Started 12/17/12...Anyone else start this week?

  • I am hoping that someone out there started this week also. I am looking for a group to keep each other motivated and to check in with on a daily or weekly basis. If you started this week, please let me know!

  • Hey, microbugs. I started on the 17th as well along w/ my sister her husband  & our mom!! It would be awesome to keep in touch often.I 'm struggling a little already just because its new to me. I used to do some free weight training, but that was about 6 yrs & 2 little kids, ago! My struggle mostly is figuring out how much to lift etc & getting in the rhythm of it so I can get the most out of my workouts. I going to a gym & training both w/ free weights & machines. Also never done anything like registering in this Challenge, so its alittle scary & overwhelming but giving me motivation. Sorry if I'm a bit chatty just get excited to reach out.

  • microbugs, I started this week as well.  gonna be tough with xmas next week, but I am trying to save my free day for the 25th.   been a good first week and I have stuck with the program 100%.  muscles are a little sore, but all in all I am doing ok.