3 Weeks into the programme - I feel great .... BUT ... HELP!!!

  • My clothes seem to fit better and people tell me I've lost weight, but my scale says i've put on 3 kgs..!!! HELP!

  • You are buliding muscle and reshaping your body. I have the same results , it's a good thing. It's kinda like you can weigh 230 pounds and be all muscle, or weigh 230 pounds and be a couch potato.. Rely on your clothes and take before and after photos and place them side by side to see your results. I gave up on the scale. It just wasn't showing me anything in the end.

  • Ditto.  The scale isn't moving much for me, but I can see the reshaping in my body.  "Things" are moving around, feel good about the better fit of clothing and be patient.  The best is yet to come!

  • Bounty3201, that was the first thing I learned when I started... FORGET THE SCALE!  Twice so far I noticed up too. I am now starting week 9 and have lost only 5 lbs total  according to the scale. BUT over 14 inches of FAT! Keep working. Don't stop! We are all here for you.


  • I am just starting the 4th week and the exact same thing is happening to me. Rely on measurement and clothes to gauge your progress, not the unreliable scale! Stick to it, 1/4 done! :-)

  • I just finished my second week and I feel the same way.  The scale says that I've only lost 2.9 pounds, but I feel great and my clothing seem looser.  I just don't think that there is anyway that I could look like the before and after pictures on the website or book.  

    We just need to stick to the plan and maybe not step on the scale so much...  lol That is my plan.  

  • Just remember that the scale is only one of many tools of measurment, Increased energy levels, focus during workouts and after, and a better fit on clothing are also important indicators . Photos before and later can help, especially when the before is placed on the fridge for you to see daily. and measurements overall are also a plus in many instances too.

  • Please don't weight yourself!  I was once 135lbs and  size 10 but then at another point in my life, when I was lifting weights, I was the same weight but could wear size 6.  It is all about body composition - I did one challenge in April and didn't weigh myself at all.  I lost 2 pant sizes and so don't care what the scale says....