Starting 17 Sept

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm just getting my ducks lined up for a start on Monday (although I'm doing cardio today to get in the frame).

    Anyone else ready to go?

    This will be my second go.  I started this in October last year and had fantastic results but my timing was off and Christmas disrupted my last weeks.  I had to go on vacation and lost gym contact.

    I lost around 10 kg and felt wonderful at the end but I'm kicking myself for not sustaining it.  To be fair I'm not certain exactly what happened, looking back, losing that contact with tehgym over Christmas when all the big eating and drinking was going on was likely to be the downfall.

    Anyway, here I go.  This time around I'm going to post photos early, I was pretty nervous about doing that last time but found the photos of othersvery inspiring.


  • Hi Mal,

    I started on the 10th but would say we are pretty much in the same boat.  This will also be my second challenge, and similar to what you mention, I kind of slacked off after week 6 even though I was feeling wonderful and seeing results.   I never weighed myself but my clothes fit better, I felt clearer and happier and less stressed, and my muscle tone came through more than ever, after training with weights on and off for years!  I went from a size 10 pants to a size 6.

    I can see how Christmas may not be the best time to end a challenge and although I don't want to go crazy at Christmas, I want to be at a good place when it arrives.  Even after 4 days of clean eating and intense workouts, I can say I feel great. I have been so tired though and am needing 9hrs of sleep b/c of the intensity, but the last 2 nights I didn't get enough sleep and now I feel super run down, and woke up with a sore throat and flu like symptoms.  I got the flu my 1st challenge too and think I skipped 1 workouts, maybe 2, but got right back on track and don't fell like it set me back, and so I am approaching this flu the same way.

    The past couple of weeks have been holidaying with food and drinks and so I am a tight 6, loose 6, and my goal is to actually get to a 4.  I just turned 35 and I am in decent shape, but want to be firm all over and have the energy and happy, stress free feeling.

    I loved having this support group to check in on every day, and so hopefully we can stick together and motivate each other for the FULL 12 weeks!  Best of luck!!

    Shelley from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

  • A friend of mine entered the challenge a couple weeks ago and told me to take a look at it.  I'm also planning to start on the 17th, but I've never done anything like this and feel slightly overwhelmed at where to begin.  Hoping the motivation stays high and I find both nutrition and exercise knowledge through this program.  I'd love to be checking in!  

  • Hello,

    This is my first time doing the program and I will be joining you all on Monday. Trying to get the menu plan and groceries figured out for the diet so I can get a head start on that part. Need to also review the exercise and cardio plan a little better.  Good luck everyone!

  • Hi Everyone!

    I am starting september 17 as well:)  I initially purchased the book back in 2009 but never did the challenge.  I had written the start date and my starting weight on the first page though, and 3 years later I am the exact same weight- weird how that works.  If I keep doing what I did I will keep getting what I got- which currently is a large ass and no energy:(  I want to do this thing to change my life.  I turned 40 this year and I really want to make the change.  I unfortunately moved to Canada in 2010, so I cannot officially enter the challenge- but I am hoping I can still find and give support on the forum!  Looking forward to changing with you guys.  Best, Lara

  • Nice to see a group kicking off together - very cool! Welcome to your own transformation story!

  • Hi Shelley,  I live in Toronto and was wondering if you were able to find myoplex products here in canada?  If so, which retailers?  Thanks for your help!  I really enjoyed the shakes when I tried for a couple of weeks to do the challenge when I was living in the states in 2009.  I would love to have the shakes for a couple of my meals here as well:)  Looking forward to hearing from you and thank you in advance for talking the time!  

    All the best,


  • I am also going to start on September 17. With my work schedule and being lazy, I gained a lot of weight and I am starting again to start into it. Hoping to go to gym tomorrow to cardio and loosen up. and let's see where I can go

    best, Dev

  • Ok so we hqave a team on teh starting gates, everyone ready for teh first gym session tomorrow?

    Hi shelly, I feel like a bit of a fraud having to do this a second time but I remember how increadible I felt over the whole ofthe last challenga nd can't believe I slipped from it.  Never mind...

    For those of you starting, I found one thing that was difficult to grasp was the intensity of the workouts...I thought I was achieving 10's but after a few days I realised what I thought was a 10 was really only an 8.  A 10 should mean failure (ie couldn't lift the last one..or last two or three).  I thought I was at a 10 after finishing a set but was prompted by others to bump weights and discovered I could complete a set of heavier weights, takes the first week or two to get the weights sorted.

    I also found that the best way to do my cardio was on a stationary bike, since I could control load and speed to increase intensity as I went, plus I could measure progress by recording calories burned, distance covered etc.  I tried running but couldn't get my increase in intensity sorted out ... each to his/ her own.

    I'm in New zealand so can't enter the challenge, but as you'll discover, once the improvements start coming, we're all winners.

    kia kaha strong.

  • Whoops, sorry about the mis-spelling

  • Good good good !

    I was wondering if I would find anyone starting soon and was delighted to find a bunch of you starting on the same date I intend to delve in.

    I tried this once before, around a year ago and got 5 weeks in. At the end of that 5 weeks I felt great, had noticeably more definition and lost a decent bit of body fat. This time I intend to go the whole hog and I reckon with the encouragement of you guys, can last the distance. Christmas was the cause of falling off the wagon last time, which seems to be a common occurence based on what I have read here. Not this time though !

    It would be great if everyone could update every few days, saying how their workout's went. Anytime there are relapses or doubts, just get on here and we can call encourage each other, which certainly helps.

    Looking forward to sharing the experience with you all !

    - Aengus

  • I started on the 3rd I was looking for a good motivating and active group for the 12 weeks.

  • Hi Cleet68,

    Well,dive right in. Let us know how you're getting on so far, a few stats, exercises etc etc so we can get a bit of inspiration from your work so far !

  • Hi Lara,  I don't use the myoplex as I tried them over 6 years ago and the taste made me feel a little nauseated - maybe they have changed since.  I was in Vancouver at the time and GNC sold Myoplex - I am pretty sure I have seen them here (winnipeg) in the GNC stores and if you are in TO, you will likely have more luck.   I shop at Supertore (I think yours would be Loblaws??) for almost everything and have bought the brand LeanFit When Protein, with which I am very happy.  You can buy it without sweetener and it packs 25g protein for 1 scoop with 120 cals.  

    I came down with the start of a flu on Friday and so went to bed before my kids, woke up feeling still flu-like, but am pretty sure had I not gone to bed so early, I would have been worse.  Since I was so weak I decided to skip my workout, today is my day 7 and my rest day, and so I am taking full advantage of resting and will plan to get right back on track on Monday.  I ate clean yesterday- it was going to be my free day and I wanted to enjoy wine with my hubby last night, but I really wasn't feeling in the mood and so just stuck to the clean eating, with a olive oil popcorn treat in the evening, since I didn't workout.  I don't feel bad about it.

    One piece of advice - take it ONE day at a time.  Focus on the workout for the day and the meal plan for the day, and then at the end of the day, plan for the next.  It can seem so daunting looking at the whole week of no treats and hard workouts, but we recover physically from sleeping every night and so make sure you get your sleep you need and our minds recover too.  Thinking this way helps me a lot.

    Here goes week number 2 for me and all the best to those starting tomorrow!!!  

  • Thanks for the information Shellnikk!  That is awesome that your sickness was so accommodating of your free day:) I hope you feel better tomorrow.  Let me know how you are doing?  Great advice on the one day at a time, I really need to think that way right now because I just had a friend take my "before" pics... OMG horror show!  I cannot believe I am so fat!  I just never wanted to see it before, but now I feel so humiliated and embarrassed that I want to eat something to feel better! Isn't that crazy!  So, I am trying to not hate myself right now and to just use it as motivation...but was anyone else as shocked by their appearance?   I am plagued by the "what If's", most especially what if I do everything right and nothing changes for me.  Anyway, thought I would vent here- I hope that is ok.  Instead of drowning my sorrows in carbs I am heading to meet a friend for sushi of which I will be eating sashimi only and having some soup.

    Good luck for everyone tomorrow!  Please check in and let me know how it goes!