January 7, 2013 Start Date

  • I got through free day, worst thing I had was an english muffin with butter and strawberry jam. Two meals were chicken burritos, not too off course!

    Funny, my oldest who is doing this with me got antsy and measured. After week one, she couldn't believe she already lost inches! Now she believes me this works even though the scale hasn't moved for her yet.

    Yesterday my youngest daughter, 13 almost 14, informed me she wants to start! So now it's a family thing : ) she will start Monday! I'm so excited!

  • Week 1 in the books.  All in all a successful week, no major screw ups... missed my cardio on Friday but made it up first thing Saturday morning.  Weighed in last Saturday at 240, weighed in yesterday at 230.5.  I know it's water weight but a good start.  

    I tried the the Tuna Casserole from the EFL book this week.  I usually like tuna fish, but this didn't work for me.  I should have saved the bag from the whole wheat pasta and ate that instead.  Anyway, I've prepared Turkey spaghetti with the remaining whole wheat pasta for this week.  Hopefully it will be more palatable as it is difficult to mess up spaghetti.

    I've also found a good trainer....my 12 year old daughter.  She helps in the exercise room by adding more resistance to the bowflex while working out.  If you have a bowflex, you know it's a pain and takes time to get up and add more resistance between sets.  She does this and also logs the workout for me and occasionally tells me to "get moving"!!!

  • Great job on your first week, everyone!

    I started my free day off with pancakes (5, each with butter and regular syrup- oops!) and eggs. Good thing I'll be using all those calories up today. Since I missed my cardio yesterday, I'm doing it today (12 mile slow run on my treadmill which will be very, very boring lol).

    I like to weigh myself every Sunday morning before I eat or drink anything. That way I'll have a whole week of workouts and healthy meals under my belt before I hop on the scale. I take my measurements every 4 weeks to see how many inches I've lost.

    Of course, I totally forgot to weigh myself today before eating my massive breakfast ha ha! But I just hopped on the scale a few minutes ago to see the damage and somehow I still weigh less than I did last Sunday morning! After all that food and 33 ounces of water in my belly. I'm pretty thrilled right now. :)

    Ratt40, I wish I had a personal trainer like that! What a good kid you have. :)

  • Week one is in the books ... dropped 2.4 lbs, wife down 3.8 and son lost 4.5 lbs.Great success!  Looking forward to our free day.  Going to have a couple of beers watching football and steak.  Bring it on week two.  

  • Weighed in this morning.  Dropped 2.2kg (4.8lbs) - happy!

  • Day 6! Had a "free night" last night. Went out for dinner and had chix with spinach pasta, no drinks, no dessert. I did have some caramel popcorn while watching a movie, but that was it for "cheat day". I did have a couple drinks on Friday, other than that, all has been good and I am feeling really good.

    Today, instead of running, I decided to go to an outdoor skating rink. Skated for over an hour and had a ball! The weather here is foggy but not very cold, so being outdoors was a great choice for me!

    Since I've done this program before, I know how it can feel after a day of eating processed or unhealthy foods. For me personally, it's not worth it. I don't even crave the stuff. Feeing quite satisfied with the eating schedule/recipes. I know I've lost a few lbs. - weigh in tomorrow a.m.

    Everyone is doing great. I see accountability and determination from quite a few folks. Keep going! You are on the track and commitment to stay with the program will reap rich rewards. So here's to a new week, with only 11 (after tomorrow) more to go! Good job everyone!

  • I'm starting tomorrow 1/14/2013 . My name is Jenny from Chicago Il. and I need help . I have done challenges in the past however never made it past the 1st week . I'm embarrassed but I have to get honest . I'm ready to begin and would like to check in with good or bad news .  

  • @jennibgetfit Your more than welcome to tag along with this group!

    This program isn't about perfection. If you mess up kick it off and keep going! Make some goals and put them where you can see them every day, several times a day. Make some promises to yourself and just stick with it! You won't regret finishing even if it wasn't perfect. The longer you stay on this program the more it just becomes a way of life.

    Good luck to you!

  • jennibgefit - you aren't alone and what LeeMarie said is correct.  Do the best you can.  I had several starts just like you.  What helped me to finally get through 12 weeks was being active in my transformation while also helping others trying to do the program as well.  You may not think you know much in order to help but but any type of encouragement you can give to someone else will also help you in working your way through 12 weeks.  Good luck!

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Week 1 is done, just knocked out cardio, cooking beans, grilled my chicken and extra lean meat for the week ahead.  Legs tomorrow... I do miss drinking a couple of beers when I get home each day but I give it hell on my free day ;-)

  • kkmayes,

    I baked my protein pancake on a stoneware pan rather than cooking it in the skillet.  I loved the flavor results, and I had one heck of a big pancake.   I baked it at 350 degrees for 15 - 20 minutes.  I did not flip it but added another sprinkle of cinnamon on top.  The outside edges were just a little brown and the center was done and moist throughout.  Because my stone had been seasoned, nothing at all stuck to the pan.

    Hope the cardio went well after.  As far as the pics, just go for it.  You'll feel the power of your success when you look back, plus, think of how inspirational you'll be to future BFL challengers when you prove the successes that go with the program.

  • Week 1 Summary

    I have made a point to set goals and achieve them as I make progress through the challange

    My goals are accordingly:

    1.Will be 100% committed to my goal - done

    2.Will follow my program 100% - done

    3.Will eat the correct portion sizes - done

    4.Will not cheat on my diet - not done

    5.Will not miss a workout - done

    6.Will hit all my 10's - done

    7.Drink enough water - done

    8.Get plenty of rest - not done

    9.Set goals and achieve the every week - done

    10.Will get plent of rest - not done

    11.Will not give up or allow myself to become demotivated - done

    12.I will plan each meal for each week - done

    I've met most of my goals for the week. I am very happy with my progress. I need to work harder and try to achieve each goal every week.

    Day 8

    Went to the gym this morning. Finished my LBWO in 38min. Could not hit my 10's with quads due to someone els being on the machine I wanted to use. the same thing happend when I want to do my last 2 sets of calves. a bit disappointed this means i  need to plan more. I still hate lunges. they real push up my heart rate. hope it become better soon

    So far so good. Looking forward to my next exercise

    Well done to all who met their first week goal.

  • Hi Everyone!  I started on the 7th as well.  This is my first time offically doing the BFL Challange.  In 2004 I did the eating portion only for 2 weeks ( weak sauce, I know) but I did still loose 8 lbs in those two weeks.  My husband and I are both doing this together and we have had   a 100% clean eating week and did all of our workouts!  Yea us!!  We even did a cardio workout today too.  I can't wait to hear about all our journey's as we  go through this together.  How did everyone else's week #1 go?

    "Get'er done"

  • Hey all.

    Week One in the books. Here we go for week 2.

    I did well this week. Did all my cardio and then some.

    Stuck to my eating plan EXACTLY...   :o)

    Did my lifting portions.

    Overall, the soreness is almost gone and I dropped a good amount of weight too.

    I drank enough water every day and stuck to my plan.


    Stay focused!!

  • I made the decision to start on the night of Jan 7 so I'm a day behind but I weighed today after only 5 full days and have lost a little over 3 lbs.  I am super excited and am ready for another week.  In a twisted way, this is sort of fun!  :)