles are always demanding energy, they are always burning calories, thusly we become calorie burning machines!  My challenge is to provide my body with clean fuel to burn...

    Can't wait to hear stories about your first Free Day experience!

  • Day 6...I am almost through my work day and I am already psyching myself up for my brutal cardio challenge waiting for me at home.  I am feeling great after almost a week.  We have managed to keep true to the diet all week and  I am really, really looking forward to a glass of wine tonight,(our reward for being such good BFLers this week).  I managed to break my weight goal this morning, so that has been very motivational.  I am truly happy that we are doing this program and feeling very optimistic that we will all have great results if we stick with it.  I think that we will be very careful about what we eat tomorrow, I am worried about losing any progress gained this week after all that dedication...definately staying away from pub wings and beer!  

    Cheers everyone!  Happy Free day!

    Hope and Shawn

  • One more thing...I thought it would be nice if everyone shared their favourite BFL meal..might give us all some great ideas.  I really liked the Pita Pizza's, because the kids ate them too, they were quick to make and tasted great:)

  • I run a fitness blog mostly dealing with swimming and weight lifting.  I do have a motivation section though if you want to check it out.

  • HI everyone! I did try the BFLC quite a while ago, read the book, took the before pics et all . . . . . but never finished the challenge. At that time, you were basically on your own without today's web advantages of working online with other individuals.  This time around, I've decided to post my BEFORE pics along with my stats as soon as my blood analysis comes in. My wife, daughters and granddaughter had a good laugh at the pics (BTW- My wife offered my granddaughter $100 if she didn't laugh. . . . . . needless to say, my granddaughter didn't get the hundred!).

    I intend to post progress pics at twenty day intervals. My logic. . . . posting the before images will keep me focused since I know that in twenty days I plan to post an update.

    Meanwhile, I've cut out all snacking, have instituted portion control behavior  and have started weight training along with aerobic activities (treadmill, spinning).

    Minus 5 lbs since the 15th.

    Keep BF'Ling,


  • Good idea,Tminus60.  You know what motivates you and you're using that motivation to your advantage,

  • Hey BFLers! 6 days in the books!  like hope, I managed to stay true to both the diet and the workouts.  I have no clue as to how much weight...if any, that I've lost.  Feel better and am actually enjoying the needed discipline.  As for free day, kinda mixed.  Certainly have had some cravings for the usual bad, dble meat cheeseburger, fajitas, and all things sweet.  So far I'm thinking just to do one meal.  Would like to hear some of your expreriences.  

    Like some of you, I'm very familiar with lifting weights and cardio, I just need to put down the fork.  It is hard to keep from wanting to do more than 20 minutes, but intensity is the key.  I have been using eliptical and start at a 10/10 (incline/resistance) and increase by 1 on both every minute up to 15/15 by minute 18.  Have hit a 10 once.  

    Congrats to everybody for getting off to a good start!!!

  • I do my free days a bit different than most people dong the BFL;  I so it from 4 p.m. Sat to 4 p.m. Sun.  It fits my schedule better, and allows me to go out with friends Saturday night, while enjoying a Sunday breakfast.  Craved chip and dips all week, and gobbled up half a bag last night.  Had several glasses of wine, and got up this morning for a big pancake and bacon breakfast.  Yum Yum.  Now it's back to the grunt and grind.  Because I work 7a-7p Mon and Tues, I'm going downstairs for an upper body workout.  Hope you guys enjoy your FD as much as I did.  

  • Hey, BavidF41: Dont' be afraid to eat the foods you're craving.  The key to succeeding in the BFL program is to satisfy your cravings on your free day.  There's no physical way possible your body will stock all you eat in one day.  So long as you stick to the plan, by the time you weight yourself next Saturday morning you'll have lost 1-3 pounds, which is about normal.  I always tell myself I'm not going to gorge, and I always do.  The results are the same either way, so you might as well chomp down the double meat cheeseburger.  However, after a few weeks of doing this, you'll find you're not able to eat as much as you used to, and your cravings will diminish too.  

  • one week down Yes!  like alot of those posting - my workouts went great - really pushed all to intensity.  I enjoy lifting so that part come easier - the trouble was putting down the fork and watching my portion control. I love to eat so 5-6 smaller meals is working - just have to watch portion size.  Free day was breakfast out, steak & eggs, deli sandwish for lunch and smoked spare ribs, pierogies, creamy slaw and beer during the football game/s.  I will say I woke up still feeling full and recognize it really isnt helping me toward my goals so not sure if I'll go so far on the next free day.  LBWO this morning felt great!

    and Hope1973 - our favorite recipe in the BFL cookbook is the cajun chicken with spinach, mushrooms and WW pasta.

    and Tminus60 - good plan! also having the online connections is really helpful for me too!  

    Happy Monday all BFLrs!

  • Shawn and I didn't go too hog wild on our FD.  We ate healthy BFL meals breakfast and lunch (just because they are easy) and we had lasagna and  garlic bread loaded with butter for dinner...along with several glasses of Cab Sav :)  Good luck to everybody with Week 2!  We should all really notice a difference by the end of this week in our strength and even our belt size.


  • Thanks for the recipe Susan.  We haven't had any BFL pasta meals this week.  I will try to incorporate that one into our regime this week.