Confused about the workout plan???

  • I'm my third day into the program, but I'am terribly confused about the workout weight training regimen. I'am also following the Lean Body Challenge eating plan because it goes in depth about portion size, and how to combine various foods. Anyway I began the first day with the upper body portion as it states to do and I started it it like this

    Chest: Bench Press

    Set1: 20lbX 12 Reps

    Set2: 20lbX 10 Reps

    Set3: 20lbX 8 Reps

    Set4: 20lbX 6 Reps

    Set5: 20lbX 12 Reps

    Then my understanding is you preform an exercise that correlates with it and do 1 set of 12 reps. My question is do you keep repeating the same workout routine for several weeks preforming the same exercises or just this week and choose different workouts next week for your chest and so on? Also what if I cannot increase the weight on each set, I'm sooo week when it comes to muscle building, That's not my realm, I'm a marathon runner and I'm only about 85 pounds. My goal is to get lean and strong, what is the best supplement for me to take to drastically improve my body composition? I'm currently taking Pre-alkayan a creatine pill. Skeptical about whey protein powder as well it seems just to be a weight gainer, does anyone know of a high protein whey powder but that is low calorie???

  • Greetings: I also am a runner (working toward a half marathon in the fall) and a BFLer.  Bottom line is what is your goal? If want those marathon times to drop then your non-weight days are going to be your "energy focus". If putting on some weight is your goal then the focus will be on the weight days. Right now running 40-60 miles a week is not condusive to improving body composition as everything you eat is being used to power the running. Your sets and weights are fine. You are moving and that is the most important thing.

  • The idea is to keep challenging yourself. I see that you used 20lbs weight. Try working the weight poundage up, example:

    12 reps x20 #

    10 reps x 25 #

    8 reps x 30 #

    6 reps x 35 #

    (if you are already comfortable with 20 # weight. If not, maybe start at 10 or 15)

    Then do your HIIT with maybe 25 or 30 # 12 times, then drop the weight down maybe to 20, then do 12 reps again to really pick up the burn.

    Remember to rest 1 min between each rep series.

    Stacy Lynn

  • Sorry- for your IIT, you can do a set of 12 with a weight you choose, then yes, do something that correlates with the same muscle group for 12 reps.

    Stacy Lynn

  • 2290, Do you have the BFL book? If not, I suggest you get ahold of one as it explains how the wt. program/lifting works. The idea is to gradually increase your wt as the reps decrease like Stacy mentioned.

    On the muscle building, you say you want to get lean and strong so you are, in my opinion, going to have to build muscle which essentially is going to be a wt gainer.

    I use the Myoplex Lite shake, it has 180 cal. with I believe 23g protein and 19 carbs. Maybe Betagen would be a good supp for you to take, it has creatine in it...

    Hope this helps a bit...

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • 2290;

    There is another thread on the Getting Started section called "Am I doing this Right?"  You might want to check that out.  We were trying to help another BFLer out with the correct way to do the weight workouts.

    Good luck!