Any ladies starting July 15th (or thereabouts) want to journey together?

  • no. sorry.  i can't leave it at that.  this is my forum - so i'm going to unload (lucky all you guys!)  so i casually mentioned i'm going out to dinner with my parents...this is a huge source of stress for me.  my dad can be a total jerk.  he says horrible things about my mothers weight and i grew up with him telling me how i'm going to "be square by the time you get to high school" .  he don't do that crap to me anymore.  but the last time i went to eat with them he declared, before lunch, and in front of my uncle [mom's side] who had come to visit for the second time in 40 years, that she "eats all of her lunch and half of mine!" then to prove his point he split his sandwich in half and stuck it on her plate.  she said no thanks.  she looks like she wants to crawl under the table.  seriously, why would you tease an alcoholic with drink, or someone who has issues with eating by dangling food in their faces.  she ate it, eventually.  i was so sick about the whole thing i just wanted to cry.  she tries.  she works hard for a while, looses for a while then gives up and it comes back.  i can't save her, but she seriously doesn't need to be humiliated.  she's a pretty fantastic woman who has stayed married to him for 42 years.

    they watch my baby girl on fridays.  i don't want her growing up and hearing him treating grandma that way - or her!  RRRRRRR.  Pisses me off!

    and now my tummy hurts.

  • Woah, WOAH!  What a bunch of crap that is, Heather!  That makes me mad for you and your mom.  That's just being a jerk, plain and simple.  Hopefully your little Ren will have the same blinders on you seem to and realize he is off his rocker.  I just cannot imagine not wanting to be supportive were I in his position.  I say keep on ignoring him.  It is clear he will not change this late in the game.  

    Speaking of tummies hurting, Oy!  We are studying Hannibal's war elephants and made "elephant ears" to eat while we watched a little documentary on the Punic Wars.  They are biscuit dough, butter, sugar and cinnamon.  I only ate half...wanting to be included with my littles but by DANG my stomach hurts!  I am not cut out for this trash food anymore.  Owie, owie.

    Gotta go pick SOMETHING to do towards this journey.  I am so off schedule, told you I was like on week 1 again.  

    Laura, how do we find your group on FB?

  • Hey everyone,

    If you type "Body for Lifers!" into the search bar just like you are looking for a friend the group should pop up.  I would really love to start a support group that is easily accessible.  I set it up as a closed group so only those who are in the group can read the posts.



    p.s. - I'm off to do Day 3 - My first LBWO!

  • Laura, I tried that and all I get are web results.  Can you send invites?

  • Try this link for the FB group Body for Lifers!

  • Hey my girls!  How is everyone hanging in there?  Just wanted to see how everyone is coming along...usually slow on the weekends.  Heathercita, how did dinner go?

    I wanted to share this easy and yummy dinner we had last night: Superfast Salisbury Steak and mashed cauliflower with green beans.  Homey comfort food, on plan!  Sorta. :)  I like cauliflower but was unsure about the mashing...they were delicious!  Even my hate cauliflower husband liked it.  I did not use the add ins given in the following cauliflower recipe but did use the directions.

    Hope everyone is hanging in there and enjoying the weekend!

  • Wanted to share this sort of tongue in cheek but still very applicable to probably all of us post our initial 12 week commitment:

    I knew of this lady on a BFL yahoo group from probably 5 or more years ago.  I think once we have built our muscle and lost the fat we are able to be a little more flexible as she exhibits.

  • Hi my girls !!!!  Im back!

    GOt  home and feel "safe" again!  And Oooo La La mverny sexy husband is looking mighty fine.  I couldnt believe in a week how thin he looks!  Remember he was frustrated?  Well not anymore, he dropped 10 lbs in the last 10 days!  Wow, he's about 16 lbs (maybe more) down so far and his legs look amazingly buff!  He thought I also looked thinner so he begged me to get on the scale today.  Not something I wanted to do after this week and flying yesterday.  But OMG!  I couldnt belive my eyes!  I am down 3 lbs!!!!!  I was shocked.  I put on my old comfies and they are a bit big on me today!!!!!  Wool hooo!   I had some splurges in NY but I really kept on program during the day and did my workouts so i guess it was good enough!  

    I did cardio yesterday at the hotel (didn't have the time for upper body) but today did a complete and unbelievably hard upper body work out.  Then had an hour and a half massage today.... Nice after being tense in the office all week, flying! And a bit jet lagged.   Lovely, lovely , lovely

    Happy belated birthday Heathercita!   I laughed so hard about your McDonald's experience!!  I am soooo entertained by your funny,sarcastic, and witty personality.... I love sushi so much!  Love the soy sauce and wasabi!!!  Oooo that sounds good tonight!  But I will just fantasize about it and not have it!  Besides, I can live cicariously through you!

    Southern-so glad you are feeling better!  I am glad you are getting right back on track!  

    Snow!  You've been doing awesome!  I'm proud of you for getting through the "yucky" week and for getting on that scale!  Good good job!

    Tanya, you will laugh.  Apparently I am an idiot because I can never get the abbrieviations.... LBWO amd UBWO. Lololol! Now i ve got it.  What a dork  hehe

    Week 5 here we come!!!!  Booooo Yaaaaaa!

    Have a great Saturday night!

  • Again, sorry formal the mis toes. Mim scared of this site and try to rush through it somimdont lose the darn thing.  I'll slow down!

  • Shellbells - that last message about the "mis toes" must be the funniest thing I've read today!  lol  Love it.  And love you are back home.  YEAH!

  • Damn it!!   I cannot type in this iPad apparently!!!  Lol and I hate the way it auto corrects words!!! Mis-types. !!!   Arghhhhhh. That is funny!

  • OMG, that is HILARIOUS, Southernbutterflies!  I was laughing out loud!  Gotta share that.

  • I feel very tired and drained today......SUPER sore from that UBWO (yes, I stole that from Tanya) yesterday.  Feel pretty lethargic in this 108 degree heat....HEAT, HEADACHE, LETHARGIC and Jet Lagged. Not a good combo.  Altho hubby says "awesome"...that's because I am very quiet today and want quiet today.  NICE

    OK, so went grocery shopping  at this little farmers market type store.  I found a very yummy little treat.  It's hummus made with edamame instead of garbanzo beans.  SO interesting.  We were starving a few minutes ago, so just had a snack of that edamame hummus and carrots.  GOSH it was SOOO good and so refreshing.  OF course, we both laughed at loud at how much we loved it and would now eat that over any previous garbage snack (chips, chex mix, cookies....etc).  If you see it in your local store, buy will not be disappointed.  Then I started thinking I could make hummus out of any bean really....So next week, I will try to make a black bean hummus...if good, i'll post a recipe.....

    Tonight, Sesame coated ahi, with a little fresh mango salsa,  lemon roasted asparagus and butternut squash for dinner.  YUMMY IN MY TUMMY!

    Ok - so because this post is clearly taking shape about food.  Let me tell you that I cannot get enough mango.  Seriously I am like a mango maniac ( the hubby has another name for me) It's ridiculous.  I just bought 6!!  They are so high in vitamins, etc.... and I must need something in the darn things.  I love them, but I have never had this kind of deep (pregnancy like) craving for them....and NO, there is no pregnancy Plumbing! (thank GOD!).  OF course my husband said loudly  "are you pregnant?" at the market and a half a dozen people looked at me.  NICE...he laughed his butt off.  ME?  not so much.  HE WILL PAY FOR THAT..hehehehe.

    I hope all you girls are ROCKING YOUR SUNDAY!  


    (yes, I used a real computer for this post as CLEARLY I cannot type on my IPAD :))

  • Hey Girls!  I have missed you - well I have been reading posts just not blathering on, for once.  ;o)

    For starters, thank you Heathercita for being so honest and transparent with us.  I appreciate the trust in sharing such an experience here on this forum.  It made me so incredibly sad for your mom and you.  I wish I had something brilliant to say other than I am so very sorry that this is a part of your life and that your mom has endured that for 42 years.  I can't image the oppression she must feel.

    Shell - so glad you are home safe.  Your husband sounds like a kick in the pants - or the both of you are.  Your interchanges make me laugh!  I love me some hummus.  Like you I have been enjoying the seasonal local farmer treats - like gorging on peaches and cantelope.  Holy crap.  I currently have 6 month pregnant belly bloat.  Out of control.  As least today was "loose on the eats" day.

    So I think I have had an epiphany, or a few the last couple of days.  For starters, I have completed 35 days of this journey.  Rome was not built in 35 days and neither will my ultimate bod.  So I have gotten my expectations in check.

    Epiphany # 2:  Every other program on planet earth goes for 90 days... and so will I.  Just something about having (3) 30 day segments is mentally more doable for me.  Plus it allows for a bit of a recovery period.  Which leads to...

    Epiphany # 3:  I am taking an extra day or two off this week.  My body is really feeling beat up.  Perhaps because of the extra tennis (I am addicted) but nonetheless.  The body changes during rest, not work.  I shall do yoga on my rest days this week and perhaps only do two weight days.  I am going to mix those up as well.

    Epiphany # 4:  I think I need to track my caloric intake.  I do so much better that way and since my results aren't off the charts I am going to reign in the calories the next two weeks and see what happens.  This past week I noticed I was noshing a bit here and there (and not even on PB!).  But it adds up and is no bueno.

    Ephiphany # 5:  I am going to attempt a more balanced diet.  I have done the no carb thing only to rebound and it hasn't worked the past two years, so really, why do I keep going there.  I am aiming for balance and calorie deficit.  We shall see...

    So I will usher in Monday with some yoga and mucho needed rest and recovery for this tired bod.  Perhaps a massage is on tap for the week.

    Thanks for listening ladies.... tell me what you are up to!  


  • Hey snow!  Glad you got your expectations in check!  So important.  

    I laughed at your comment that you would do yoga on your day off.  I tried yoga once.  I thoughtninwas gonna die!  Lol!  Give me weights anyway!

    Heathercita southern -  Where for art thou?  Hoping you are having a great weekend!

    Ok.  The dinner was awesome!!!!   Hubby said "absolutely outstanding" so I did good and he is happy!

    Happy Sunday night!