Partners wanted. starting 10/15/12. support group.

  • Hi Group.  Today was a great day and tomorrow will be better.  I actually took advice from this site.  I did my workout at 7:45pm.  I did upper and omg.  I am taking it day by day.

    Giving love to oneself one day at a time. 


  • I haven't been on in awhile, life is crazy at times!! Thanksgiving week I too fell off the wagon..the food was just so good, then had a feast at work, but only gained .5 pds which made me sad, trying so hard, I tried some turkey bacon, it was actually good, I try to do tao bo, wii fit, pliates, use resistance bands, hand weights, I can get out 5 days of the week to exercise, my job has me at different (earlier) on saturday, but I feel I should be losing more, anyone else feel that way?

  • Hi Simone - you remember the stupid (but funny) movie "The Waterboy"?  Well if you do, remember the now famous words of Rob Schneider "You Can Do It" !!!  


    Here's how I stay motivated, but I must admit I have it easier than most of you - I sit in front of a computer all day, and I have from @ 4pm 'til bedtime for myself (and my wife).  I have something I REALLY like 3 times per day. I know that flies into the face of the program, but in the morning I have @ TWO ounces of OJ - can't do without it.  After lunch, I have ONE Dove Dark Chocolate Promise (the little ones), and every evening before dinner I have ONE beer.  Drinking has always been a serious problem for me, but I find if I work hard, I really don't want any more than one beer..  This is down from a 9 beer per day minimum.  Also, I get the beer from a retailer who has beers from all over the world - I get a 6-pack variety every week. But - that's just me and likely has no bearing on you............ >> The other thing I do which also flies in the face of the Program is I weight EVERY DAY.  I have endure the same weight 2-3 days in a row sometimes, and sometimes just a little weight gain.  But to see the # on the scales fall is exhilarating!!  (I also Journal EVERY day).  Please see my previous post.  


    Psychcjs: Proof positive the Program works.  You're out there having at it, and 2 weeks later, you weigh the same....  Your body has become a more efficient machine from all the work you put in before...  Off the wagon for much more than 2 weeks, though...  I did that the latter part of the summer - the weight ws slow to add up at first, but when it did come back it came back fast...  


    Stay with us!

  • I'm definitely still here. This week killed me. Who knew you could get out of shape so fast? But I am back on the wagon. I have been cleared by my surgical team to get back to my rigorous workouts. I've been doing tae bo on low impact all week. The plan going forward is to do jackie warners body circuit training in triplicate for each body part. I find it more motivating/easier to follow someone. And doing the sections in triplicate while increasing weights with each segment gives me more of a burn the next day. I did this my last week before this last surgery and actually saw the fat on my stomach start to cut and noticed my thighs weren't hanging as low. My non scale victory has been showering. I can shower completely without using the wall to turn. I can reach EVERYTHING. I know that's TMI but it excites the hell outta me. Have a good week guys. It feels good to be back on track.

    I once had faith in the surgery, I now have faith in me.