Starting 1/14/13 - Looking for support

  • Hello all, I hope everyone is doing well with their BFL challenge. I had a rough weekend.  I let stress over some things in my life right now get the better of me and I consequently made poor food choices and overate & drank and didn't do my Saturday cardio workout.  I reminded myself on Monday morning of something another BFL poster had said - if you stumble up the stairs - just get up and keep going.  I promised myself I would finish this challenge, and not quit or be derailed like has happened in the past.  I re-read all of my goals and notes in my journal and that helped.  I'm on track since Monday, now in week 7.  This Saturday I plan a long hike in the snow after my HIIT on the bike, and my free day will be a little less 'free'.

    I wish you all the best and hope your challenge is coming along well.

    Have a great day!


  • Hello everybody!  Looks like it has been rather quiet on this thread.  Know that all are busy.  Staying consistent.  It is amazing how eating less than healty food can affect your body after being used to eating clean for 7 weeks.  Had pizza on free day and boy,  I felt bloated and lousy yesterday evening and early this morning.  Good LBWO took care of that.  Lately I have ramped up the cardio and have been going 5 - 6 days /week (still only 3 HIITS) and the rest moderate.  Saturday, I swam my birthday swim which is 100 yds for each year plus 100 yds to grow on.  Since I recently turned 49, I swam 5000 yds.  It felt great!  The additional cardio has helped as I have finally gone below the 200lb mark for the first time in about 2years - woohoo!  Have a great week 8 everybody!!


  • Way to go David-getting to those milestone weight measurements is pretty cool! I love sharing in all the accomplishments that the group attains...almost like doing it yourself!

    Still pluggin' along, feeling stronger, but also feeling a bit, uh, weary too. I remember this feeling on previous challenges I did- not really sore, but my muscles are feeling tired. I think I need to get more sleep and more water- will report back next week on this adjustment.

    How's everyone doing? 35 days to go...

  • Here's a glimpse at my day:

    Eat healthy breakfast

    Get 11 yr old off to school

    Do intense cardio session

    Go to bank, get LARGE cashiers check

    Sign loan documents for new house, give them the BIG check

    Sit in car and try to breathe!

  • Hello everyone.

    I can't believe we are already 8 weeks. We are about 2/3 of the entire program. It has been challenging but I think all of us have the incredible opportunity to finish strong! Please don't give up, even if you have a set-back, don't let it win. I am so excited to see changes in my life. Not so much in my body yet, although I know I've changed. My girlfriend says I look better so I go after what she says.. haha! We are both in this. We encourage each other and provide support. It's been a great time to learn from each other and help us. We spot each other and encourage completing that last rep. As I said, I have been able to see changes, but the most important change is in the habit of eating well and taking care of our bodies. To be focus and organized. We feel we eat so well and healthy, even feel that we are saving money by not going out so much as we used to.

    I am thankful for all of these... and can't wait for us to experience the change we want to see in ourselves. Don't give up, even if you can't see big changes and results now, keep on going.


  • I did my UBWO yesterday and it was awesome. Was able to complete it all and pushed as hard as I was able to. Felt my arms growing and in pain but was a good pain. Let's keep pushing and don't dismay.

  • Eight weeks is not a very long time. It took more than eight weeks to get this spare tire around my mid-section. I'd be foolish to think I could get it off in that amount of time! I want to be realistic about my program so I don't get totally bummed if I don't turn out like those pictures on the inside covers of the books. Yet.

    What if I gave more time to this? There isn't a rule that 12 weeks is all we get to accomplish our dream. As it turns out, I will be going longer-my workplace started an employee health program/contest that goes from March 1- May 1...looks like I will be at it for another few months! Actually, I will be at it for the next few decades!

    This was all spurred on by visiting other threads and reading about the despair of not being Barbie thin by the 3rd week...give me a break! I keep thinking about the paper towel roll long as i do my part with exercise and nutrition, another sheet is taken off that roll! And one day I will awaken to see the abs buried beneath!!!

    Go get 'em!

  • Very well put, Bobby.  

  • Well, I finally going to post some pics.  Would have sooner If I had known how.

  • This is at beginning of week 7. Once I can find beginning pics, it will mean more.  Now that I have been able to post, how do you make the pic smaller?





  • Day 57. UBWO done.  Where is everybody?!

  • Well...I'm in Tacoma. lol.

    Looks like it's working for you, David!  Arms are looking good and torso is slimming down!

    Gotta take measurements today and compare with the starting ones.

  • LOL.  Good response!  Thanks for encouragement. My 19 year old son came home from college last Friday.  Hadn't seen me since I started the challenge.  He said, "Dad, you have a V-shape!"  We made about a 3.5 hour trip to see my mother for her 74th birthday and he basically read the BFL Champions book from cover to cover.  He has gained a few lbs eating all that food on the college meal plan, but he is no longer playing football so not quite as active.  He plans to start next Monday when he gets back to school  

    I am getting my measurements and maybe my weight tomorrow morning. Get it done at local gym.  Not sure how accurate, but they will also use calipers as well.  I started at around 21%. Hopefully I can get to 15% by end of 12 weeks.  Let us know your progress!!

    Question, do you know how to make pics smaller when uploading them?

  • For me, I feel lucky to get the pics posted at all! I don't know why it seems so confusing...

    I'm down another inch in the waist. Yea!

    Heading into the 3/4 mark for this challenge....feeling more muscle tone, but the belly still is hiding the abs.

    Here we go!

  • Helllooo out there! I have been totally consumed with all the projects, contractors, plans, home depot trips that my new house has demanded. I have missed a few workouts, but have kept the cardio going (a great stress reliever!) and have been conscious of my food choices...although not strictly in line with the BFL Challenge protocols. I feel my body changing, betting stronger, but the spare tire is still in place (just a bit deflated).

    It's a life style change...hope you have found some benefits in doing this Challenge!

    Go for the 10 !!