Any ladies starting July 15th (or thereabouts) want to journey together?

  • Shell - your typos are absolutely tickling me... they have become your M.O.  ;o)   And your dinner sounded SO delicious.

  • hi.

    i'm here.  it was a crazy busy weekend, but this marked the end of marathon sunday dance rehearsals - thank goodness.

    dinner with the parents went suprisingly well.  i chose the restaurant, it's a middle eastern place.  i had grilled chicken, basmati rice, and raita (a cucumber-mint-yogurt sauce).  

    saturday was the performance i've been gearing up for since april.  it went off without a hitch but i realized, after i saw some pictures posted, i wasn't having a good time.  i may have to reevaluate this dancing thing.  i've done it for so long, it's just what i do.  maybe it's my body image right now...i don't know.  there's a lot of itty bitty teenagers up there with me so it's definitely not for the faint of heart. i took a break for a year and a half, and i don't know if i want to do it again or not.

    got to run to a mtg.  love yous!

  • Ladies... I found the magical week 8 PDF file with posts from previous challengers.  Very inspiring and I am only on page 3 of the document.  I have a new found hope and energy!

  • I have to say....I really enjoy this forum!  I did my LBWO this morning and probably will not be able to walk!   This is my 2nd week and so far so good.  I had a dental issue resolved today...eating anything today has been an issue.  So, I am on plan or behind on my plan.  Trying to decide what is for dinner - chicken, fish or shrimp.  Shell - you are so funny.  Snow - very good read on the magical week (didn't happen for me ;o)  I saw more at the end than any other time.  Also, I had to toss the scale - it drove me nuts more than it helped me.  My fitness assesment, measurements & BF% kept me going.  Heather, glad you Birthday went well... I was thinking about you.  Have a good evening... I will be heading to the gym in the am for cardio.

    Nothing changes until something changes....

  • Mmm, Heather, that dinner sounds lovely.  Glad everything else went well.

    Snow, I think I'll be looking at that .pdf after a bit.  Good find!

    Glad you're still here Tonja!  I think it's good when you can't walk lol

    I am seriously back on the horse, folks.  I had to go back a week's worth of increased weight progress.  It's ok though, I'm just glad I'm going in a forward movement again and not stagnating.  My legs are swollen, shaky, and hot.  Love that feeling!  I also love that I can say I AM back on the horse.  How many times have I given up?  Not that this time, I'm not.  No way!

    Any ideas for cod loins?  I have some nice giant pieces in the freezer that I am sure would be fantastic in some way besides fried (though why I'm contemplating such an atrocity I have no idea!) lol  

  • Ah man - DING DING DING DING (from the .pdf Snow shared) --->

    What if I had quit on week 6 when I saw no change but I visited Hussman sight

    [] and he said when there is no change in body weight that is the time

    your body is changing fat for muscle.

  • Also want to say I've spent time on Hussman's site years ago when I was still trying to find a way to get around this BFL hoopla (cause, you know, I know better - :::eyeroll:::) and I would not recommend you go there if you are one of those who gets hung up on calories.

  • Hi y'all - just checking in before I hit the weights for legs today.  I was so inspired by the reading yesterday that I am ready to roll today!  And, I am cautiously optimistic that my legs are feeling tighter.  Perhaps not smaller, but tighter.  Why oh why do we have to wait so long for a nugget of progress?  When I can eat crap for a week and it shows up on my a** straight away.  Grrrr.....

    Southern:  I have been on the Hussman site many times over the years.  It has good information and I am indeed a calorie person.  That is how I first lost weight 13 years ago.  I counted calories and it worked.  Not sure how to get around the calories in/calories out equation in my mind.  I also loved that quote... "what if I had quit... when I saw no change."  That is foresight at it's finest.

    I'll check ya later - after me workout.

  • HI!

    oh i'm feeling so much better today.  yesterday was kick baby chicks tough!  i was on the verge of breaking down all day at work.  i left a bit early, went home and took a bath and a nap before everyone else got home lol!  it really helped.

    thanks for the article, snow.  i read that a few weeks ago, but it feels much more pertinent now.  i have the conversation with myself all the time, when i don't want to go to the gym or whatever, that i may not be making huge strides, but giving up isn't going to push me towards my goals.  the only choice i have is to go forward.  

    i did upper body today and thought, WOW! i'm making great time today!  then i realized i forgot to do shoulders...heehehe.  if i had my notebook open next to me i'm sure that wouldn't happen.

    i am noticing that while i feel, overall, pleased with my "sticktoitevness" i'm starting to slack on the journaling and planning.   it seems to be the most challenging part of this challenge.  i understand the importance of it too.  i need to record.  i'm sure if i'm rigorously honest with myself i'll find lots of things to clean up.  it feels like it takes FOREVER!!!!  

  • OK....maybe it's me.  I have no idea who "hussman" is....will check it out later.....

    Got in "trouble" last night by hubby who was cranky and said I spend too much time on this sight so I laid off...LOL

    Heather - so glad your dinner was better than expected!!!  I laughed about the dancing....thats because I would say the exact same things about myself.....I am sure it wasnt as bad as you say it is.....we are so hard on ourselves.

    Tanya, great job workin it!!

    Snow - if counting calories works, then do it!  I am far happier not counting points/calories and just weighing and measuring portions.  I find I am usually below calories, but when I count, I make sure I eat every single one of them.....if I have 100 letf over then i say...Hmmmm.  What can i eat for that 100 calories!  So dumb, but that is my weird brain.

    My week 5 started out good.....i got my upper and lower work outs messed up.....dang it!  How does that happen?  Anyway should have done upper, but did lower yesterday - great workout along with good ab and core strengthening.  Food intake was WAY low yesterday 3 very small meals but I had a migraine and was feeling sick went to bed at 8:30 (unheard of for me) and woke up with that damn Migraine today.  and guess what?  still feeling sick from it.  

    Cardio today....well see how that pairs with my headache.....doesnt sound good right now.

    I have a VERY busy week ahead with work and personal stuff....toes, hair, nails, eyebrows (I had to put it all off to this week because I left for NY and had to postpone appointments....but I will feel better when Im all "fixed up" again.  I look like something the cat dragged in......LOL

    OK......have a great, inspiring, kicka$$ day!!

  • Good afternoon Ladies,

    Cardio done this morning and went by quickly?  I have a TRX class this evening...I haven't been able to go to for about 5 weeks and I dread to see how weak I have gotten - it is a great class & trainer too.

    Shells, sometimes excercise makes you feel better!  Don't fall into my trap & not eat enough - causes CrAzY cravings too.

    Snow, keep up the good work!

    Southern, I read that article about week 8 of my last challenge......interesting, but I still follow the plan.

    Yes, I got on the scale ;o(  It was good news - back to my last challenge weight.  I am noticing that body parts are getting in shape quicker this time around.  Have a good Tuesday!  UBWO tomorrow & this will make for 3 early morning workouts for me.

    I don't know who said there husband got upset about being on the forum tooo husband did and still does, but he doesn't complain about how I look or about my attitude anymore - get more compliments for looking nice in this or that.  I think he is starting to get jealous now & maybe worried about the guys I talk too at the Y :o)

    Nothing changes until something changes......

  • Legs... check.  Shake with egg whites, spinach, cucumber, PB2, cocoa, almond milk... check.  :o)  tee hee  (it was especially weird this morning)

    Heather - hopefully today doesn't involved the abuse of small harmless animals!  Glad you were able to take a much needed rest.  I forgot calves today... so I'm with ya there.  Must catch them later in the day.  I actually read a very interesting article on calf training - training the complete area not just the gastroc - for a perfectly shaped calf.   I hate my calves, so I must try this.

    Southern - the word "loin" makes me laugh.  I am envious that you have access to fresh seafood where you live - and it probably doesn't cost a fortune either.

    Shell - what would you say your daily calories are?  Just curious to see if my thoughts are congruent with others.  Hussman, as best as I recall, is some sort of "dr." that became a bit of a BFL specialist and guru.  Has quite an extensive website.

    Tonja - keep us inspired with your results!  Will you post your meal plan for a day?

    OK, off to be constructive.  This is way more fun though.  :>)

  • Snow,

    I keep it really simple!!  I have 3 & 4 year old at home - they rule meal time!  I just eat differently.....

    I try to be at the Y at 5am on most days and I do one extra class - TRX which I just enjoy doing.

    7am - shake (currently using Muscle Milk) w/whole grain toast and little all fruit w/butter spray

    9amish - greek yogurt and fruit (grapes/apples/strawberry)

    Noon - grilled meat w/ whole wheat pasta/rice(leftovers from the night before)

    Today it was lean ground round, tomatoe sauce & wheat penne pasta

    3pmish - shake/bar (depending on my mood - protein bars are more like a candy to me and I am OhYeah 1.5oz size)

    6-7pm - grilled/baked lean meat w/veggie or salad and whole wheat pasta/rice

    9pm - cottage cheese w/fruit or another shake depending on how tired I am

    Also, I sometimes I just want a REAL snack instead of a shake or bar....cheese, pretzel & apples which is about 200 calories.  I follow the palm/fist rule with my proportions.  

    I don't know if this helps or not, but I just do it.  I trade my lean meat around too on my 1st challenge I had waaaay too much chicken and didn't eat enough carbs about week 5 or 6 - I was having cravings like when I was pregnant.  CARBS are important & keeps you balanced.  

    BFL is really a good program and it works.

  • I laughed so hard at 2 things...1)the kick baby chicks tough day comment... Umm yeah.  I will be stealing that!!!  And 2) snow's shake.  Snow, I wouldnt have the guts to drink it!!!! But I was just thinking today "I haven't been entertained by the shake combos lately". Then BOOM there you are with my entertainment!

    I estimate I eat about 1200 -1400 calories a day.  About 200 calories per meal. Give or take.

    Tanya , no chance of me eating too little on an on going basis.  I always dreamed of anerexia but Alas, it was not mean to be!  Lol.  My diet is very similar to yours.

    Typical day:

    1/2 cup cottage cheese and 1 pack of plain oatmeL with sweetner


    Shake (myoplex light)

    Whole wheat wrap with 2 oz turkey 1-2 tablespoons hummus and veggies

    Shake or bar

    Dinner:  protein, veggies and/salad and either sqAush, sweet potatoes, potato, or brown/wild rice

    Cottage cheese on rye crisp or with fruit ( or Greek yogurt and fruit)

    I did my cardio w/migraine because not doing it is not an option.  I felt ok during, bad After but no worse.  It was a great work out and jogged at a 10 percent incline at 4.0 mph at the end!  Whew!  Felt good.

    Going to make dinner.... Probably chicken stir fry green curry and wild rice (minus the coconut milk).

    Oh yeah!  Had a great pedi and mani - sexy red toes with crystals and French manicure!  You know, to go with my new bod!!  LOL. Tomorrow Hair day...have to cover those darn roots!!!  

    Ok gotta go before I am in trouble again...hehehehe

    Love you guys

  • Hello everyone, I am new to the forum but I wanted to join everyone hoping my stupid internet does not log me off prior to sending this. I am 41 and my name is Diana, I have always been in great shape, always an athlete but the past 5 years stress with work and family has really gotten to me. I dont have a problem eating crappy foods, I just dont eat alot and like to have my cocktails at night, not alot but we all know as you get older and dont work out plus dont eat alot your metabolism gets out of wack and we all know how that story goes...I found out about bfl about 11 years ago and started it, I was so inspired but at the time was in great shape so did not have alot of follow through. For the past 3 yrs my fiance and I have spent probably over 20k with an owner of a gym, he was amazing, workouts were like the biggest loser but I was always dreading going until once I got in the groove or something happened in life which made me not keep going and if you did not make your session u lost it, so very hard. I have been upset and very unhappy with myself and i have always been a hard working and confident woman but i dont have that body an inner confidence that I once had which affects my relationship and of course how i act cause I cover alot up with my very strong outer confidence. I finally said last week, honey, lets just go to our community center where we live and work out, once we go for a month and commit ourselves we will go back to our trainer, he agreed but said he new the basics and wanted to do his thing without getting yelled at etc..since he is 6'0 and 190, does not need to lose much but some in the belly and just gain muscle.