Question about calorie count

  • I know that with the body-for-life challenge you are supposed to just focus on portions and not calorie counting. However, after looking back at what I was eating for the past week, my first week on the challenge, I am a little concerned so want to make sure I am on the right track. I am eating healthy meals which leads to low calories.

    I am a male and after my 6 meals I am probably averaging about 1200 calories per day. Each meal usually has about 25 carbs and 10-15 grams of protein.

    I had always heard that eating too few calories can sabotage your weight loss because your metabolism will adjust and slow down.

    Am I doing ok or missing something?

    Thanks for helpful advice.

  • rgt1175,

    1200 calories sounds low to me, unless you're much shorter than average.  Are you doing the fist-size carbs / palm-size protein part of the nutrition guidelines?  Also, you should take in at least 1 g. of protein for each lb. of body weight you currently carry.  Your concern is valid - the body will go into ketosis, a state in which it fights starvation, and your metabolic rate will decline to the point you will negatively affect your ability to do the weights and cardio.  You would be better off to eat more if that is what is happening.  If you haven't already, I would recommend you carefully read the BFL book(s) for they address this subject well.

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  • I agree with Jacium. That amount sounds too low for you.  You say you are eating about 25 carbs & 10-15 grams of protein; you should try to even those out and eat a close to equal amount of both for all meals.  Also make sure you are getting a bit of good fats in there.  If you make sure to get your complex carbs in there, that will bring your calorie amounts up.  

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  • If you are really only consuming 1200 cals per day, that would mean only 200 cals per meal, which is really small.  I am a 5"3" female and that is way too little for me.  Of course everyone is different..

    I have a petite frame and if I took a fist/palm size of oatmeal, that would be equivalent to roughly 3/4 cup oats (over 120 cals) and 4oz chicken (over 150 cals), and so that would make a meal of roughly 270 cals.  And with these portions I am still decreasing in size....