Before Pictures for the 8/27/12 Starter

  • So I just had my best friend take my before pictures for me... and I must say, when I saw them I wanted to crawl into a very deep dark hole and die. Haha thankfully I know I won't look like that in 12 weeks!

    But in addition to seeing my fat rolls, I also noticed that the lighting was pretty dark, and it caused shadow on my body (my breasts caused shadow on my torso, my face to my chin/neck,  etc) Granted, these photos were taken at 11:30pm, and so my hallway lights are not very forgiving. Are these pictures unacceptable for the challenge?  I would HATE to be disqualified over something so minute! At the same time, I really don't want to take them again. Advice?

    I'm also an 8/27/12 starter! If anyone wants to buddy up, I'm all for it!  :)

  • Hey Tracey,

    While I'm not sure about the answer, I had a similar problem with the quality of my picture. My solution was to simply take a better quality one the next morning - hopefully that won't have many implications either haha.

    Best of luck!

  • I would retake them.  You would hate to have an awesome transformation and not be able to win because your photos are stinky.  Try doing them in front of a plain white background during the day

  • Photoshop?

    Hi Traceyy, I also started on the 27th.

    I'm too embarassed about my pictures and I did not want to put on a bikini bottom, so I'm wearing short shorts. The cottage cheese is everywhere around my bottom section.