Trouble shooting

  • Hi there,

    I have been doing BFL for 9 weeks now and have come to a snails pace with weight loss. I understand that around week 7 women particularly :"stall out," but I have only lost about 2 1/2 lbs in 5 weeks now. I know the scale isn't the best to show change, but I've done BFL before (around 12 years ago) and did lose the 25 lbs they say most people lose. I've changed up my cardio and am alternating between a couple different ones each time. I do my cardio in the mornings before eating anything. I change up my weight routine as well and though I don't hit my 10's every time, I do most of the time. I'm eating 5 meals a day, with one being the soy protein eas drink. I substituted the pure protein bars for the eas bars due to availability and cost. Other than that I'm sticking to what is on the approved list. I need help! I'm really getting discouraged with this!

    Also, does anyone have an idea of how many egg whites count as a protein serving? I've been doing one whole egg and one egg white in the mornings.



  • L2C, you didn't give us much to go on IE how much do you need to lose.  70lbs is a lot different than 20. No other measurements than scale weight? No tape measure or BF %?  If you are doing your workouts to plan there are only a couple of  things I can think of that would cause no movement of your scale weight. 1) you  are really packing on the muscle. 2) you have a medical issue like thyroid hormone. 3) the most likely cause is you are eating too many calories.  The eating plan calls for rule of thumb measurements but it can be easy to misjudge portion size.  I always weigh and measure my portions to start with as a reality check. Once I have a good understanding what a portion really is I switch back to rule of thumb. No calorie deficite = no weight loss.  One thing I find very helpful is to minmize carbs from grain and potatoes.  Substitute carbs from other veggies and beans. you can eat a lot more food that way.

    I'd do a critical evaluation of diet and see my doctor to rule out potential health issues

    Hang in there. Good luck!

    PS are you getting stronger?  You should be adding weigh to your lifts every 2 week or so

  • Thanks.

    I am trying to lose @15 more pounds. I've used the web tool on myfitness pal to keep track of food intake and change. I had consistently come in "under my calorie goal" and a warning pops up saying I'm not consuming enough and stand to sabotage my goal by lowering my metabolism.  For breakfast i typically eat two eggs (one no yolk), anda fat free yoplait yogurt. I use the pure protein bar for one of my meals, and a serving of the soy protein eas drink mix for a third meal. I have a salmon patty or turkey patty (or similar) with a autorized carb for another meal. For the last meal I eat fat free cottage cheese (about 3/4 cup) and berries (about 1cup). I am in good shape health-wise (every few years i have a blood panel run and no concerns). I have lost 5 inches in my waist, 3 or so inches in my hips.

    Do you think i need to go even lower on my food intake? I'll try weighing the food, but where do i find the portion sizes for that?

  • Forget the scale 5" & 3" off waist & hips is fantastic progress!!! What are you doing on free day? Since you are restricting calories I would try having 2 meals with lots of crappy high glycemic carbs, all you want. Also free day should be a non exercise day.  You will feel bad from the sugar rush and will gain 3-5 lbs from water retention but it will be gone in a day or 2 and more fat with it. a free day this way helps reset fat burning hormones.  Get back on plan the next day and do a hard full, lower or cardio HIIT day.

  • Lol, thanks diverD!

    This past free day we celebrated my daughters bday- had a wonderful piece of swiss choc cake and homemade butter cream icing- talk about sugar! ;)

    It'll be an interesting first couple days this week. Started it off with my treadmill yesterday (decided i can bump that up next time!), this was followed by a 16 hour drive to drop one of my kiddos of for school. Long day! But managed to stick to the diet. DRAGGING today!