Starting a Body for Life Challenge in November...Will I be able to enter a 2013 Challenge?

  • Hi there!

    Getting prepared to start my first Body for Life Challenge, but realized I won't be able to finish in time for 2012.

    I don't want this to stop me, however! Does anyone know if I can do it and submit it for the first 2013 challenge?



  • I was wondering the same thing.  I filled out the challange papers anyway.  I guess they can put us in a catagory when next years comes up?  I am starting the 29th, so I am with you in that gap there.  

  • inkymama & Merianne,

    The last day to start for the 2012 Challenge was August 27th, but you both will be eligable for the first round in 2013! Feel free to start when you both are ready and let us know if you have any questions.

    ~Tiffany, the BFL Team