Numbers - Confused

  • My wife and I just started the BFL challenge today.  We are off to a good start (it's only been a few hours so I would hope we have't failed) but I have some questions.  I'm pretty active (cycling and triathlons) so I have been eating somewhat healthy for a while (not completely) and my weight has been pretty consistent.  I'm looking to lean out though and put on a bit of muscle, so lean and tone is my goal.  My wife's is probably about the same but with a little more fat loss and not wanting as much definition as I want.

    Anyway, here's our problem.  1) she's used to the typical starvation diet mindset of watching calories and carbs.  2) I'm an engineer so I am VERY numbers driven.  I get the 1 portion of protein and one of carbs in each meal but I don't know sort of numbers to shoot for.

    So I guess we are both a bit numbers driven.  I tell her this isn't a diet so much as it is a healthy living plan with exercise to lose weight, but I'd still like to have a general idea how much protein and carbs and how to figure out where we should both be hitting on daily calorie intake.  I've always struggled putting on lean mass by not fueling properly.

    Thanks in advance.


  • The best way to figure that out is to take your weight and divide it by 6. Eat that many grams of protein and carbs in each meal. Your calories should work out to approx your weight times 10.

    Good luck on your journey,


  • Taxx, your question is pretty much the same as another person earlier today. I just posted there too and then saw yours so I will copy and paste... Tamara40, there is a specific App for that. It's called MyFitnessPal. Also found at Since I got on there my meal planning has changed completely and now I know how much I need to take in daily and shoot to hit those. You put in your data and goals and it tells you how much you should be taking in, but you can also set it to your own individual goals manually and everyday as you put in your planned meals it tells you at what percentage you are on a pie chart and tell you if under or over. I LOVE IT!!!! Frick has different goals then me for example. Each person sets their own goal if losing weight or building muscle. I try to keep my carb/protein/fat intake at 40-40-20. Should you decide to get on, feel free to add me. Same username SorayaRosaria. It works same like Facebook too. You can post or comment on other people's posts and see each others meals and learn from each other. Great support system for people doing the same challenge. Several of us are on there.


  • Yeah I have been using MFP for a year or so.  It's just hard to guestimate with it and really appreciate where I should be.  Though it's a good starting point.


  • Try 1.25 grams of protein for every lb of LEAN body mass and back into the rest of the numbers.

    as a fellow engineer, you may appreciate the formula for total calories backed in from the protein

    LBM = (1- Body Fat %)x weight

    (Total calories consumed - calories burned in workouts)=(+fat grams*9+carbs*4+(1.25*LBM*4)

    Look up basal metablolic rates to find out what your sedentary intake should be.  This should be the value on the left side of the equation.

    I have a spreadsheet on all of this if you want to take a look, but MFP probably is a good starting point

  • I use the diet and calorie tracker by sparkpeople, it includes food and exercise.  If you are truely a numbers person check out  He goes onto the body for life program in great detail.