29/f Santa Rosa, CA started Fri 10/26. Any SF Bay area people?

  • Hi All- 

    My dad did this challenge 10 years ago and was second up in his age group.  His results were impressive. 

    I'm ready to do the same thing for myself.  I'm 5'7" and about a size 12.  


    - Lose 25 pounds of fat (yeup, I'm doing it)

    - Gain 9 pounds of muscle.  I'm doing that too...

    - Feel happy, joyful, get up daily at 6am and look and feel fabulous,

    - I'm doing this for me.  And my inner passion feels intense.  Who is with me?

    This is my first forum post so I don't know what to expect in terms of replies...but I thought it would be great to get a support team together where we could talk about workouts and Skype or phone chat as needed for encouragement!!  Better yet, if there are people in the area, it be fun to all get together every two weeks in person and talk over strategy as we refine our programs.

  • Hi!  I live in the south bay (Sunnyvale) and I started my first BFL challenge on Oct1.  I'm starting to see results, but it's going to take a lot of work to get to where I want to get.  I started at 280, and am down to ~265 at the end of week4.  I was loosing weight fast, but hit a plateau the past 12 days, so I'm trying to fine tune my diet (I don't think I was eating enough calories, as I was only doing ~ 500-600 per day).  My goal is to get under 200 and then reassess where I'm at and where to go from there.  

    I've found the forums here to be a great source of motivation and encouragement,  when I start to hit low points I come here and pick myself back up and push forward!  

    Welcome aboard, and best of luck!  

  • How are you going?  I started the 24th and I am off and on.  Definitely not putting out effort that I can be prouder of.  but trying and hanging in there.


    Giving love to oneself one day at a time.