January 7, 2013 Start Date

  • Day 2 Cardio - I'd give myself a 7 but look to do better on Thursday. Stared doing abs, which i usually do after cardio. I still feel like I'm in "warm-up" mode but commit to doing better tomorrow - Legs - luv 'em!

  • Obviously we have a group of very motivated people.  Kudos to all if you.  This program works!!!

  • Sharon ...I love that quote

  • Hello, I am a mom of twins they r 12 now, Am 40 years old and the really need to loose weight, 60 lbs. Can't see to find the 7 week and what to do? Any help would be so appreciated ty


  • Ok,  getting a late start joining the forum, however I did start on time.  I did BFL about 10 years ago and did great with it.  I didn't do so great sticking with it.... years and pounds have piled on.  With a new baby otw in March and the young age of 44,  it's time to get my act together.  Seems like a lot of great people here so let's do it!!

    I'm started at 248 on Jan 1 and 243 Jan 7th.  I'm not entering the challenge but doing the program to a T.  Just got off the phone with a BFL rep reviewing what I'm eating and checking a few things.  I'm right on the money.  I'm lucky that I don't mind eating the same thing over and over again so I can cook a large portion of whatever on Sunday and use it during the week a long with EAS supplements, which I feel are some of the best on the market.

    Hope you all don't mind me joining your party late!!!

  • I feel you. I realized after my Cardio Session this morning just who out off shape I am but not for long ;)

  • Hi I'm 42 and have two year old twins.  It's never too late for anything!! Welcome

  • Hey Ratt40. I relate to you because I always have stopped on week 4-5. However, my first challenge I went all the way up to 10 weeks and lost 35lbs. I know this program works, we just need to be determined and dig deep during week 4 and 5. Lets do this! Good luck to you! Stay focused!

  • I started on Jan. 6 cuz I like my free days on Saturdays. I am staying focused and committed! My eating has been clean and my workouts about an 8. I have done this challenge before but didnt finish it; however, I know it works. I created a vision board for myself on what I desire for myself these next 12 weeks. I have it up and I see it everyday. Good luck you all. Lets stay energized. :)

  • Day 2 done!

    To all who feel they are not at their top potential, don't give up! Remember, it took us awhile to put this weight on, it will take time to get it off, even if that means pacing ourselves in the beginning. We WILL get stronger and be successful at completing our daily workout goals. The key is not to try so hard that you end up injured. Each workout, do a little more than last time, before you know it, you'll be doing them all and on time!

    I did finish this challenge a few years back and went halfway through a second challenge two years back. It works, we have to set and achieve our goals. Logging into this forum each day helps us stay motivated and encourage one another to keep going.

    Thanks to all who participate and share their daily triumphs and tribulations! You ROCK!

  • Question: is there anyway to view this forum with the newest post listed first and the oldest last? I can't seem to find a setting for that.

    Hopefully Helpful Diet Tip: if you are looking for some heathy, easy-to-prepare food (and you are in a service area) try Schwan's (http://www.schwans.com). Here are some of my favorites:

    Chicken Breast Filets - #502- best frozen chicken I have found anywhere. Just cover with barbecue sauce and stick them in the oven.

    Blue Hake Filets - #520 - add some butter and the seasoning that comes with the Tilapia Loins below

    Marinated Salmon - #539 - excellent. If you want to order plain and add your own seasoning - Alaskan Salmon #559

    Tilapia Loins - #578 - tender and most.

    Roasted Sweet Potatoes - #774 - convenient

    Fire Roasted Veggies - #797 - tasty and easy to make (I pick out the onions before baking just because I don't like onions)

    Most of these you can stick in the oven for 30 minutes and they are ready to go - you don't have to cook a week's worth.

    They are a bit on the pricey side but you are paying for the quality and the convenience.

    They also have some great "Free Day" food including pizza, ice cream and desserts.

  • Morning I also started on the 07th

    I'm at  day 3 did not miss a workout and did not cheat on my diet

    I was thinking this morning about the right mind set. Replace words like if with when

    Don't say :"  can't what to see the results if I finished the BFL" rather state :"I will look and feel great once I have finished the challenge"

    Good luck to all

  • Hi everyone. Well day 3 is over!! I woke up this morning headache free -yay. Actually am feeling better already, less bloated, less sluggish. Stuck to food plan today. I find the most challenging time of day to be when I get home around 5pm (this is when I would normally have a drink or two and nibbles)!! I was feeling a bit hungry when I got home so I got straight into my workout which successfully diverted my attention. My LBWO was tough, especially those lunges, I really struggled and could not get through all of them. I am dreading what my legs will feel like in the morning.

    Keep going everyone, before we know it week 1 will be finished:)

  • I'm on day two...so far so good.  Having my big ole glass of water to jump start things.  About to make an egg on whole wheat pita. Good luck to all.

  • Good morning BFL family!

    Welcome to Day 3 of our challenge. @brockstr - thank you for the Schwann recommendations. I am with you!  Today is LBWO - woot woot.  My favorite workout of the week.  Had a rockin' Day 2 even if I didn't hit a 10 on the cardio.  I pushed myself but I have an injured knee that I am always cautious of.  As we go, I will get stronger, the muscles supporting my knee will stengthen and I will be able to hit my 10s during my HIIT workouts.  Ate clean all day, got in all 6 meals, and drank water like a thirsty camel.  I took a jump start on soda and caffeine and booted those both out of my body on January 1st.  Wicked headaches from the first few days of withdrawal but feeling sooooo much better now.  Glad I made that decision.

    @Faith - I am not exactly sure what you are looking for?  Your post says week 7?  I am happy to help with anything that I can just please repost what you need!

    @DL50 - I think that you are spot on!  Rome wasn't built in a day but rather a little piece at a time.  Once it was complete, it was magnificent!  That is what I am aiming for.  

    @Rufus27 - great lesson on chosing positive words to help change your mindset.  I will...

    @Mota - pain is weakness leaving the body - - - I think of that often and embrass the sore.  Means that is lots of weakness leaving my body :-)

    Keep on keeping on gang!  Strive for progress not perfection.  We are in this for the long haul and it will all be so worth it in the end.

    Have a great BFL day!