12/31 Check In - Day 5!

  • Good morning BFL'ers.  Day 5 (for those who started on 12/31)!  Yeah!!  The past four days have been really good.  Work-outs have been quick and effective and the eating has also been satisfiying. 

    My hardest time of day (cravings) is after dinner.  Does anyone have any tips / tricks for avoiding the evening snack attack? 

    Hope all is well out there!!

    Go, Becca, Go!  Tri Tri Again!  www.tinyurl.com/rebecca2013  

  • Hey Tri Tri,

    Are you cravings sweets? If so, save a little of your protein shake (I like chocolate) for that time.

    If it's savory...celery stick w/ cottage cheese (sprinkle garlic powder (not salt) and some pepper in the cottage cheese -sounds weird but delish. - get creative a lil curry or ginger powder too.

    I was getting real anxious around 3:30...and my sister called. Talked with her and my craving went away.

    Sometime it helps to just go into another room or step outside for a moment.

    I had Breakfast a lil while ago, oatmeal w/cottage cheese with about 6 blueberries (previously frozen) mixed it all together.

    I'm on my 2nd bottle of water. I'm working out in about a half hour.

    I prefer not to workout on an empty stomach. Thats the only modification I've made on the BFL plan.

    When I get up it's getting kids ready time.

    Yes, Day 5 - We're doing it!!!