Question regarding oatmeal

  • ok my BFL friends help  - there are mornings when i cant make regular oatmeal, so i have to go to the instant - i found Oat fit with flax here is the nutrition facts

    is this an ok choice?

    1/2 cup serving (one pouch)

     cals 100,

    fat 2grams,

    sodium 220 mg,

    sugars 0,

    dietary fiber 3 grams

    , total carb 18g,

     protein 4g   

  • Are you mixing in protein powder with your oatmeal? If not, you need a source of protein to make it a complete meal. I use some variation of Whey protein from Sam's club.

  • skbt the nutrition that looks fine to me.

    The only thing I would comment on is the portion size. If a 1/2 cup size is the same size as your clenched fist, then thats fine.

    For me, my clenched fist is the same size as a full cup, so I have a full cup of oats for breakfast,

    Also, don't forget your "palm sized" protein portion like Linsey points out :-)

  • Oatmeal is one of many foods that can't easily and reasonably be done by palm/fist, or in this case, fist.  Go by grams of carbs.  At 150 pounds, your portion should be about 25 grams fo carb.  If higher, more, etc.  I wouldn't worry about being a tad low, but if your portion is a 1/2 cup and you have a full, then that's a huge difference. 

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  • ok thanks - i usually microwave some eggs with it or take a hard boil egg as my extra protein. not quite use to that protein powder/whey taste but i am trying ha ha - thanks for all the info you guys