Started Oct 7th

  • Thought I start a thread to share my 12 week experience as it happens. Hoping some others who have started around this time will jump in as well.


    Got the 1st week just about in the books. All workouts and meals completed except for my last three meals for today. I tried to take it easy on my workouts and make sure I was using good form but still managed to get pretty sore. Guess I am really out of shape. The strangest thing is my calves muscles seemed to take the worst. At the start of the week I had some bad headaches and felt sleepy most of the day. Think I may have to tick that up to not having my normal 3 or 4 cups of coffee every day. Feeling much better at the tail end of the week. Glad I didn’t let feeling like crap derail my challenge before it even got started.  Looking forward to a day off and jumping back on the wagon next week.

  • I to was sore as hell.  It didn't help that after the first workout I did the Elliptical on y second day and the pushing and pulling just killed me.  I couldn't raise phone phone to my ear.  I'm in my second week and hitting it pretty hard without the soreness.  Good luck to you.