Intermitten Fasting diet with Body For Life training program ? Did anyone try it with success?

  • Hi

    I am on intermitten fasting diet for about 2 weeks, and training like crazy using BFL training program, i really like it, thanks to the high intensity weight lifting i am never bored.

    My question :  is BFL training good when doing Intermitten Fasting? (My main goal is lose fat and preserve muscle.)

    I heard that when on intermitten fasting diet its better to do some high weight training, do less repetitions, and heavy weight on squats, lifts and bench presses.

  • Can i get a link that explains the details of your intermitten fasting diet? I think I know what your talking about but want to be sure.

    If you're talking about what I think you're talking about then I will say this.

    Fasting and preserving muscle don't mix. As soon as you're not eating the protien you need your body will start sucking it out of your muscles and you will get smaller. When you mix that with the type of training BFL wants you to do it leads to failure. BFL is for fat loss through muscle growth supported by enough food. Other diet and exercise programs that work (like the warrior diet) have a different ballance of caloric intake vs cardio output and weight training.

    Don't mix them up, BFL has you eat this way for good reasons.