Starting 11/12/12 - Who Wants To Join In And Keep One Another On Track?

  • Hello everyone,

    I am starting my Body For Life challenge tomorrow November 12th 2012.

    I thought it would be great to get a group of people together who are starting around the same time.  We could help keep each other on track and offer support.

    I am a 36 y.o.male who needs to get back in shape.  I have about 15 pounds of fat to lose.  I am also using this to help fight my addictions to alcohol, nicottine, fast food and others.

    I would love to have you join me in the challenge.



  • i decided to restart again today for the almost 3rd time. I just cant keep on it so having support would be nice

  • Hey Mell,

    I think this is my third time trying to complete it too.  I feel like I am ready to get it done this time.  The longest I have stuck with any program is when I did p90x.  I stayed with it for six weeks then came down with the flu and never started again.

    I did my first UBWO today.

    It went pretty good but I think the next one will be better now that I know what weights to go with.

    Ate good today and made the enchiladas out of the Eating For Life book.  They were awesome.  I also made the cheesecake... Getting ready to try that out.

    How was your day?


  • hi!

    Im glad it went well! My day was alright. I went to the gym for the first time in a week (i hurt my knee) to do UB and it was hard not going to lie. I also went at a time Im unfamiliar with and it made me a little uncomfortable but I still got it done!

    my eating was ok..a little off because I had a friends birthday dinner to go to but it wasnt as bad as it coulda been. Today Im ready with healthy food just hoping to get a bit more creative in the future.

    Im in medical school so my schedule is pretty hectic. So Im going to start bulk cooking I think. I also dont think Im going to do cardio today because of my knee, so im going to make sure to eat extra healthy.

    I hope your day goes well!

  • I will be starting on the 13th. I am also 36 and have about 45 pounds to lose. Would love to share my experience with you guys. Good Luck

  • sounds great!

  • I'm in.  I am 42 yr old female with 50 lbs to lose.  I completed a 12 week program once but it was years ago.  I know I will need support to accomplish it again.  I just stopped here to look for some of the forms and here you all were.  :-)  It will be tough because I haven't planned ahead (gotten the right foods, etc.) but I still may as well jump right in on this and I can do it even if it's tough.  There's always an excuse if I'm looking for one!  THANKS for starting us off!

    Brian, what an awesome way to attack those addictions!  Kudos to you!

  • great to have you here! hopefully we can all help each other because its gonna be tough!

  • Hey guys welcome to the group.

    Mel I bet your schedule is crazy.  I don't know how you find the time.  Good for you.  Glad you got your UBWO done.  How did you hurt your knee?

    FattyFattyDumDum, you are going to have to give us your name or nickname, lol.  I feel strange calling you that.  How did your first day go?

    WM - Glad you found us.  Did you complete the BFL program or another one?

    Today I did 30 min on the elliptical and worked up a pretty good sweat.  I already feel like I have more energy.  This is probably due to what I am eating more than the exercise at this point.  

    I woke up pretty sore this morning but honestly I kind of enjoy that feeling.  It lets me know I accomplished something yesterday.

    Looking forward to more healthy eating and a good LBWO tomorrow.


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  • haha ya time is hard to come by but no time like the present! I cant expect to treat patients and have them listen to me if i dont practice what i preach!

    I was trying to catch a computer from falling after i tripped on the cord and my knee was planted forward while my body twisted back. no fun. So im just going to stick with upper body for a while until it gets better.

    today was hard eating wise because i barely slept last night so all i was craving was junk food. I gave in to a few sour gummies but it could have been worse!

    Im getting in my UB tomorrow morning so I feel better about it.

    Brian sounds like everything is going well so far! So glad to hear it! :)

  • Hey all I am 45 and my best friend turned me onto this site.  He is helping me a lot with leaning how to exercise and eat right.  My sole supporter and fan club he is; thanks :) .   I think it would be awesome to have others to cheer on and give back to as well as get support from.

    I have lost about 25 lbs this year and would like to loose about 20 more.  I need to tone up and shape up!  

  • babyjean congratz on the 25 pound loss.  I am sure you will have that other 20 off in no time.

    I had a pretty good LBWO today.  The gym was empty when I got there but quickly filled up, lol.

    How is everyone else getting along?

  • Love it when excited people get started and wanted to chime in to give some helpful tips... you may also find additional helpful tips on the thread "What it takes to do BFL...for anyone who needs help". The following was the opening entry on that thread:

    So, you have made your mind to change your lifestyle. Good choice! But who said the road was going to be easy? If everything in life was easy we would never feel the sense of accomplishment. We would never feel like conquerers. Think about it. You would never grow past your comfort zone. The EASY part is getting started. But too many throw in the towel after week one or two. But it is not just because this program is hard. I am writing with much affection towards any who need motivation to keep going.

    I especially want to encourage our friends going through Challenge 1. Ask yourself WHY you are doing this. Hopefully you are sick and tired of where you are. Because if you aren't sick and tired enough, this will be too hard to do. Put the two on a scale: Your current situation (maybe poor health, maybe unfit, maybe weight gain) and on the other side the discipline it takes to change your lifestyle. Which weighs heavier to you that you can not bear it any longer? Hopefully it is harder to stay where you are at. Because if you are still content with where you are at physically, this program WILL be too hard to bear any longer. Yes, it is hard to change the way we eat and hard to work out and hard to be disciplined. But like a friend put it: "What is the alternative"? Continue with heart problems? Continue to be tired and unfit? Continue to be going up in weight? But I noticed from experience in my career in sales that most people want to start this new career because they want the outcome! They heard about the great results and read other people's success stories and they want it! But they expected it to be easy. When they hit a bump in the road, they give up. Ask yourself, are you a quitter? NO, you are NOT!  You may have given up on other things before in life. You may have set New Year resolutions every year and forgot about them the second week of January. But today you can change your MINDSET. This IS about mindset. And we have to put aside the quitter mindset.

    This is about attitude. It is about a "never give up" attitude. It's about having a positive attitude.  It's takes discipline. It's takes digging deep to bring out something you didn't know was inside of you. It's about climbing. It's about conquering the difficulties that have kept you down. You can't do this without accountability. You also need an extra dose of "being mad at...." (fill in the blanks, but not mad at someone else. I mean a circumstance). It takes determination! It takes competing with your own best record. Maybe I am competitive anyway, but in competition we have to be able to compete with ourselves. Beat our best continually otherwise there is NO growth. Who cares where others are at. Good for them, but where are we at? Are we growing? So, anyway... I felt like preaching and hugging on some today. It's not about screaming "lets do thiiiiis" or "I decided to start todaaaaaaay" etc. Rather, scream all the way to the gym and actually GET IT DONE! I have some friends including me that have had set backs during C1. Either little results or injuries or other difficulties. BUT THEY DID IT ANYWAY and have moved on to Challenge 2, 3, 4. And so can YOU! Get the attitude together and kick some rear today!

    We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us - Efe 4:13.  We are more then conquerors through Him who loved us  - Rom 8:37    Feel the loving hug.


  • Anybody can suggest me how to start this program? What should I do?

  • ljyee,

    The best way to get started would be grab the Body For Life book.  

    You can get it on amazon pretty cheap.  The book will explain everything you need to know.  There is also a lot of good information on this site.


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