Four Weeks in, what I have learned

    • A flight of stairs is a trip to hell, especially after that first lower body work out
    • Routine is king.  Once you get a groove on, it is near impossible to talk yourself out of a workout.
    • Cooking your own food is incredibly rewarding, and opens up a whole new taste sensation
    • Stocking a pantry does get pricey, I have 4 different vinegars, 4 oils, 5 sauces....from literally just a ketchup bottle
    • Planning meals is key.  Having everything you need to eat that day will stop you going out filling in the blanks with cafe food.
    • Width is more important that weight.  After 4 weeks my weight has barely changed, however I have lost several cm around my waist, which is the most important thing
    • I will never stop loving bacon.  But having it just once a week makes it all the more delicious.
    • If you give in, don't give up.  Sometimes you succumb, eat more than you should, or don't go to the gym.  Just do better the next day.  I ALWAYS used a fail day to reset.  Might have eaten candy on a Thursday  so then "I will start again on Monday, might as well live the high life until then, MCDONALDS"  
    • Depression is a *** to work around.  Especially doing weights.  But still, a crappy workout is better than no workout at all.
    • There is still a lot of work to do.  While I gave a little skip at losing 6cm, pants are still tight around the stomach and it still spills over when I sit down.  No time to get complacent now
    Add your own :)
  • Well said MrCynical.  Here are a couple

    *Cardio is a b#$*# after leg day

    *Think of it as 12 one week challenges.  Try to do your best each week.

    *Find a picture of the body you want in the long run.  Print it off and look at it each day.  Also make a mental note so you can have something to think of while exercising.

    *Have healthy go to snacks in the fridge to avoid eating junk