I started today the 07 January 2013

  • Day 18

    Done my LBWO early this morning. I felt great and managed to complete my workout. I really felt the burn with each time it hit my 10's.

    Will be maintain biking this afternoon with the club.

    this is my 3rd week and i not really seeing a differnce.

    fitness is increasing

  • Hi Rufus,

    Your early starts at 04:00 are impressive; that would kill me! As to your question about low energy levels, I guess that the really early training sessions will always reduce your energy levels quickly as you've not eaten, but that is probably the best option for weight loss too... Depends which you value most. As for training extra, I have been doing a little more than the programme suggests, but I also try to listen to my body; when I am really not up for any more than is needed, I won't push my luck. I've been doing 'whole body' weight sessions 3 times a week and it takes around 67mins to complete. i go between upper/lower body on each set. The result is that I get 3 good (upper and lower body) gym sessions in Monday, Wednesday and Friday; it works for me, so maybe worth thinking about in future?

    I've not noticed much weight difference either; 3 pounds on the scales for 2.5 weeks of diet and effort. May not seem much but I feel better and my mind is more active than before; just being on the programme gives me more discipline I think.  The 'progress' approach is best, as you mentioned. I look at other people in the gym, much fitter and stronger than me, and I tell myself that they are simply on a different position on their journey; some of them wander aimlessly around the gym from weight to weight without any idea! I like the intensity of it all and that (along with reminding myself how I will look once a few more weeks pass) gets the energy levels up for the hard stuff.

    I also have bad days in the gym, when my energy levels are low, but the hardest part is getting there; after that the programme takes over and I enjoy the little mental battle I have with myself once I get started.  So here we are nearly 3 weeks in. Half way point coming up and still on track. Stick with it, I enjoy your posts!



  • Hi Gus,

    Thanks man.  I'm really motivated and I need to get this challenge into the books. It will be my 3rd BFLC and I haven't finished one. my second attempt I got up to week 7 and then life happened. Lost a lot of weight and then gained double.

    This time I've got more motivation and planned for a month before my starting date. This is a life goal and I do not like to fail.

    I'm keeping a manual diary were I record all my workouts and my what I eat. I set my goals and keep to them.

    I would like to recommend that you stick to the book. Keep to the workouts and make sure you meet you required time for each workout. If you want to do more split your session into 2 one in the morning one in the afternoon.

    And be careful of wall week. Week 5 is the hardest and that is we're you need to keep focus. Your body will start to change drastically and it will try to fight back. Believe me I've lost twice.

    Good luck

  • Top tips Rufus! This week's workouts really drained me. The hardest part I'm finding is eating to the plan; it just seems so much! The shakes are good though, and this is helping me along. Work, as you know too well, is also very good at screwing up the plan. I spent this morning planning the diet for this coming week, and this afternoon I'm off to the supermarket to get everything. I am working late all this week and need to have it all sorted before the week starts.  I've dropped 3lb in 3 weeks, but I realised I wasn't maximising the fat loss benefit of not eating 3 hours prior to an afternoon gym session and the hour afterwards. I have the knowledge now, so hopefully things will continue to improve. I'll bear the 7 week problem; we'll encourage each other through it I am sure. This particular forum post WILL run for 12 weeks!



  • Hi everyone who is still following my progress. Ive been out of touch these last couple of days. Work is hectic and I had a few deadlines to meet. I'm currently dealing with a strike and a lot of work were required to be done on very short notice. But what i have found with the BFLC was that I do not stress that much and is most of the time very calm and collective. I used to be a bull in a china shop. I have loads of energy and really feel great.

    So here is my update for the days that were not recorded:

    Day 19

    Morning Workout: UBWO

    Did my UBWO early in the morning. changed a few exercises but a great workout. I do not feel that i have good rythm but managed to push through the workout as best as i could. Tricep and bicep exercises were difficult. I think that i might be loading to much weight. set 3 and 4 is at a 8 or 9 intesity

    Heart rate monitor reading:

    Average heart rate (AVG HR): 128 bps

    Max heart rate (MX HR): 170 bps

    Calories burnt in session: 584

    Afternoon Workout: Mountain Biking

    This would be my 3rd day on the bike and I really enjoy it. i feel like im a kid again trying to beat the other kids on the block. We are a few guys staying in the same neigbourhood that decided it was time to buy bike and ride. so each afternoon we go for a few kilomiters. I bought myself a second hand mountian bike which I'm upgrading. Not a bad bike. Im keeping up with the other guy with the fancy stuff. I looking for fitness rather than Mr. Gatget

    Heart rate monitor reading:

    Average heart rate (AVG HR): 154 bps

    Max heart rate (MX HR): 174 bps

    Calories burnt in session: 1088

    Day 20

    Mornig workout: Mountain Bike ride:

    Went for a ride early in the morning before my 07:00 meeting.

    Average heart rate (AVG HR): 147 bps

    Max heart rate (MX HR): 1162bps

    Calories burnt in session: 780

    total time: 39:22 minutes

    Wanted to go a bit longer but had to turn around to finish up for my morning briefing at 07:00

    Week 3 meal plan:

    followed my diet 100% without cheating. on my free day i ate a pepermelt burger and chips with 2 sodas.

    rest of the day was healthy and drank a lot of water

    great week

  • Week 3 summary

    My goals are accordingly:

    1.Will be 100% committed to my goal - done

    2.Will follow my program 100% - done

    3.Will eat the correct portion sizes - done

    4.Will not cheat on my diet - done

    5.Will not miss a workout - done

    6.Will hit all my 10's - done

    7.Drink enough water - done

    8.Get plenty of rest - done

    9.Set goals and achieve the every week - done

    10.Will not give up or allow myself to become demotivated - done

    11.I will plan each meal for each week - done

    Measurements: ( sorry for the cm's but did not have time to convert into inches)

    Chest: 113cm

    Stomach: 115cm

    Biceps: 40cm

    Quads: 70.5cm


    waist: 106.5cm

    Weight:119.8kg ( lost 5.1kg) in 3 weeks. yeah!!!!!

    Week 1 Photo's: 07/01/2013





  • Today 21 days later


  • Week 3


  • Day 22

    Did my LBWO at 04:00 this morning. Completed the workout in 45min

    AVR HR: 105

    MX hr: 152

    Calories burnt: 275 i lost about 10 minutes on the stop watch for got to press the start button

    I think I burnt about 450 calories.

    Hit all my 10 completed each workout with ease might need to look at increasing the weight

    Mountain bike ride this afternoon

  • Week 4 Summary

    My week has been very hectic and I find it difficult to update this blog everyday. So I have decided that I will do an update at the end of each week.

    So from day 23 to day 28:

    i did not miss a single workout day or cheated on my diet. I really feel great and have lots of engery. I have a different view of how i use to do things and came to the conclution that i might need to change jobs/careers. What I'm doing currently is not my true passion. I need to be challenge like the BFLC. I am thinking a lot about starting my own business - will work on that more but in the mean time im 100% focused on my goal to meet my target.

    I havent lost a lot of weight last week and feel that i might have set the bar to high. i'm training 2 times a day. Don't worry I make sure that I keep my heart rate in the right levels and make sure that i do not over work my body.

    I really feel great.

  • Day 30

    Did my cardio session this morning. Really pushed myself this morning and felt great

    Heart rate monitor reading:

    Duration: 37:59 minutes

    Calories Burnt: 520

    Avg HR: 140

    MX HR: 175

    Body fat updated:

    shifted from 37% body fat in week 1 to 27% body fat in week 5

  • Hi Rufus,

    Well done on another good week. We're getting close to week 7, the nemesis! I've stuck at it this week pretty much to the letter as well. Had a glass of wine on my day off but otherwise living a cleaner life all round. Training going fine, but left my little electronic 'diary' to update progress and on holiday this week so not tracking my efforts as well as I might. I still absolutely struggle getting an early session in. All my cardio and weights are done late morning or early afternoon. I've promised myself to fix this next week, just physically can't do early sessions this week.  Well, keep it up, I like your touts on career change... Your working hours are horrendous! There is more to it all than 16 hours working days! 12-10-8-6...!

  • Had a stomach virus the last 3 days, not nice! Been training and trying to eat normally, but I run out of energy (completely) at around 40 mins on weights. Not pleasant. Week 7 though and we're still pressing on...

  • Hope the training is still going ok for you. Through week 7.... The end is in sight!

  • Week 9 and I'm hanging in there. Dropped 6 kg, which takes me down to the target weight I set for myself at the start. If only I could do the 10 chin ups I also said I'd achieve. 3 is my limit!