Which book to use?

  • I want to start this program after I read the proper book ...

    I was given the "Body for Life for WOMEN"  is that OK to use or do I need to purchase the original "Body for Life"  book?

    Does the book for women cover all the information I'll need to successfully complete the program?

    I also have the BFL "Success Journal" and the "Eating for Life cookbook".

    Thank you for your time.

    Pinky B

  • Hi Pinky!

    Welcome.  Use the original Body for Life.  BFL for women is an okay resource for some things, but it's not the same and nor is it endorsed by Bill Phillips, author and creator of BFL. 

    Eating for Life is by Bill Phillips, but arguably more for maintenance.  I use it from time to time and it at very least gives good substitution ideas and how to go about cooking things more healthfully. 

    I LOVE the BFL Success Journal.  It's a great resource!  It follows the original Body for Life book. 


    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • Greetings PinkyB:  

    I compared both boths at the store, almost word for word and I preferred the B4L4W because there was a lot of information about the female body in it that was not in the Bell Phillips' book.  B4L4W also has a better since of humor than Bill Phillips', perhaps because he does not have a female body and therefore cannot relate to what the female body goes thru and feels like. The male body and the female body are NOT the same! Not the same muscle reaction/response, not the same metabolism, not the same anything. The only people who say opposite are males.

  • Greetings PinkyB:   I used the original BFL book during my Challenge and I can say that it was very helpful during the 12 weeks for me.  I have also used two (soon to be three next year) BFL Success Challenge Journals and they help to keep me on track and to learn and record during my 12 weeks as well. A great inspiration and resource and can be found on many of the e sites at a great deal too!

  • The Body for Life for Women book really doesn't have results to review and weigh.  (pun intended)

    ALL of the before and after pictures in BFL4W are from BFL. 

    It's a decent resource, but what turned me against it is ironically what turned so many towards.  She claims that a woman can only keep to it about 80% of the time because of hormones and such.  That is complete crap and insulting.  There are countless women who keep to it, using just 1 moderate free day per week and get amazing results following the traditional BFL program. 

    I do like her additional information about food and such.  Much of the fat information is outdated.  We know a lot more about fats now than we did 10 years ago. 

    Bill Phillips never claimed the male and female bodies were the same, but instead claimed that both genders can follow the same nutrition and exercise plan, as proportionate and appropriate to that person.  He remains correct about this. 

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!