Am I doing it right??

  • Debbie: Thanks so much! That HAS helped! I must say though, either way, I'm still pretty sore haha, so I must be doing something right even if it is not exactly the correct thing.

  • Big Red Dee,

    You don't need machines.  Many of us work out at home with free weights.  But you do need a variety of weights.  If you have Craig's List in your area, you can buy free weights at half the price.  We have gotten weight racks, weight bench, free weights - all in fine condition, for little money.  

    The key is to use the pyramid as it is outlined on the workout sheet, increasing your weight as you decrease the number of reps, then back up to 12 reps for the last two sets, as Michelle outlined.  

    Just  buy some used free weights and keep up the great work!  Why work out for six hours a week doing weights (2 hours x 3 weight training workouts per week, when you could get the same effect in less than 3 hours per week?  Then just add the three 20 minute cardio HIIT sessions, and voila, less than, or around 4 hours of workouts per week!

    Keep up the great work!  We are here to support you.



  • Julie: Thanks for the advice, and the encouragement!!!

  • As a college student, a lot of schools have a gym you can access. I work for a college, and we have a small gym that students, faculty, and staff can use. Also, I workout at the YMCA, and you can apply for a scholarship.

    Just a thought.


  • Big Red Dee,

    Go to and find lots of different exercises with dumbbells (as well as barbells, machines) for variety.  Just a thought!  Julie

  • BigTony: Thats awesome!! My fiance' and I live about 10 minutes from the YMCA by us (I don't know how many there are, if there even is more than 1). I would go there, but as I said, money is tight and I enjoy working out in the comfort of my home. I'm not sure if there is a gym at the college I attend, but I'm pretty sure they have one. I'll look into that. Thanks!

    Julie: Thanks hun, I'm going to check that out ASAP!!


  • You might look into any second hand sports stores in your area.  Here we have a place called Play it Again Sports where you can sell your old equipment and they resell it cheap.  I picked up all my dumbells there for $80.  I got 8lb, 10lb, 12lb, 15lb, 20lb & 25lb.   They also have benches you can pick up cheap.   I did the first 8 weeks with just dumbells and a bench.    I recently picked up a nice home gym on craigslist for $200.   It looks brand new and gave me more options.  Just keep your eyes open!   Garage Sales are also full of dusty exercise equipment such as treadmills and ellipticals :)

  • Yes! That is totally true. We, always look on craigslist, so I'm going to have my fiance' look some stuff up for me, he's always on there anyways haha. I' m not sure if we have any second hand sports stores here, but it won't hurt to do some research and see if I'm missing out on a store like that.

  • BigRedDee one of the best things about BFL is that it's efficient and you'll get the biggest bang for your workout buck.  You should be working toward getting your UBWO 46-50 mins and the lower to 55-60 mins.  You are going to do just fine.

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