How on earth do you guys do it?

  • I'm always reading and being told by people that once you've worked out for a while, you sort of get "addicted" to it, and look forward to your daily workout. I have never found this to be the case for me. I find working out to be painful, exhausting and very time consuming. Another part of what makes it so hard for me to continue from the 2 weeks of  BFL that I've done so far, is that throughout a couple years of on and off working out following routines from different websites and DVDs, I've never seen any physical improvement at all. At this point deep down inside (as cheesy as that sounds) I honestly don't believe that I will ever have the body I want. I know that isn't true though. I am only 19 and just have a bit of a gut, I don't have a ton of weight to loose and have lots of time to do so, but the past two years haven't seen any changes, and I just don't think I will ever see the fat loss or muscle gain that I want to.

    I would love to be able to start out this early in life feeling confident about my body. I know this isn't impossible, but how do I get from here to there?


  • Buddy, call the 1-800 number for some support...YOU can do this!!  If a 90 yr. old woman can do it so can you.  I think its about putting it into perspective, do what you can and challenge yourself as you go.  Your workout doesn't need to be a professional body builders workout.  And most important, you have to already be able to see yourself there.  

  • For many years, I felt very similar to how you describe your feelings.  I thought I wanted to make changes and to look and feel better about myself.  I'd go to the gym, change the way I ate, cut back on "whatever", and so on and so on... never getting any real or long lasting results.  I thought people who claimed to be addicted to working out were nuts or had something in them that I just didn't have.  All of that changed when I realized my desire to change wasn't a TRUE desire at all.  The changes came when I REALLY decided I wanted to change and was going to do whatever I had to in order to get there.  I made sacrafices I wasn't willing to make before, I pushed harder than ever before, I had hard conversations with myself, visualized my goals, and held myself accountable because I was the only one who really could.  I've been asked so many times since I went through this transformation, "what is your secret?"and "how did you stay motivated" I have tried repeatedly to figure out the answer to those questions.  The only real answer I can come up with is, I truly wanted it and you either do it or you don't.  You have to give it your full attention and when your mind tries to trick you into quitting then you tell it to shut up!  You say yes when you want to say no and you say no when you want to say yes.  Sadly, some of us have to work harder than others but if we want to see change, we have to do the work.  It took me 6 months to undo 10 years and it was worth every second.  I am not one who "Loves" to work out.  I do love the way I look compared to 70 lbs ago but even better, I love the way I feel, which is why working out and eating right is addicting for me.  The alternative is, be happy with where you are and accept where you're at because there is no easy way.

    Good luck!!

  • Bang on Heavy!  You have to really want to change.  And whatever workout/diet you try you have to give it your all for a length of time.  BFL is a 12 week challenge - if you do not commit to 12 weeks, there is no way you will see the results you mentally picture.  Call the 1-800 number and get advice.

  • Thanks guys, I really appreciate your response Heavy.  To be honest even with all the effort I've been putting into this for the past while, I know I could probably be putting more into it. The food I've been eating (when I actually eat 3 meals a day) consists mainly of wraps that are probably more like something from McDonald's compared to anything I'm sure you would eat. One resource I should really be taking advantage of is that my parents are very health conscious about their meals. I've sort of known for a while that I would most likely be more successful If I just dove right in and started eating the same food as they are. Tonight for the first time I ate the same sort of wrap as they do, and without going into a lot of detail, I wasn't something I enjoying eating at all, but I suppose that's what you meant when you said you had to make sacrifices you weren't willing to make before. Aside from that I guess I just keep pushing harder at the weight training, like you said you either do this or you don't, it will take some sacrifice and there is no easy way to do it.

  • Very well said.  Thanks for your honesty.  It's very motivating.  I copy/pasted your words into a Word document and will refer to it as I progress.

  • Dwarfed, you are at an ideal time to do it.  I could have had a LOT more sex in my twenties if I hadn't yo yo dieted so much and basically just blown up for years at a time.

    But I definitely hear what you are saying about not getting addicted to the gym, given the choice between doing weights, or playing warcraft, it would be warcraft each and every time.  However, if I want to live the life I want, I have to do this, just like I have to go to work to earn money.

    That is how I see it, it is part of my routine now, if I want to make money, I do my job, if I want to have abs, I go to the gym.  

    Secondly, prepare your meals!  That has been the absolute key for me, if I bring everything I need to eat that day to work, then I don't go out to cafes and get tempted.  

  • Sorry, I haven't checked here in a while, but I'm glad someone else responded to my post. I've actually spent a fair amount of time over the weekend thinking more about my current physical situation and of how much I'd like to reverse it. I think of all the things in my life that I have the ability to change, my fitness is probably the one that I'd like most to be able to. Over the last month or so since I first posted here I have stopped working out completely, which I'm sure anyone who read that first post probably saw coming, but for the most part I am still eating healthy (though I'm sure that will change for the holidays).

    Cynical you make a lot of good points, I've thought this whole time like you said that I am at the Ideal point in my life to be doing this, I haven't lived long enough to completely fall apart yet so there really isn't a whole lot of ground I need to cover to get in shape. I'm certainly with you on the gaming thing, much as I love it I could probably benefit from doing less of that and more of just about anything else. I guess more than anything though I've come to see what you mean by saying that If I want results I need to work out. I suppose If I really want results, I'll need to put in the hours and push through it until it's done, just like any real job.

    Anyways hopefully I can get things moving a little more permanently again as far as working out goes, if not now maybe after the holidays are over.

  • Dwarfed,

    Please do not give up.  Many, many times I started BFL and did not finish.  Many times!  I'm currently on my 9th week.  I am spot on this time.  The biggest factor for me between all of those other times and this time is DESIRE.  The choice was made for no one but myself.  I wanted to be happy and healthy in the body where I live.  TheHeavy was dead on with his response.  You will get out of it what you put into it.  I believe you can do this if you truly desire to change.  Believe in yourself, you are worth it.  If you can teach yourself how to feed yourself nutritional food it will help tremendously. is a good resource for following your nutritional intake.  It may not be 100% accurate, but it really lets you see about the stuff you are putting into your body.  It made a world of difference for me.'s FREE.  Yay!  Once you start to see changes in your body it will propel you forward because you will want to see more changes.  YOU CAN DO IT!


  • Hey Dwarfed,

    I just wanted to chime in here quickly and share what has been happening with me which might help you.  About 40 pounds ago I decided something which has changed how I see my fineness efforts. I was 26 then and looking back saw  how hard on myself I had been. I was always thinking I had do the perfect routine, eat the perfect way etc. Thing was I never actually did any of it for very long. I decided that no matter what rather then be committed to the best results or to losing weight I was committed to the process. That this health thing was going to be a part of the rest of my life. MY yoyoing has stopped and I have been holding at a loss of 4 sizes for the past year. If I stop working out it is only until I figure out how to get back in there, if I cheat I look at what lead to it, forgive myself and move on to the next moment that I am in.  At one point I stopped for 5 weeks gained a size and figured it out and got back at it . It takes time to get there but keep it up, focus on the process and little highly achievable goals like drinking more water, or if you are not working out now just getting dressed in your workout clothes and standing around awhile ( that sounds dumb but that worked for me!)