Starting January 1st 2013....Anyone want to join me?

  • Hello everyone.  I am starting my second challenge on January 1st.  I "completed" my first challenge this year, but I feel that I could have done a better job at the end.  Nonetheless, I am looking forward to my second challenge and am looking for anyone who wants to join me, share tips, and give each other words of encouragement along the way.


  • I'm in with you Chris. I tried this back about 8 years ago and lasted a whopping 2 days. This time around I know it will be better because of a WAY different frame of mind.

  • Awesome, nice to meet you Iylesvegas.  LETS DO THIS!!!!  Do you have your goals yet?  I mainly want to reduce my body fat percentage and get lean and tone, but I need to put some real numbers on paper before the 1st.

  • Chris im in!!! Been training on and off for a while now but its the usual few weeks on followed by a few weeks off with no real results. Its time I get my game head on and complete this challenge!!

    I wont be entering the challenge officially as im from the UK but Im doing it for the results!  Lean and tone for summer 2013 or for my stag do in vegas in April 2013 ;-)

  • You to Chris, I did the bod pod last week and I was 24% BF!! I'm like you with what I want to accomplish. Hoping to lose at least 10% in the 12 weeks. Mackers you're training sounds like mine. Glad to have you on board..How old are you guys, I'm 37 and prolly gonna be the old guy...Talk soon...

  • Got you beat lylesvegas, I'm 38.  I just have calipers to measure BF, and I will do that tonight.  I need to order some more Myoplex powder packets before we start.  I used those last time around as a meal replacement. They work great to fill you up and are an easy meal to prepare since we will be having six meals a day.  I ordered mine via amazon last time around as it was cheaper than GNC, but now that amazon has sales tax I will have to see if it is still cheaper.

  • Yes!!!  I would love to do this with someone!  This is my first challenge and I am very excited about it!  I plan to start 12/31 which is a monday.  


  • I am in (although I will start 1/02/13).  Thanks for starting this forum!  You will not believe how much you will rely on it to betcha  through this!  

    I was the 2011 female over 46 champ, but because I will be 49 next month, it has been increasingly hard to shed some pounds. . . So now I'm the 'old fart of the group!

  • Oops to "Getcha" through. . . You betcha!

  • It's gonna be fun watching this snowball get bigger and bigger !! I'm so pumped I think I'll go with my friend tonight on his 3 mile run!! Chris let me know what you're BF is.....bmarks are there any pics of you. I would love to see you're transformation.

  • Bmarks here again.  You can just go to the BFL home page, and there I am.  Just so you know...I look much more like my before pix now - but that's all about to change!  Great analogy with the " snowball!"

  • I am in-  i am excited to get to know some new friends and mutual support for a healthier life


  • Getting close....

  • I was interested in BFL years ago, when it was first started. I need a change. I'm ready to start.

  • hey guys.  I am in too!  I actually started 11/26 and joined a forum but I think everyone fell off bc no one responds to the forum any longer except 1 guy (once in while).  I need support!!!  it is more fun and helps a lot to listen, read and respond to others.  so this is my 5th week and I have lost 10 lbs and 7.5 inches!!  super excited to join this group and to keep focused and on track.  love this program and it is working!!!  good luck to everyone!!!