question about EAS products and Diabetes II

  • Hello All,

    I am about to start this BFL but have questions about the EAS products. I really have to watch my sugar intake (try to avoid if possible) and my carb intake. Can anyone tell me which one of the EAS products is a better choice for me? I looked at the "Lite" products today at a local store and although it only had about 1 gram of sugar it contained a whole lot of carbs.(24 g) 

    You're feedback is appreciated.


  • Any EAS shake that has carb in it is going to work well for you. 24 grams of carb is not a lot for one meal while on BFL. If your scared of having peaks and drops in your BGL because you have had that happen to you with other forms of carb don't worry, it wont happen like that with slow carbs like brown rice, EAS shakes or beans. Your body will not respond the same as if you ate 24 grams of carb that you got from cola or cookies.

    I recomend talking with your Dr. about this aswell, if your on meds to control you BGL they may need to be rebalnced as your metabolism and body size change.

  • HI GC3,

    I would definitely talk to your doctor or a certified nutritionist about your nutrition plan for BFL. If you are a Type 2 diabetic, then your nutritional needs may differ from the typical BFL plan.

    I have had issues with blood sugar in the past. I do not drink any EAS shakes or use any bars....WAY too much sugar. They definitely cause my blood sugar to spike, even the "carb control" products. Are you doing an official challenge? If not, I would advise not using any ready made EAS products as a type 2 diabetic. I would recommend that you find a whey powder that is not made with sugar. I use one made with Stevia and it works very well for me. There are no carbs in it....simply protein. As a diabetic, your carb sources should come from natural sugars such as the type in fruit or brown rice, quinoa, other whole grains, or beans (though be sure to watch your serving size). Your best choice for any nutrition plan is to choose fresh, whole foods whenever possible. I make my own protein bars using whey isolate, oats, almond butter, and water.

    I am not a nutritionist, but I have a passion for nutrition and fitness and have done TONS of research on both of these subjects. Stay away from added has absolutely no place in a CLEAN diet. Again, talk with your dr. or nutritionist about your plan and what works for you.

    Good luck!

  • gcoop3 - since EAS products weren't formulated for people with diabetes, please check with your doctor before using any products. Feel free to call our Product Experts for information about some low carb products and products that are designed for people with diabetes. 1-800-297-9776 M-F 8:30 am to 5:00 pm EST.

    ~Tiffany, The BFL Team

  • Thanks for your prompt reply and your advice.

  • Thanks, I think I too might have found something made with Stevia that might help me out in the long run. Thanks for the advice

  • Thanks for the info. Do you know if EAS ever plans on creating something that diabetics can use?