Newbie: pulled pec muscle, greek yogurt...

  • I know, random stuff, right?! I did the 12 week challenge in 2001 and I'm back and excited about it. A couple of questions:

    -I've had a pulled pectoral muscle for weeks. I have no idea how I hurt it. I've been icing it and trying not to use it much. Do I skip chest stuff all together??

    -Greek yogurt wasn't very popular last time I did the challenge. I love it now! So, since the protein is higher, would plain/lowfat Greek yogurt be a protein?


  • HI Ash!

    I am not a doctor, but I would say definitely lay off of chest exs. for a while if you have a pulled muscle. Rest and ice. You don't want to further injure yourself. You may want to talk to a dr. or a PT about it to get their recommendations, and when you can start training chest again.

    As far as greek yogurt, yes, it can be counted as a protein. Plain, fat free greek yogurt is the best. The flavored types have too much sugar. I eat greek yogurt almost every is a staple. Since the protein content is a bit higher than the carb content (I love Chobani Plain Non-Fat greek yogurt, which has 18g protein and 7g carbs), you can add some fresh fruit such as berries for extra carbs and a tbsp of almonds or walnuts for good fats and a little bit of added protein. This would make it a complete BFL approved meal/snack! Sometimes I also sweeten mine with a dash of stevia and also add cinammon and vanilla or almond extract.

    Good luck with your challenge!

  • Hi there,

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