12/31 Group Daily Check-In - Wed. Jan. 2nd - Share your snack ideas!

  • Hi everyone - sorry I am starting this thread so late! I had a great first leg workout today - OUCH! I am already sore. My upper body is not very sore from Monday's workout except for my triceps - OUCH, they hurt. So I know I need to work a tad harder on the other upper body muscles next time.

    On yesterday's thread, Nancy asked about snack ideas. (I call them snacks but for us on BFL it's really "meals 2,4 and before bed meal...) I have trouble with these too as I am on the road alot, but today I was very good and I packed: a cottage cheese doubles, 1/2 of an apple, and a small handful of mixed nuts - mostly almonds. It's a good thing I did! My morning appt. ran until 2 pm and I ended up with no "lunch" until 3 pm. I ate the cottage cheese doubles at 10 am as planned, and ended up eating the nuts and apple on my way home. WIthout it, I would have been VERY tempted to drive thru somewhere or stop for a 7-11 hot dog!! Here are some of my other "go-to" snacks. Please share yours!!

    Rolled up turkey and cheese, few whole wheat crackers

    Peanut butter and banana on a rice cake (love this!!)

    Protein shake (if I am at home)

    100 calorie yogurt with granola

    Last night before bed I had pomegranite (I never ate one before - it was interesting - tart but sweet - I liked the little seeds!) and I had grapefruit slices with some yogurt. Big improvement for me - normally I'd have ice cream before bed, LOL!

  • Hi Everyone!

    My UBW today was disapointing.  I barley feel like i worked out...need to work harder Friday on that.  Tomorrow is LB and excited to get a good workout in.  My cardio is awesome!  I am hitting my high points, no problem there.

    Snacks AKA meals...I eat a power bar or EAS bar.  Also, yogurt, apple and nuts, cottage cheese with a fruit, I am eating tuna mixed with diced carrots and onions with a tsp of liquid aminos and a tsp of vinegar.  Very good!  I made stuffed green peppers and ate one for a meal.  I am also liking shakes, i will put protein powder in those.

    Question.  How much protein is everyone trying to eat in a day??

  • i must of read these posts not in order, and just read the Jan 2nd one.  I want to add a little to my above post.

    I am 31 years old, single mom of three.  I work as a full time nurse.  This is my first BFL challenge.  I have never lifted weights before so that part is new to me.  Last year I did complete two half marathons, and I followed Hal Higdon's training program for a novice.  It was fun.  This is different, but i know I can do it.  I struggle with not knowing HOW to do the weight part.  As i stated above, i had a crappy UBW today.  Need to work on that.

    I love the idea of posting daily like this!  This is great!  I am looking forward to chatting with you all.

    I did take before pics..need i say more?  Horrible!  I cant wait to see what i look like in 12 weeks!  I am a little worried taht I will do this program wrong and I wont change.  But i think that is just my bad attitude i have.  I am so motivated to do this!  

    I workout at home, it is easier with the kids to do that.  I have free weights and a bench in my basement, i also have an elliptical in my room i do cardio on.  Anyone give me tips for weight lifting?  Also, is anyone familiar with the 5-25 workout????

  • Hi Sarah - the weights will change your body! Don't be afraid of them. Lift hard and give it your all. As for the 5-25 workout, I never heard of it. But I do know that following the BFL program to a "T" works! Maybe pay for a session with a trainer to go over form with the BFL exercises just to be safe?

  • My faves are: One or two Wasa toasts with one laughing cow cheese spread on it; medium apple and a cheese stick; one piece of whole wheat toast with 1 tbsp of peanut butter; a Myoplex shake or bar; almonds and/or walnuts; Yogurt with fruit, or with a piece of fruit; or sugar free jello.  Not all at once, of course, but these are my faves right now.  

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  • I agree with tpup, splurge on one or two sessions with a personal trainer to learn some basics about weight lifting and form.  Also, check out the exercise animations in the "Tools" section of this site.  I love it!  It is much better than looking at static pictures or videos of hot girls/guys doing the exercise.  LOL  

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  • Right now My snacks are my shakes. I put a lil banana in to make it thicker.

    I'm move to cottage cheese with a few blueberries. I like the wasa laughing cow idea.

  • I take a Myolplex ready to drink shake with me on the train to work. I drink it about an hour after my workout. Around 10:00 am, I have a Greek yogurt (packed with protein). Then around 1:00 pm, I have lunch (either a meat, a vegetable and brown rice or a salad with chicken). Around 4:00 pm I have some lowfat cottage cheese with fruit. Then I go home and have dinner.

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