January 7, 2013 Start Date

  • Did my run and it was intense, I am finishing up these last two weeks doing CrossFit. I just joined a CrossFit gym to bring my fitness to the next level.

  • Monday completed my upper body workout, yesterday 20 minutes running machine and today just finished my lower body and abs training. All going to plan, so far so good. Gus Mac - I wish I was somewhere in Spain, here outside it is snowing and grey. lol

  • Had a very challenging workout for my 1st CrossFit class

    1000 meter row

    3 rounds of

    135 lb push press x12

    Burpees x12

    500 meter row

    My time



    Push Press and Push Jerk Skill Work

    Focus – Using the Rack to facilitate heavier weights overhead


    1000m Row

    3 rds of

    12 Push Press (135/95)

    12 Burpee Bar Hops

    500m Row

  • Cleet, you are a beast.  I'm not a member of any Cross Fit gym, but I have done a few of their workouts and they are intense. Think there are 2 gyms in our area, but they are only open for certain hours and I work out of town, so any routines I do would have to be at my gym.

  • Just got back from gym after hitting my HiiT on the running machine. Keep going everyone, not long to go now..

  • My workout today:


    getting ready for 13.3

    OPEN WOD 13.3

    12 min AMRAP

    150 Wall Ball (20/14) we will be using 15lbs for the ladies

    90 Double Unders

    30 Muscle Ups

    My numbers




  • Just completed my upper body work out and was just thinking? We have only one more upper body session to go on this body for life challenge. We are at day 75, and next week is our last week.

  • How many of you guys are still with it in this thread?  I started 1/1/13, finishing up in just a few days, but appear to be all alone.  The challenge was great.  Can weight to do another focused on size/strength.

  • One week to go!  How did everyone do?  I got pretty decent results but still not where I want to be.  I will be changing my workout up a little and starting over as soon as this challenge completes.   Will anyone else be starting a new challenge?  We should pick a date so we can all start together.  Maybe create a new post for the new challenge.

  • I did great with this challenge. I will be doing another challenge,we should pick a date. I am doing CrossFit for the rest of this one and the next challenge but I will post on this group . Today was a fun WOD


    Deadlift 185#

    Pull ups (with kip)

    V ups

    My time was 6:08

    bdw357 were you in our group?

  • I'm interested in another challenge to focus on increasing mass & strength.  I'd like to join if you guys are interested in adding another.

  • jrmcnaircpt come on aboard, we started with a lot of people but it seems a lot have either not posted and kept up with the challenge or just gave up. But there are a few of us that kept the accountability and support. So lets do this!!

  • Should we open up a new group with new start date?  Or should we continue on with the Jan 7th group?

  • I say new group

  • I agree.  Are we starting on April 1st?