on the right track

  • So this may sound a little cliche but I believe I am on the right track. I am on day 2, I know still a baby, but have dropped 4 lbs, feel so much better about what I am eating and have a new outlook on my life. I am a successful husband, father and RN. I have worked very hard to get where I am at and during that time allowed my health and weight to explode. My kids are grown and living their own lives, my wife and I are trying to live healthier and drop the weight we have accumulated over the years. I think before I dump something into my gullet and am more conscious to drink water instead of my very favorite Dr. Pepper. Even Diet Dr. Pepper was a bad thing. I do add the mio to my water because to be honest, water can get pretty boring. I am and will always be a coffee junkie, I am an ER nurse its how we roll. My trips to the gym or more beneficial these days because I pay attention to what I am doing and not who is paying attention. I am 45 and it has taken many years to get to my whopping 292, oh wait 288 lbs :-) It will take awhile to drop the weight and tone up, I understand that and am willing to take this challenge and ride this roller coaster. What a ride it will be,,,,,,,,take care all, Steve

  • Steve, that is great.  Keep your positive attitude through the entire challenge and you will rock it.  I started out at 297 and I am down to about 280 in 6 weeks.  However, I am seeing more results in my clothing that on the scale.  Good luck and keep pushing forward.

  • to be honest it isn't the weight as much as the inches. I have to drop these inches fo sho. Thanks, Steve

  • you sound funny, Steve. I had to chuckle. Keep up the good work. As you can see in many of the pix, this works! So, hang in there. I am starting my final week tomorrow Monday. It is a lifestyle change. Over time you will continue to grow a menu full of fun items, even desserts. Just found a rocking Protein Parfait last week and it was yummy! I agree with you ... water is so boring to drink so I use the mio too. But I try to drink it plain too. I got better, but 8 glasses a day is pushing it. Go get' em.