Anyone starting September 24th?

  • Man these weeks are flying by! Wednesdsay already. AJ I eat pretty much the same things. Chobani greek yogurt often for snacks, EAS 15 protein mix and v8 energy drink after weights, occasionally a zone bar, and for meals, oatmeal and egg whites, rice veggies and some kind of meat and evenings are often a salad with homemade vinnaigrette and fish or chicken. Sounds boring when I type that out. I probably need to try new meals too. I am really seeing some muscle pop lately but feel like I am still covered in a layer of fat! I am definately staying here past 12 weeks. I want to be one of those gals that can post a successful after photo!!!

    Going to go kill my legs with a LBWO. I already feel somewhat sore from my run yesterday. For some reason I felt really heavy and clunky running yesterday. I don't know if it was that it was cold out or what but didn't feel graceful.

    Claire, Come back............. We miss you:))))


  • I should say the V8 is a light energy drink, only 50 calories and 13 carbs.

  • Hi Val and Claire,

    I've been eating pretty much the same stuff too.  Lots of egg whites and oats.  Protein shakes.  Chicken.  Lots of chicken.  Probably need to eat more veggies.  Have some premade frozen meals I've made and know the calorie/carb/protein/fat counts on and sometimes throw those in the lunchbag when I don't have anything prepared.  Maybe that can be our next goal, to change it up on the food front.  

    Val, you say you are feeling muscles pop lately but still feel like you are covered in a layer of fat.  You might be suprised.  Have you taken any more photos?  I was encouraged by the photos I was of myself recently.  Still not exactly where I would like to be, but seeing a lot of improvement in the photos that I don't see in the mirror.  Maybe it is the same with you.  We girls are so hard on that girl in the mirror.  Compare with your starting photos.  And YES, you will have that successful after photo!  You have got the drive girl!  And the clunky running - every day of training won't feel smooth.  I think we need those "clunky" days so we can also get the great feeling from those easy peasy days and say to ourselves that it wasn't that hard.  It actually was easy and felt gooooood.  :0)  

    Well girls, only three weeks left.  I cannot believe we are doing this, it's is SO GREAT!  Wow, it really does change your life.  Keep up the great work!

    Claire - How are you?  We miss you!


  • Hello my sweet BFL friends,

    Sorry I have not been posting. My Monday deadline ran into a Wednesday deadline--3 more 12 hour days! Now the project is in the reviewer's hands. Just hope they like it! I am blown away impressed with both of you girls. Way to go! Just been reading all of your posts. You girls really rock. Val, 2 miles of running is so awesome! and AJ--so cool that you're seeing such real changes! I'm afraid I have been off the wagon in the exercise department. I plan to be back on track tomorrow. I do miss it. I am realizing that I have a really difficult time keeping my life in balance. It is partly me and partly my work/lifestyle. There is little structure to my days. I need to work on a plan for building some in. I have not been eating badly, but I cannot lose weight without exercising. I really wish I hadnt gotten so off track with my workouts. Thanks for being here for me.


  • Claire I am so happy to hear from you. Just keep coming back and trying, its what I do. I figure eventually it will become a habit! I have just the opposite problem I love to exercise and do it without a problem but eating? Blah, I am often so bad at it. But I keep trying. I think if I didn't try I would be severely overweight instead of somewhat:)) So happy for you that your project is done. It sounds so fun to work for yourself! Lucky you. My husband is self employed and says he could never go back to clocking in for someone else.

    AJ that is so true! Some days I feel like I could run forever and others I think what?? I am so out of shape. I wonder how that can be although I have noticed when I am eating well it makes a difference. It makes my workouts easier. That alone should keep me on track. I put on a pair of jeans on Monday that were too tight at the start of the program and they fit! They were not loose as I prefer to wear my jeans but I am getting there!

    Hey, do you girls travel to island destinations in the winter? We are trying to find an all inclusive to go to but it is so overwhelming the choices out there. We have been to Cozumel with a cruise ship and would rather not return to Mexico so been trying to look elsewhere. The beaches there were not that nice!

    Well I am heading to the gym to run on the treadmill. 16 degrees out and the coldest I've run in is 24. Sounds too cold for me!


  • Hi Girls!

    Good to hear from you Claire.  Take some time for you and be good to yourself by feeding yourself good healthy food and moving your body.  You deserve it!  You are a hard worker!  Keep at it, it does work.  I have started BFL soooo many times I can't count.  Then I would get down on myself for not doing part of it just right and slack, then feel guilty for slacking and get down on myself for not trying, yada yada yada.  Basically talking mean to myself.  It's self destructive talk.  I doesn't do any good.  I don't know why, but this time is different.  Now I consider all of those prior attempts as learning experiences.  I learned something from every one of those attempts.  Take note of those little changes in your mind and body, they can motivate you to keep going.  See one small change, and then try for another one.  Keep going, keep going!  I believe in you!

    Val - You are doing such a great job running.  I am jealous.  Awesome on the smaller jeans, wow!  It's exciting, isn't it?  Sorry, I can't give any travel advice, I'm a terrible homebody.  And work too much.  My travel consists of traveling across two states to see the boyfriend LOL.  A warm beach sounds great though.  And a great goal too fit into a swimsuit.


    Well, I am feeling more comfortable in my body.  I've missed a few workouts on this program, being sick and all, but for the main part have done pretty good at keeping up.  I've not eaten totally clean, but am doing better and better as it goes along. Even though I have not been perfect I am seeing good results.  You guys are  great help!  It's nice to know we are all struggling with ourselves and striving to be better every day.  WE CAN DO THIS!!!  The days are ticking down.  I can't believe it, it seems to be going by very quickly.  It's becoming more of a habit.  I am so glad that this year at New Years I won't be making a resolution to lose weight, or at least not as much weight LOL.  

    Keep it up Girls!  


  • Friday? How did that sneak up on me? I want the time to slow down now that we are at the end of our challange! AJ I love hearing from you daily:)) You have wonderful positive things to say that always make me more determined to do better. So thanks for that!! Would give you a hug if I could. I think I have missed a couple workouts too, but figure thats life and did not let it worry me at all. I wish I would have measured now. I have noticed some change in how things fit in my arms and shoulder, chest area. Still got that little belly pooch though. Hussman says those trouble areas are the last to go. I can't wait to be able to report that my butt and belly are smaller:) As soon as we make our reservations for travel this winter I will be totally motivated by that swimsuit fitting! Its an excellent motivator. That boyfriend has to be a great motivator too, AJ. I remember dating (22 years ago!!) was excellent for keeping me preoccupied with something else besides eating.  

    Claire, just letting you know I got you in my thoughts and wishing all the best for you there in VT! Check in and let us know how it is going.


  • Hi Girls!

    Wow is right.  I can’t believe it’s Friday already.  TGIF though, I really need a Friday.  No kids or boyfriend tonight so I’m gonna try to squeeze in a little “me time”.  Val, I LOVE the Hussman web site.  Thanks for telling us about it.  I’ve printed off most of the pages and most nights I fall asleep reading one.   (Not that it’s boring, it’s not, I just can’t stay awake very long once I finally make it to bed at night.)  

    Ah the belly pooch.  I have one of those too.  However, it is getting smaller.  Yay!  Persistence will take care of that ole thing!  LOL.  

    Yes the boyfriend is a motivator, however, he’s not the reason I’m doing this.  Funny, usually being in a fairly new relationship would help curb the appetite, etc.  We’ve been dating a little over a year and actually my weight was starting to creep up.  Yikes.  I’d been lifting weights about three times a week and I’m very active (when not chained to a desk for 8 hours), so my weight stayed in what I thought was a decent range.  So I didn’t do anything except try to eat pretty good.  Didn’t see any reason to make many changes.  Thought I looked pretty good.  Then in August/September my employer decided to have a boot camp.  They were going to take a certain number of people who wanted to do this, all from different divisions, and it would last eight weeks, having two sessions a week.  Well, for some reason I really wanted to do this badly.  Just for me.  To show I could do it.  I put in for it, as did many other people.  But there was a limit on the number of people they could have in the class, and I didn’t make the cut.  It really made me upset for a couple of days.  My boyfriend told me it didn’t matter if I got into boot camp or not, that I already knew what to do, I just had to do it.  And he was right.  I’d been thinking the same thing and had already dug out my dog eared BFL book.  I did know what to do and how to do it.  So I started doing it.  I got serious about BFL, especially the nutritional aspect.  All those times I had started before and not finished were just practice for this time.  This time I was going to do it.  And I am.  It is an absolutely incredible feeling to see the changes in my mind and body.  It’s strange, I’m not a competitive person, but initially I think I just wanted to have more progress than the boot campers.  Then when I started seeing some results I got really excited and just kept it rolling.   Now I keep trying to beat my last “best” workout or time on my bike ride. It's a quest to better myself now.  

    Started writing this Friday, but it's actually Saturday now that I'm actually getting it posted.  Skipped workout yesterday to get some stuff done.  Doubled up this morning with cardio and UBWO.  I'm a little worn out but will try to sleep extra tonight.  It's worth being worn out though, the scale dropped two pounds this week.  That's incredible for me.  Must be that eight week (or 9 or 10 week) miracle kicking in.  It's freaking me ouit knowing I've only got a couple more weeks until the challenge is over for me.  Funny, before I couldn't even make it two weeks.  

    Val, I'm totally jealous about your vacation.  Ahhhh....the sun, sand and water.  :0)  Are you taking kids with you or is this a romantic getaway for you and the hubby?  

    Gotta roll and get some errands done.  Have a great weekend Girls!  Keep with the program, IT WORKS!


  • Hey Val, did you ever figure out that fear of success thing?


  • Good morning, I ache everywhere! I painted our 38x56 shop yesterday. Primed and painted! I did not do cardio yesterday as Michael wanted to start early so I am running this morning. I can't miss a day because on this program I am progressively increasing my distances and don't want to mess it up. Soooo I am going outside in the dark but it is not too bad for temp. Ran the other day at the gym on the treadmill and boy is it so much harder mentally to keep on going compared to being outside. I love the outdoors.

    AJ, Nope never did figure it out. I keep going and keep pondering and maybe someday something will click. What a sweet reward for all your persistance the drop in weight. I want that!! Sounds like your boyfriend is wonderfully supportive! It's funny how a person can try and try and then one day it just clicks mentally and then it works. It is all in being mentally ready and committed.

    Well going to run!


    AJ No kids! It is a much needed breather for us. We go with a group of friends. It is usually a really fun time.

  • What is this week 11?! Weighed in this morning after a free week and I am up 3 pounds. I am starting with a clean slate this morning and putting that all behind me and just going to forget about it. I am going to start using MyFitnessPal again. That really kept me on the straight and narrow before. Its LBWO this am, 3 more LBWO left in this challange. Wow.

    Been planning for Christmas and all I have to say is it includes alot of FOOD. I guess I will take each day as it comes and see how it goes.


  • Hey Val, hang in there.  Sounds like you have been really, really busy.  You deserve that trip!  (With no kids no less!! LOL)  I'm right there with you.  Scale was up two pounds today because I went out of town this weekend.  Tried to pack a cooler and be good but did eat out a couple of times.  That is a real killer for me.  Back on track today!  Even hit the gym hard for LBWO.  Wow, there are only two weeks left, I can't believe it.  I almost don't want it to be over............hummmm......  I know I want to keep going, but am afraid I will be too free around Christmas and New Years and backslide.  We are just having a small Christmas here and then traveling to see Grandma for New Years.  That should help keep the goodies down a little bit.  It's so hard to be good when that stuff is just sitting around.  Although I do find it easier when I eat every 3 hours, but man if I miss a meal I can binge.  We will just have to be STRONG and eat our lean protein.  

    Good job on the running!  I'm so proud of you.  (And jealous!  Wish I liked to run.)  Keep it up!


  • Thanks AJ. I am always too hard on myself. I need to look at what I am doing and be grateful I can workout and run like I do rather than what I think I should be doing. I believe biking is your passion and isn't it funny that I don't care to ride bike?  Been trying to talk my sister into joining us here. She is excellent at BFL. She did a challange a few years back and looked terrific when she finished . I love talking to like minded people and think she would too. I also feel the same way that I am really not ready for this challange to be over. I guess my only concession to the end will be to change up my weights and do something different. I am going to keep going. I HAVE to. I am a happier person when I am doing BFL and everyone, not just me. benefits from that. My husband told my son this weekend that when "Momma is happy everyone is happy." I started to laugh and he looked at me with a serious expression and said that is the truth nothing to laugh about there. I am trying to keep Christmas small as well. I don't bake cause it is just not something I enjoy so we don't ever have goodies laying about. It's all the meals and Christmas parties that start to add up. If we can get through this intact and still here we will have won a major victory. Ok I am trying to convice myself I am not too tired to run. I have to do 2.5 miles this morning and think I will run outside. I am not taking walking breaks anymore! Now each week I build till I reach 3 miles. Soooo I will got do it.


    Hey Claire, Missing you and wishing you well.

  • I just had to add another thing. I was just rereading my post and remembered something that I had to say. I can't tell the number of times that I will be feeling extremely crabby and when I try to pinpoint what set off the bad mood the culprit is that I am feeling fat!!!! And let me tell you everyone feels that crabby mood when they are around me! So BFL is a life saver.


  • Ouch, my shoulder is sore this morning. It a muscle spasm I think. I have upper body workout this morning. I am going to try work around it. My weight is back down this morning! Feel good about that. Felt hungry during the night though. I am beat, I am going to try nap today.