Any ladies starting July 15th (or thereabouts) want to journey together?

  • Decide, Commit, Succeed!  I like it!  It's heartbreaking about your friends though, I understand your fright.

    Well my turkey husband just announced he is down 11 pounds.  He did no cardio last week and skipped legs yesterday, the bum.  Then had the cajones to come back in and question the cardio I set up for him.  Ignoring all the routine but the first 2 miles he scoffed "even Couch to 5k has you run the first day."  I never.  

  • OH SouthernButterbells - you make me laugh!  and you inspire me :)  I asked my husband to weigh himself when I started this.  He's not doing any of the workouts, but i know that with me cooking quality meals, he's going to drop the weight without lifting a finger - it's the way his body works.  it's frustrating for me, a little, but also funny.

    Snowpuff - i read your meals, quickly, then had to go back and look at that meal #2 again...what the hell? :)  cocoa powder and spinach and wow.  it sounds "healthy" just not sure about "tasty"

    Shellbells - your stories are the best!  i love it.

    i was so excited to get online this morning to see how everyone's doing!  and yeah - there's a few peeps here who haven't checked in.  hope everyone's doing ok!  i did cardio this morning.  my lower body muscles are all sore.  cardio was a challenge.  i was on some weird machine at the gym that i just couldn't get along with.  i had to leave it after 10 min. and go back onto a trusty elliptical.  felt good overall.

    my husband said the dinner i made last night was "restaurant worthy" :)  it was chicken breast browned, then cooked in some chicken broth with onions and zucchini with a teeny piece of local rosemary cheddar cheese and a side of brown jasmine rice.  it's always those meals i don't put much thought into that turn out the nicest.

    hope everyone has a fantastic day!  

  • Hi Ladies!

    Sorry for being a little bit MIA lately. Work has been crazy busy/stressful the past week and a half. Also, my husband is out of town for work so it is just me taking care of my sweet little (almost) 4 month old baby, so I am a little busier than usual! Anyway, I am still doing well on the BFL front. I have woken up at 5am the past 3 days to get my workouts in before heading to the office.

    I only lost one pound last week, which is quite different than the seven I lost the first week (I am on week 3 now). However, I know I can't expect to lose 7 every week so I am not too upset about it.

    I love reading what you all have been eating. Here is my plan for the day:

    M1: Myoplex Lite

    M2: Plain Greek Yogurt with fresh strawberries

    M3: Turkey wrap (2 oz. turkey, a little bit of hummus, spinach, peppers) and some baby carrots on the side

    M4: Protein Bar

    M5: Tofu and veggie stir fry with 1/2 cup brown rice and a little bit of reduced sodium soy sauce

    M6: If I am not too tired/asleep...Myoplex Lite

    This morning I did my lower body workout and it was a good one. However, my lower back is feeling a little sore/off at the moment, so I REALLY hope I didn't mess it up. I am always mindful to make sure I am lifting with my legs and not my back so hopefully it will feel better as the day goes on.

    It sounds like everyone is doing so great and really staying motivated. Reading how well you all are doing really helps me to stay motivated, so thanks for that! :)

  • Good Morning Everyone!  

    I just couldn't wait to get back here today to see how everyone is doing.  And as expected I got to laugh out loud (thanks to Shellbells tumor story!), I was inspired and encouraged and the cherry on top - a little info to put in my toolbox.  Love you all!

    Heathercita - about the shake, yeah I know, weird.  I believe cocoa powder makes everything better!

    Shell - About NuNaturals liquid Stevia - I find it to be WAY better than powder form.  I used to get the bitter aftertaste with powder too.  Give it a whirl and see how you like it.  Start slow and let your palette get accustomed to it and it will become your best friend!  It's on Amazon.  ;o)

    SouthernB - thanks for the info on Betagen.  Hmmm, I am torn with the whole bloating, water retention, thirst side affects.  Let me know how it works for those of you using it.  I am so relating to your feelings that the outside is the only thing that people could like about me.  These past few years of feeling completely discontent about my "outsides" has strangely given me a harvest of wonderful new relationships founded on what is on the "insides".  Thank you for sharing that ... because I just put that together for myself.

    Husbands - yep.  Pure crazy-making how they can drop weight without even trying.  That is what make us girls so strong, we have to persevere and work for everything we get!  Sweeter in the end.

    So last week my daughter participated in a theater camp and at the end of the week they performed selections from Alice in Wonderful.  Very cute.  However, I was surprised to be so moved by one of the performances of a two high school girls and I thought I would share, perhaps some of you can relate.  

    The theme was "fight scenes" where the kids set up the scenario and created their own fight scene.  It starts with a "mirror" on stage.   Girl #1 - looks cute, has makeup on, hair done etc. looks into the mirror and sees herself (another actor and her twin in real life) but the image reflected is a face with yucky makeup, dark circles, ratty hair, scary.  It proceeds where Girl #2 pulls Girl #1 onto her side of the mirror and the fight begins.  Finally Girl #1 gets back to her side of the mirror, turns to look into the mirror one last time and starts to go.  Girl #2 yells at her "BUT YOU NEED ME!".  Girl #1throws her shoulders back and walks off stage.  

    Wow, I didn't expect to be drawn to tears over that one.  Here is me...  walking away

  • Hi SaraKate so glad to see you are back and doing great!  I would take a pound as success for sure!

  • I'm here! I'm here!

    I have also been MIA since returning from Orlando BUT I have been sticking to my plan. I was down 3 pounds after Week 1...trying not to get too excited because I do feel everything is in flux right now and that could be water weight or something...anyway, whatever it motivated me.

    Sunday was my rest day from exercise but I got right back on my meal plan and felt great. I like having the structure. Planning is everything!! Monday I decided to do 2 twenty minutes cardio on the treadmill and the other on the elliptical. I was so DONE by the end. Man, I was worn out. I just don't feel like 20 minutes of cardio 3 times a week is enough. I know people keep saying it is and it has worked, but I know my body and I know that I respond well to increased cardio. That plus the weight training and I'm hoping to be down a pant size in 11 weeks. If it's more than that, so be it, but that's my goal.

    Anyway, yesterday I had a great upper body work out. I love the back exercises. I used to have a pretty darn sexy back if I do say so I'm anxious to get that back. All in all, everything is going well. I'm still pretty darn tired but I feel SO much better with the eating plan...I don't feel draggy or greasy or anything like that.

    I would appreciate some suggestions for breakfast that don't involve eggs...I'm getting a little sick of them :)

    Glad to see everyone is doing so well! Let's keep on keeping on!

  • OK, I'm back.  Sorry to be a serial poster today, but feeling the need to stay close to my peeps.  

    As I mentioned, the day after the emotional vacuums have left (my parents) I usually fall apart.  "Road Closed" sign is up and I am on a new path.  So I am reading challenge posts and drinking my cucumber/whey/cocoa powder shake.  Hee, I did that just for Heathercita!

    I looked up the link SouthernButterflies posted about Lori.  Very interesting.  I was encouraged to really keep the mind focused on the goal.  She said she watched the "Body of Work" video daily on youtube.  Also mentioned that her biggest changes came after Week 9.  I am also stealing her quote:  "you need to finish the ride to appreciate the journey."  Since one of my goals for this challenge is to FINISH that really hit me between the eyes.

    Off to youtube for me.... good thing I have nothing important to do today.  ;o)  Oh yeah, this IS important!

  • Hello my friends!  

    Today was a tough day.  I worked 13 hours today and almost didn't get off the phone at all!  One emergency after another and one conference call after another. It sucked.

    BUT here is what DIDN'T suck.  I literally walked away from that screaming phone for an hour.  Yep, just let the little B$&$@)D ring!  Went up and did the hardest work out on my upper body ever!  It was so great (grunting to get the weights up and all)!!!  Also did abs.    However I was so fatigued and so shaky I could not lift my hand to the keyboard to type.  Literally and I started not feeling good.  Guess what?  That UPS guy showed up with my Bêtagen!!!  So read the instructions and took some ( you take it after your workout plus two more times). OH YEAH!  THIS is NO Friggen joke.  15 minutes later, I started feeling better.  Like overall better.  Then my muscles STOPPED shaking and they didn't feel so heavy and fatigued.  And now?  I had my second dose and where I know I worked out hard and "feel" it, I feel great!  I kind of feel like my old self.  And you know what???  I feel like I could do a cardio right now!  I'm not going to, but I feel like it!  I was not thirstier than normal,  but I will tell you I peed a lot!  So I don't know.  So far I like it.  And oh yeah.  It tastes sooooo good!  I'm only gonna do two servings for now cause I feel good.  Why take more if you don't have to?

    Snow- my mother is like that for me.  I am super uptight before she comes.  Super stressed out when she is here and then cry when she leaves because she makes me feel so bad.  I am so proud of you for getting through it!!!

    There you are haylzabub!  Missed you and glad to see you are getting results!  

    To everyone:  love the encouragement and the posts.  You guys are awesome and inspiring!

    Breakfast:  I almost never eat eggs.... Is just another meal so I eat what I like.  I am partial to yogurt and cottage cheese mixed, light and crispy rye crisps with anything!!! (turkey, chicken , egg salad, Greeks yogurt, roasted tomatoes basil and turkey,). I also like serving of Oatmeal and cottage cheese or Greek yogurt.

    Does anyone have the eating for life cook book?  I do and it helps to get ideas ( definitely have to add more flavor for sure, but it's nice to see meals put together.  However some of the recipes are horrible!  Last night I made the cream of wheat with vanilla protein powder and cinnamon for last snack.  OMG!!!  Do not attempt it.  Holy smoky!  It's got to be the worst, most grainy, horribly textured thing to have ever touched my tongue.  In fact I thought my poor delicate palette was ruined for life!  Hideous.  What was i thinking?  I am an intelligent person!  I should have known this would be a disaster!  My husband said " holy crap,  that's how people lose weight!".   Trashed it obviously as it disgraced my kitchen and had turkey on rye crisp.  

    Because of my schedule my eating plan was off and had eaten at odd times but stayed on plan.

    OH YEAH!  BFL peeps got back to me.  They are working on an mobile app.... Yes.  All is right in the world!

  • heathercita - that dinner sounds divine!  I will keep that one in mind.  Right now our weekly ritual has been to brine a whole chicken for 24 hours then my husband butterflies it and grills it with a tiny smidge of smoke.  Oh man, I love chicken night!  Then we have leftovers for avocado and tomato sandwiches the next day.

    SaraKate - I'm so glad you checked in!  I was worried we had lost you along the way.  I am so impressed with you for getting up early to get your workout in.  What dedication!!  I don't get up til my kids come in to snuggle and have the whole day to get my workout in and still am forcing myself to do it last minute before dinner.  Ridiculous.  I hope your back is great and the quirk worked itself out quickly.  Also, I wish I liked greek yogurt plain.  I envy you that.

    Snowpuff - do you have a vitamix? lol  That's the only way I know someone to put greens in their smoothie.  I absolutely LOVE the cucumber idea...the next time I have a green monster I am going to add that.  We stick safe with spinach for the most part.  I miss them but don't like them with the protein powder.  I really enjoyed your story and am impressed with your daughter's school to have presented that.  I'm so glad you are taking it to heart and walking away yourself.  Great job on handling your parents leaving!!!  What a relief and accomplishment :)  I started watching Body of Work earlier but had other stuff going on so will revisit tonight after babies are in bed.

    haylzabub - way to go, so happy you're still here!  Something I like for breakfast is 1/3 cup dry oats cooked then take it off the heat and stir in 2-3 egg whites in like a mad woman.  Put it back on heat and keep stirring while the eggs cook.  It will taste eggy if you try to eat it as is (which I do not prefer though many bloggers post they eat it as is) so I add in some flax seed and PB2 for taste and protein.  My other staple is a protein smoothie, sometimes cottage cheese and a fruit (cucumbers and tomatoes with salt and pepper are also rad.)  Other than that if it's cooked and in my fridge it's fair game.  Ooh, a frittata!  With some potatoes for the carb.

    shellbells - WOW way to put yourself first!!  That seems to be so hard and I am so pleased for you that you did it.  I just took my first dose of Betagen and I am feeling the aches melt away.  A little peppy to boot but it's only been 15 minutes lol  I'm with you on the dosing, I'm going to try 2 and see how that goes.  I laughed about the protein oatmeal LOL!!  I did that one years ago because everyone was like oh you just add your protein powder into your oatmeal and stir it up.  AWFUL!  Now I will say I recently stirred my vanilla protein powder into some coconut-almond milk and that was the bomb!!!  Oh man, I added it to my green tea and it was awesome.  Then I just ate the oatmeal as is with a little bit of my concoction drizzled over it.  That was pretty legit good stuff.

    Gotta go finish up dinner then I'll be back to check in.

  • Well, another day to check off.  We are some awesome ladies, that is for sure!  Congratulations to everyone who is still trudging through to hit the goal.  I admire each of you who come back and say yes ma'am, I took a beating and came back for more.

    I was telling a friend today about BFL and though I feel it's a solid plan and should be shared with the world, I found myself feeling like I was boring her.  Why?  Oh, that's right, because I've told her I'm "doing" something 50 times before and never finish and she's too nice to point it out.  More motivation to keep at it, I don't want to be a liar!

    Eats today:

    M1: 2 egg whites, 1 egg, slice whole wheat, 1 TB whipped cheese butter

    M2: spaghetti squash with leftover chili on one half and leftover meatballs on the other, few bites of watermelon

    M3: whey protein, glutamine, coconut-almond milk, strawberries, ice

    M4: grilled chicken, roasted potatoes, salad with 1 TB oil/vinegar Caesar

    Well no dang wonder I'm hungry!  I'm short some meals and I know it's because we had people over today.  I also usually have a recovery protein drink after my workout and today used the Betagen instead.  I'll get on track tomorrow. :)

    I hope you all wake up tomorrow ready to beat up some weights!

  • Ok this is getting hard.  LOL. I need a note pad to take notes because I cant remember everything!!!!  Such great activity.

    Dinner was yummy, a tastier and more veggie packed version of a dish in the book.  Ground beef, shredded cabbage, broccoli slaw, ans brown rice.  All mixed with soy, spicy garlic chilin paste and fresh ginger and garlic!  Yummy

    I am still using decide....commit......succeed !!! I'm gonna put it on my mirror computer etc...

    Sara Kate-you're doing this with a 4 month old???  Whoa!  Awesome....  I'll take the pound!

    Snow- 19.00 for a bottle of nunaturals vanilla???!!!! Whoa.  It best be good!  I'm ordering it because my oatmeal and yogurt need it!!  Thanks for the tip.  Love the play story,  what a great Ah ha moment!

    Southern- wow!!  He lost 11lbs??  If he was mine,  I'd have to slow him down!!!!  Good for him.  Love your posts!

    Heathercita- nice dinner!!! Sounds very satisfying.  I'm all about that

    Haylzabub- which back exercises are you doing?

    I've never seen the video!  Will watch it in the next day or so!!!

  • shellbells, I have to open notepad and write as I read, I can't remember it all!  Good stuff in this thread.  Like your dinner, that sounds delicious.

  • Good Morning!

    Shellbells - Good for you for getting your workout in! 13 hours is a very long work day!

    Southerbutterflies - I totally relate to telling people about BFL and feeling like they are thinking in their heads that I might not really stick it out. Lets prove everyone wrong! :)

    Haylzabub - I too am getting kind of sick of eggs for breakfast! Maybe you could do cottage cheese with fruit or greek yogurt with fruit if you like either of those? Or sometimes I mix it some high protein cereal into my greek yogurt for my carb instead of fruit.

    Snowpuff - LOVED hearing about the play with the "fight scenes."

    Heathercita - Chicken with rosemary cheese?? Sounds SO good!

    I decided to get an extra hour of sleep this morning instead of waking up at 5am for my workout since my back was hurting so badly last night. It still hurts today but luckily it does not seem not be any worse, so that is good news! It actually seems to feel better when I am standing/walking rather than sitting. So I plan to get my cardio in tonight after the baby goes to bed. It will be weird to do it at night since I have done all my workouts in the morning so far. It will also be weird to do something other than running/intervals for my cardio! Since the husband is out of town I can't leave the house to go running outside obviously (I think the baby is still too little for a running stroller) so I will be using the jump rope in my garage. Should be interesting!

    Re: BETAGEN - It sounds like those of you that have it are really liking it so far?? Do you recommend it and where did you order it from?

    Meal Plan for today:

    M1: Myoplex Lite

    M2: Plain Greek Yogurt with 1/2 cup Kashi Go Lean Cereal

    M3: Salad with tuna and some Kashi crackers

    M4: Cottage cheese and canteloupe

    M5: Small serving of whole wheat pasta with turkey meatballs and a spinach salad

    M6: Myoplex Lite

    Hope everyone has a great day! :)

  • Good morning BFL Warrior princesses....

    I took a sleeping pill last night cause I just can sleep anymore (except for Friday when I crashed hard) so I slept like a baby ony to wake up to the MOST sore I have ever been.  O.M.G.!  That upper body work out was amazing yesterday but the aftermath is brutal.  My Glutamine will be here today (hopefully) so I am praying this will help me a bit more.  My chest hurts and feels so I say to hubby "I think Im haveing a heart attack" - his reply " your pecks are sore and your chest is pulling on them - so i makes you feel like that"  LOLOLOL (I am large busted) so WHen I lifted the "weight" it was better.

    He's ALWAYS right and I am ALWAYS wrong..... SO Cardio today - Yep.  I can hardly wait.  OH WAIT.....BOOOO YAAAA - I can hardly WAIT - YAY!!!!

    This is going to be another day FROM I thought I would check in a bit early....

    ON a happier note, I garden and all my produce im growing is just about perfect....heilrloom tomatoes, gorgeous sweet peppers, Zucchini, summer squash, Cuccumbers, herbs....etc...YUM - super excited to havest!

    Betagen - I bought it on AMAZON - A little less far like it but it's only been one day.  Some peeps swear by this stuff......I'll keep posting about it!

    OK....short but sweet...gotta run before my customers send a hit man after me!

    Have a great day ladies!

  • shellbells:  I (again) laughed so hard when i read your post.  i do have the eating for life cookbook, and i was looking through it on monday night because, honestly, it's been sitting on the shelf not getting used and i thought i'd crack it open.  so, i ran across the cream of wheat + protein powder + cinnamon suggestion in there and i thought to myself, "yummm"  So i had that tuesday night.  I thought it was perfect!  i had just purchased my barrel of vanilla protein powder and this was it's maiden recipe.  i loved it! funny!

    i'm ornery today!  things just aren't falling into place.  but it's early and the day can turn around.  i got up to do my upper body and as i do most mornings, argued with myself about actually getting up and tried to come up with a clever scheme to get out of a workout, but eventually, the more lucid me won and i hit the gym.  i was finished with all but triceps and looked at the time and made the hasty decision to leave.  i didn't want to, but i had to get a shower in, get the baby fed and ready and make a bunch of food and get to work.  so i'm not feeling complete this morning.  i think i can sneak in tricep dips in my office...

    i didn't even do my hair or makeup when i ran out the door.  then my in-laws got me all frustrated with their comments when i dropped the baby off.  i decided i needed coffee and everything would be ok.  i went to my trusty drive-up place and there was one car ahead of me - no big deal - until i watched 8 minutes tick away and i said words of frustration and drove off.  coffeeless :(  i was now a couple minutes late for work and even grumpier.  i was forced to stop my mcdonalds and get an iced skim latte.  it was a last resort.  but i think i shall live.   i totally lied.  it wasn't skim.  it was regular (and delicious)

    now that i got all of that off my chest - thanks for the posts ladies.  a few replies:

    sarakate - my baby is 16 months old, and this has been challenging.  i don't know how you do it with a 4 month old!

    haylzabub - i think shellbell mentioned this too, but you asked for breakfast ideas that don't include eggs, i really like the yogurt and cottage cheese mixed.  i usually throw in a bit of whatever fruit i have laying around as well.  i make smoothies with greek yogurt, i love breakfast burritos, vanilla protein powder in oatmeal

    southernbutterflies - you're going to finish this and your friend is going to be in awe of your progress!  you're already doing great by not letting family derail you. 

    love ya!