Looking to team-up with a few ladies starting January 7th

  • If you would like to share your journey from January 7 to March 31st, please reply with your email or send an email to crissypaggetti@gmail.com. I am about 40 pounds overweight. I used to work out regularly but have not for about 5 years. I want to get into excellent condition both for health and to feel better about myself. I turn 50 years old on April 9, 2013 and I want to look and feel great for this birthday and for the rest of my life. Would like to have some online friends to go through this with to share obstacles and triumphs and give each other encouragement.

  • Hi Crissy... Way to Go! I am so psyched to hear that you are ready to make a permanent change. I am completely confident that you will exceed your goals (Talk about an awesome birthday present to yourself)  :) I was going to start this Friday 1/11/13 (Manic Monday, my son started back at school today and I know my mindset on a Friday is way better than Mondays anyway LOL)... I do not have anyone that I have teamed up with so far... would you be interested in teaming up with me even though I do not start until Friday? I am going to be 39 next month...have had a lot of struggles (almost died a few years ago due to ulcerative colitis, had surgeries, was full of medications, lost most of my hair etc... needless to say... the prednisone, meds, being chronically dehydrated, and being on and off of being bed ridden for a few years really messed my body up- I lost a ton of muscle & gained a bunch of fat) I am FINALLY able to get myself in shape...my mindset is right, my body is strong (even though I am missing part of my digestive tract). I ideally want to lose 80lbs (I will probably be doing a few challenges). My email adress is LissDiAmore@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you :) Blessings Melissa

  • Hi! I started yesterday (Jan 6). This is my first time doing this so I need motivation to keep up for the full 12wks. I need to lose 30lbs. I lost 90lbs over a year ago. It didn't take long to put 15lbs back on. I lost focus and would like to try something like this. I am 34yr old. lbreezy@hotmail.com

  • Hi Crissy and Melissa!  

    I started today and am very excited about the journey.  I am 43 and have 35 pound that I looking to remove for good :-) No more excuses for me.  

    There is a fabulous women's group, BFLDIVAS2013, that kicked off last week under Crossing The Abyss (bodyforlife.com/.../6546.aspx).  I would love to have you both join us there :-)

    Have a great BFL day!