Anyone starting around August 6th and want to support each other?

  • Day 5....and my backside and thighs are so painful...heavy workout on the arms today and dreading cardio really takes my energy away, big time!....Still finding 6 meals a day a bit tough...perseverance is the key and I'm sure I'll get used to it. Really looking forward to my free day. Actually I have decided to start my free day after lunch on Saturday and finish it after lunch on Sunday.  At the moment I'm also planning to call it free meals rather than free day...hardihahaa...we shall see....good luck all!

  • AA, great work on sticking with your exercise and diet.  I don't know what the "official" BFL policy is on free or "cheat" days but I've used them before with great success.  For best results a free day should only be taken if you have eaten to plan for the rest of the week. It should be a day free of intense exercise, a true off day. You should eat some high glycemic carbs, cake bread candy etc. The following day should be a cardio or lower body day to burn maximum fat. You should not spread your free day over 2 days.

  • AA.. I hear ya!!  I did my first lower body yesterday and I have been suffering ALL day, hard to walk, hard to sit, and all I could think about was How the heck am I supposed to do my Cardio today?  I comtemplated SEVERAL times not going to the gym after work, but I did it, and I did better than I thought I would, actually got a good workout in.  Just took an epsom salt bath, going to bed & hit another upper body workout in the morning.  Can't wait to let my muscles rest on Sunday!

  • Hi there, I would like to join your group.  I am starting the challenge August 12.  I just turned 34, am married with four kids and work a FT job and a PT job.  I am just so sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.  I haven't done much exercising since having kids and just seem to forever be caught up in the vicious cycle of not exercising because I have no energy and having no energy because of not exercising.  Constantly telling myself "tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow - I will exercise tomorrow."  I put the "pro" in procrastination!!!  I finally feel ready and have the desire to want to be happy with myself.  

    : 0 )

  • Welcome TLA! And happy free day! This first week went by quickly with your help and support.  I have sore abs but no food cravings.  I'm not craving them but I will eat some high glycemic carbs today to reset hormones.  Making home made pizza on the grill for dinner.

  • Woot!!!!! Free Day!!!!! Still going to eat clean and do some light cardio and ab work..... Glad people still here. 1 week down. Keep going guys well done.

  • I hear you, Mitch! Standing up with sore quads is a nigggghtmare!  And I did dancing for my cardio the next day which made them even worse! Today it's a lot better though!

  • Hey what a painful free day hahaa.....ouch ouch...anyway I also wondered whether my legs would carry me  through the cardio yesterday and guess what.....? They dutifully did as they were told!!! Well, I am on holiday in Devon & Cornwall here in the UK and the two counties are famed for their ''cream teas'' = tea, scone, strawberry jam and clotted cream and it was not as good as I thought it was going to be. In fact, that's all I've done and now for dinner I'm having chicken and vegetables....

    Diverdog...could you tell me why I should not split the free day please?

    Go for it you know that in one week, i can already feel a difference. The biggest difference is the fact that although my muscles hurt like hell I still feel good. My hubby and I have started this program whilst on holiday and thank goodness we did cos we both got mood swings but cutting out the bad carbs. We were both sooooooo tired for the first 4 days and now I'm feeling so much more zingy and full of beans....can't wait for lower body beginning on Monday. As with Mitch, I have made this something that I am not able to opt out of as I am the one who decided to start it so therefore I'm jolly well gonna finish it.  That's the way I work anyway...failure is not an option for me, it's the only way I can keep motivated.  That may not help you.

    My chef/hubby has just finished cooking the chicken.. Tataa lovely people and talk later

  • Ahhhhh Free day tomorrow. Actually, I am quite thrilled with these past few days.  I am enjoying my workouts with my husband, and although I am used to eating until I am overfull, I am satisfied.  Late at night if I find myself wanting to snack, I just go to bed, I figure you can't snack if you are asleep!  Tomorrow I will use the day to plan out the following 6 days.  

  • Finished day 6 with a hard full body workout.  I was exhusted at the end and could barely finish.  Ate well for the week.  I struggle in the evening when I'm kicking back and watching T.V.  Seems like that is the worst time for me.  I have to do a lot of self talk to keep from eatting.   Anyway, I was traveling this week so I missed a couple workouts.  I'm going to do cardio tomorrow and skip the free day.  

    On to week #2!!!!

  • Hi All,

    Following the troops and starting this challenge Sunday Aug 12. Look forward to seeing everyone become better and better!

  • Hi Wescongrl, I started midweek, the day I saw my photo with my granddaughter and realized where I was in my looks and health.  I started on Wednesday, following exactly to plan.  I actually like the myoplex lite ready to go shakes (I haven't tried the new Lean 15 yet) and they help me with snacks.  Today is my free day (Sunday) and the weigh in - I lost 2.5 lb! I am excited.  I can not wait to see how I end my first full week.  I took my measurements today, I wish I had done that the first day - just fyi for you. Enjoy! I Know WE can do this!

  • Sorry Wiscongrl I dont know where that Wescongrl came from!  Vincent91, just remember whatever you did week 1 that you didn't do before is a vast improvement.  The fact that you are thinking through snacking in the evening is huge!  Like you said, one to week 2 - better than ever!

  • Week 2 starts tomorrow!!  Feels awesome to have made it through the first!  I cooked a whole bunch of chicken, and beef today, cut up some fruits and planned some meals for the days ahead. Structure & planning is the key to this all and I have to keep this up, I want to keep this up!.  I am finally able to walk normal today, but I'm so scared cause I have to do lower body again tomorrow :(   Hopefully my muscles will not hurt again like they did the last 3 days.  Keep it up everyone, and plan, plan, plan.

  • I totally know what you mean MitchV.  I feel good about completing a week but am worried about the legs.  I did my lower body last Friday and I have been sore and walking funny since.  Was rough today on my run as well.  I don't know if I should do my lower body again tomorrow or if I should do another upper body so that my  legs have some more time to heal??????

    I did upper body last night and today I am not really feeling it as I did last week?  I upped weights a little and I felt like I was working but I guess not.  I feel some strain like on the back of my wrist sometimes and don't know if I am stretching something a little too much?

    I don't feel like I have lost weight in the week but I don't do good with weighing so I am not going to (weighing is never helpful for me mentally).  

    Although I do have issues with binge eating and I went an entire 7 days without a binge!!! Which is totally amazing, if anyone else knows how shitting being a binge eater is.  I had my free day on saturday to go out to eat and stuff but that wasn't a binge for me.

    So I will keep going with this plan to the best of my ability.  Trying to tell myself that if I am sore I must be doing something right ? Lol