• even though we have never met and probably never will doesn't mean that everyone on here is not a friend as we are sharing a common interest and want to help others...with that said I NEED HELP...I'm entering week 3...I started at 211 pounds and am now at 198 pounds...that came off very quick but now i keep bouncing up and down 2 to 3 pounds and can't pass it...It sends me into the "I'm failing" mode at which point I struggle with myself as part of me says "dont' stop. you can do it. this works" and the other part of me is beginning to say, "uh-oh you are failing again, forget it."  Now, I am not going to forget it even though I am starting to struggle. I've committed to 12 weeks, no matter how it turns out.  But it is just frustrating.  I see changes in my body when I look in the mirror.  However, it has been so embedded and brainwashed into my mind that the number on the scale is what is importatnt at the "weight" question is asked so much in life, example, drivers license etc..  I am wondering if I need to up my weights that I am using.  Also, I have been doing the arc trainer as my 20 minute cardio...but I am going from doing 60 minutes at the highest resistence, 100 down to trying to follow the 20 min interval and really I am lost...I do resistance starting at 15 and usually end up at resistence 35 as I increase my speed each minute following the plan...Im not giving up but just need a little help and suggestions...

  • throw the scale away

  • You CAN do this!!! You've already made awesome progress- don't stop now!   dobegirl is right- the scale number isn't what defines you.  You are gaining strength, and gaining control of your habits.  That's worth more than gold.  I can't give you a lot of specific training advice, since I'm just starting tomorrow, but I'm so impressed with the progress you've made- keep it up- and keep us informed!  Blessings- Nancy

  • Like dobegirl said either throw it away or hide it if you can resist now weighing yourself for a few weeks.. Great loss in the first week but the majority was probably water weight now your body is stabilizing and getting used to the new lifestyle so weight loss will slow but now as long as u stick to plan you will start to replace fat for muscle tissue, Muscle takes up way less space than fat which makes solely using the scale to measure progress not useful when incorporating weight training, use the mirror or a measuring tape more than anything to track progress the scale leaves too much variables, for me personally my weight can fluctuate as much as 12lbs in a single day! Keep positive Failnomore being in control of you is a reward in itself. If you can stick to it  I'd say weigh every other week or even every 4 weeks. The last challenge I did The scale only moved 5lbs south for the entire 12 weeks but the pictures spoke for themselves.. let go of that scale number and focus on inches and reflection. Big heart strong mind.. aloha

  • Here's another example of someone that did a challenge and the scale didn't budge at all but the pix also speak for themselves.. here she is at 8 weeks but I also saw her 12 weeks pix and she had absolutely no scale weight loss at all.. Hope that helps

  • I woudl like to Echo, echo, echo echoooo.... Island Dude... Throw it out of the equation!

    I lost 10 lbs REAL quick... Like two weeks quick... now it has been 6.5 weeks and I have lost a grand total of 15... BUT... I know I am gaining muscle and my body if getting TIGHT, TIGHT, TIGHT.... My wife is experiencing the same... Her scale weight is not budging... AT ALL... but she has come to terms with it because she saw a difference in her 4 week photos and the way her clothes are fitting (especially @ 6.5 weeks)... and her arms...MmmmmmMmmmmm... getting more and more firm with every trip to the gym.

    You're not failing... you are adapting :-)

  • Thank you thank you thank you...what you said makes sense as i am suddenly noticing my body is looking different meaning I am seeing some transformation of losing fat and gaining muscle.  I know I have a ways to go but your reply gave me the boost i needed to stay on track...i will not weigh myself but every couple weeks and you are right in that being in control of yourself is a great reward because I do feel more control over myself and other aspects of my again, thank you

  • Failnomore, I had to chuckle, becuase just a few days ago I wrote the same thing, all frustrated that scale said 1lbs up. But Dobegirl and another friend gave me the same tough love. "PUT THAT DARN SCALE AWAY!!!" They helped me understand that it is not the right way to measure success, so I took the scale and put it way up in the attic where I never go. That is to say something because I have been addicted to stepping on the scale for the past 15 years or so. Creating new habbit now though. Keep going, girl. You can do it. We believe in you.


  • All the advice was great and opened my eyes to actually looking at my body and allowing myself to see and accept the changes that has happened.  I guess it was hard for me to accept them because I still have a ways to go and when you are chubby, fluffy, fat, plump, whatever you choose to call it, it's hard to accept progress when you look in the mirror and the first and only thing you see is what remains.  It takes belief in yourself and strength to look past what remains on your body and see the changes, which truly are incredible.  So again, thank you to all.  You have helped me very much. I will admit I thought I could leave the scale in my bathroom closet where it has always been and even though I quit weighing myself everyday I still did it every couple of days.  So, with that said, I will admit it is an addiction and for some, like myself, I need to quit cold turkey as gradual cutbacks do not work.  Therefore, I am handing my scale over to my two teenage sons, ages 16 and 13, who do have the strength to keep it hidden from me until the end of my twelve weeks, at which point I will weigh myself on the 84th day and hand it back to them as  I start challenge #2....thanks for listening...

  • YAY!!! Now go get you some!!

  • Horaaaaaaaay! sounds like you are on the right track. It is too much work for me to go in the attick, so it stays there now. Have no idea where I am at either, but can see changes in my body.


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    I have created a support group on Facebook called “Body for Lifers!”  The link is…

    I just started the Body For Life program (8/15/12) and know I would enjoy having an easily accessible support group. I would like to have a forum where questions can be answered, encouragement given, progress celebrated and ideas generated.

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