Is there really no IPAD App?

  • Maybe it's me....but the IPAD has changed my life.....alomst EVERYONE has an app and I would think BFL would have had one.

    Is there one and I just cant find it?

    I did this program 10 years ago and really there isnt much more technology available.  I would pay a monthly fee for an online journal and excercise log that save information and gave stats (ex. ALL diet sites and Weight watchers..etc...)  INstead I either download the exel files (which are not compbined) or I use another site or I get a journal, but that still isnt on my IPAD - expecially traveling a lot (and I do) it makes a difference.  Now I have to bring papers/books with me. 


  • Shellbells,

    We totally agree! We actually have a mobile app in the works. We'll be sure to keep you posted on it. Thanks for the feedback.

    Morgen, The BFL Team

  • I feel so relieved to hear that!!  Thanks....

  • Don't forget about  ANDROID!

    I thought I would have to create the APP on my own :-)

  • What is the status of this app?

  • Just wondering,

    If you could create the perfect app to track your body for life transformation, what would you include on it?


  • I currently use FitPhone on iphone and its brilliant, you can easily add reps per exercise, and had a countdown timer for inbetween sets.

    It saves your workouts, so when you go to do another, say, Tricep Pulldowns workout, it will show you what you did on your last workout, including reps and weights and any notes.  

  • Thanks MrCynical!

  • Shellbells, I thought you were missing in action, hahah. How is C2 going? I agree on the app thing. I use MyFitnessPal. Great for social networking with other BFLers and keeping track of progress, meals, workouts, etc. If you decide to join, you can add me as a friend there too under this same user name. I use the App both on my iPad and iPhone. Love it!!!


  • Kmetz007,

    We are still working on the app and hope to have it available soon. Stay tuned!

    Tiffany, The BFL Team

  • bfl_charts.pdf

    I use this technology called Pen and Paper and write on it. It has trouble connecting to Wi-Fi but with a scanner I can upload it to my blog.  Sometimes I use to make a digital copy. Here a link to get the PDF for free,(No service fee).

    I have attached an Older more usefull PDF that might have been from 2009-2010 before this website was updated.

    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”

  • Why not  use the BLF spreadsheets, they must run ok on an iPAD right?