Any ladies starting July 15th (or thereabouts) want to journey together?

  • Well ladies, I am so impressed with this program, I stepped on the scale for giggles (I know I said I wasn't looking and I'm not officially, nor do I really care what it says, I have my blinders on) but I was so dadgum proud to see a loss of 10 pounds!!  After I fist pumped the air I got over myself lol.  It's the same dang 10 pounds I've been gaining and losing for the last 18 months.  I saw this same number 2.5 months ago.  Staying the course and seeing a different number is what I'm looking forward to.

    I woke up to my realtor texting me our tenants want to renew a year and I've had a weird morning assessing how this makes me feel.  I'm relieved but also sad as I miss my friends terribly (I think I mentioned my peep finding trouble in our new area that's not really new anymore) and the back up plan was to move back if our property did not lease or sell after a few months.  It's probably for the best as now I can fully immerse myself into this new city, which we absolutely love, aside for the a fore mentioned issue.

    I slept more soundly last night, I could feel my muscles when I rolled over but it was pleasant not painful.  Whoop!  I took another dose of Betagen this morning and will do so again after cardio.  Not sure how it's impacting me so far.  I did wake up expecting to look like a cartoon character with a swollen face and looked pretty normal so that made me laugh.  

    SaraKate - I got the Betagen through Amazon.

    As a totally irrelevant side note, I adore Amazon.  Prime is the bomb and they also deliver groceries in our area.  I love putting in my grocery order at midnight and it's on my doorstep at 6am.

    I am flying by the seat of my pants today, let me see what sort of menu I can come up with:

    M1: 2 egg whites, 1 egg, slice whole wheat with 1 TB cheese butter

    M2: Myoplex light

    M3: slice whole wheat, 1/4 avocado, tomatoes, chicken breast

    M4: BFL chili

    M5: probably BFL chicken and brown rice soup

    M6: greek yogurt with smidge strawberry preserves

  • SaraKate - where are you finding Kashi Go Lean?  I've looked for it at 2 stores this week and neither was carrying it any longer.  I was bummed!  I wish you the best of intentions on your jump roping tonight!  

    Heathercity - dude, what a morning!!  You handled it like a champ!  I hope you are able to let the rest of your day know who's boss!

    shellbells - LOLOL oh my gosh, the mental images you paint in my head!  So happy to hear no heart attack was happening lol

  • Southernbutterflies - Congrats on losing 10 lbs., that's amazing! That would certainly make my day!  I *think* I got the Kashi Go Lean at Giant, but I am not positive. It was either Giant, Harris Teeter, or Whole Foods. I will look next time I am grocery shopping and let you know for sure! Also, I was at Target yesterday and noticed that they have a lot of Kashi products (I was looking at the crackers though so didn't notice if they had the Go Lean cereal or not). So you may want to look there.

    I am going to look into Betagen. I want to get it but Creatine scares me for some reason. I really don't know why, I don't have a good reason haha.

    Thanks to everyone for the nice words about doing this challenge while having a little baby. It is definitely not easy, but luckily I have a very helpful husband that has a really flexible work schedule :) I wanted to post a picture of my baby on this message so that you all can see him and all of his cuteness but I can't figure out how!

  • Thanks SaraKate!  I found lots of Kashi but not Go Lean.  Seemed strange.  My stance on the Betagen is that I know it's not adding any permanent weight and I also know if I didn't try it I'd be wondering the whole time if I could be making more progress if I would have.

    Bah, I've been avoiding a bathing suit for as long as I can remember and my kids are now too wise to be happy with excuses and distractions for not going to the pool.  I had to put it on and I don't care what the scale said this morning, this was brutal!  Going to suck it up and be the mom I want to be and remember I'm not in the market to, nor care to, impress anyone but my mini-mes.  Thankfully my husband is stuck at home working.  There is a difference between the bedroom and broad daylight at the pool LOL

  • Hey Y'all!  So glad everyone is back in business today!  And again, laughing out loud at Shellbells dramatic interplays with her husband.  Absolutely cracking me up.  

    I am a bit giddy today - realizing we are closing in on the end of week 2!  Something about it feels different for me, like I got this thing by the plums and I'm not letting go.  (sorry for the graphics!)  I am also feeling MUCH more energetic than last week when I was practically narcoleptic.

    BOOO YAAAA - just had to throw that in there, I love it.

    The price on the NuNaturals seems a bit high - I buy it from my local natural grocer for $11 ish.  Hmmm, it does last a long time though.  Hope you like it.  ;o)

    Heathercita - I know by this point in the day you have it by the plums too!  You go girl.  And I love your honesty about your latte.

    Southernb - snap, 10lbs, that rocks!  This time is different.  You are going to rock it to the finish line with the rest of us hot mamas!  We are crossing this one of the list together ladies.

    SaraKate - I am so impressed with the desire to jump rope for 20 minutes.  Better you than me.  ;o)

    Here is the meal plan for today:

    Meal 1   1 yolk, 3 whites; zucchini; sprinkle of parm

    Meal 2   Whey protein; 1/4 c. oats with flax

    Meal 3  Mixed salad with 1T vinigrette; chicken; feta; few almonds

    Meal 4   Whey with a few almonds (on the go here)

    Meal 5   Turkey Burger and veggies

    BTW - I just ordered egg whites from Egg Whites International, they are having a free shipping sale.  Anyhoo, for those who don't dig eggs, you can mix them into a smoothie with the ingredients of your choice and get an amazing protein without any flavor.  Yesterday was egg whites, cocoa powder, PB2, stevia, ice - yummo.  I made the same for my daughter with a banana and that was super delish.  Just a thought.

    Ciao for now all!

  • P.S.  About the bathing suit issue - I totally hear you I can't even tell you.  I have wanted to be the mom at the pool that proudly struts her stuff in a super cute Athleta suit (my dream).  Well, we are going to be buying those suits on sale in October when we finish this thang!

    In the meantime, you walk proud, you are on the road to change.

  • Well, I took your advice, Snowpuff, and did it, and it wasn't even that bad. =)  I just quick jumped in the pool and stayed my booty right there.  My shoulders I am starting to like!

    I like Athleta's dresses.  I noticed they are having their 60% off swimwear going on right now.

  • Good for you!  I hope you had fun and enjoyed the time with little people, in spite of the rest.  I am addicted to Athleta.  There is a fitness model that totally inspires me in that catalog.  I cut out pictures of her as my inspiration.  Her physique looks attainable to me - at least to some degree.  Perhaps I am delusional.  ;o)  Regardless I am gonna get close!

    Shoulders rock don't they!

    I logged back on because I am so hungry right now I could eat a foot, anyone's foot really, and was headed into the kitchen.  Decided to head to inspiration instead, while the broccoli cooks for dinner.  What I REALLY want are the ketchup chips that my Canadian friend always brings back for me that are sitting in the cupboard.

    No, I shall have broccoli.  YES, broccoli, the little tree that could.

  • What a hoot!  That is exactly why I came and checked for new messages lol.  I am feeling so hungry and wanted to make today an unplanned free day because I want to find the closest edible and put it in my mouth!  But then I'll be so disappointed, and I fear if I make a snap decision I will not be able to stay on track.  So instead I came here, feel strengthened and will go find appropriate foods instead.

  • You guys crack me up!!!

    Guess what?  I'm gonna be a grandma again!  My younger daughter is having her second baby!  Emma is their first( just the smartest most gorgeous little girl ever!).  Hope it's a boy,  but whatever is healthy is fine!   First week of April!!! What a perfect time to be pregnant!

    My soreness has almost warn off.  I contribute it to the BĂȘtagen and the glutamine!  I cannot tell you how much better I feel.  I was able to push my cardio extra hard, which I contribute to it also.  So far no swelling or water retention.  It's like a diuretic!  I cannot believe how much fluid my body is releasing.  Kind of odd.  Tomorrow is leg day.

    Tonight is my "Popsicle night" again.  Omg.  He wanted peanuts ( he's a freak for them) cookies, dried cranberries and then dinner.  This kid is an amazon!!!  But I didn't even have one bite.  It was hard!!!

    Small steak, potato and Brussels sprouts for dinner!  It was good as I was fricken  starving!!!

    Heathercita- hectic morning!!!!  I would have liked the uncensored version of that coffee experience !  So funny.  Ok so spill it.  What kind of powder did you use.  It must be my brand.  It looks good and I am glad you tried it!  I want cream of wheat so bad!  Mine was a nauseating mess!

    Sara Kate.... I have a hubby that is so helpful!  Good for you.  Support means everything

    Southern:  I know the bathing suit thing.  Imdont get in one for anybody normally.  But I just bought the cured tankini which hides everything and shows off the girls with some cool loner board shorts.  I don't feel uncomfortable and I have gotten compliments!  Imagine that!!!  Hey!  10 lbs??? You are my inspiration!  Super I mpressed and super happy for you!   ( well, jealous really LOL)

    Is it me?  I hate the shoulders.  Love looking at them but the hurt so bad during workout.... I hate the "burn" in those muscles!

    Omg!  I am making "mock" caprese salad tomoorrow with my tomatoes.  Sliced tomatoes, cottage cheese ( instead of mozzarella). Fresh basil and drizzled balsamic !!!  Ithat and some brown rice.  Yum

    Ok.....Nuff said


  • Good Morning!

    TGIF! I hope everyone had a great night last night. I got my 20 minutes of jump roping in! Umm jump roping is much harder than I remember it being when I was younger haha. It was a good workout though and I am happy I made myself do it. I will be glad to have the hubby home this weekend though so that I can go back to running intervals instead.

    My lower back is still killing me. Ugh. I think it was those dang deadlifts from the other day. I know some of you love those, but I am not a fan. Especially not now haha. I hope I can complete my upper body workout tonight okay.

    Shellsbells - Congrats on getting to be a grandma again! I had my son on April 2nd and you are right, that's a great time to be preggo!

    Southerbutterflies - I am glad that going to the pool didn't end up being too bad for you!

    Have a good day everyone!

  • Congratulations on losing the 10 lbs, Southernbuttlerflies.  Keep up the GREAT work!!!

    Cyndy A

  • Stay your ground Snowpuff ... suck down 2 cups of water if you have to quell the hunger.  Keep it up!!!

    Cyndy A

  • shellbells ... I ordered the Betagen and am waiting on it to arrive.

    Cyndy A

  • I think this thread needs to be renamed to the BOOOOO YAAAAAA BABES.  Hee, still feeling giddy this morning.  ;o)

    Last leg day for the week today, I felt really good and was totally shocked.  I have started taking glutamine again, thanks for the reminder - I never know if that stuff works but I am rollin' with it.  When are you all taking it again?  Before workout, after, both?

    The lower belly bulge seems to be going away.  Not totally gone, but diminished.  That is usually the first area I see any change.  Still not getting on the scale because that can derail a giddy day for me in no time.

    Instead of my rest/free day tomorrow I am going to take a cardio tennis class - definitely falls into the HIIT category.  So I will take Sunday as my rest day this week.

    SaraKate - you may be too young for these memories, but back in my day double dutch was the thing!  We would be on the playground for the entire recess jumpin' and lovin' it.  What happens to that childlike joy of jumping rope?  And the ability not to croak doing it?  I am impressed nonetheless.  By the way, how did you structure the workout?  Curious in case I get a wild hair one day.

    A while back someone asked how we are doing the AB work.  I just thought I would share since I did it today.  I workout at home so I don't have weighted machines for the abs.  Instead I use my medicine ball and super set two different exercises, 12 reps each times three rounds.  That seems to bake them pretty good.  Just an idea...

    Have a great day, I may be back later for moral support!

    P.S.  Making protein pancakes today with PB2, I will let you know how it works!

    P.P.S.  Shellbells, you are going to be one hot-boded grandma by April!